01 December 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign - Donation

You might recall about six weeks ago I announced that all of the commission from Filofax sales for October and November would be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. I checked on the website last night and in total I earned £16.85 during that period.

This morning I made the donation on-line and got back the following acknowledgement email:

Dear Mr Morton

Thank you very much for your kind donation of £20.00 to Breast Cancer Campaign. You have also allowed us to claim Gift Aid which will add an extra 28p to every £1 you have donated, for which we are most grateful.

Thanks to research, more women than ever before are beating breast cancer and your gift is vital to our continued success. 
To find out more about Breast Cancer Campaign, please do call our Supporter Care team on 020 7749 4114, email supportercare@breastcancercampaign.org or visit our website www.breastcancercampaign.org

Thank you once again for being one of the people whose generosity is bringing us closer to beating breast cancer.

With kind regards,

Arlene Wilkie
Director of Research and Policy

If you feel inspired to support us in the future, you may consider taking part in our wear it pink day on 29th October 2010 where businesses and schools across the UK raise vital funds for breast cancer research. For further information about this, please visit www.wearitpink.co.uk
Thank you for your support during this campaign, the fight of course goes on and you can donate at any time on the BCC website or by purchasing a BCC Filofax organiser or other products.


  1. Fabulous!

    Thanks to all the Philofaxy readers for making that possible - and to you, Steve, for rounding it up.

  2. Steve thanks very much for doing this. And thanks to all of you who ordered Filofax products through the Philofaxy website! :)

  3. Thank you! DH lost his niece to BC a few weeks ago, and one of our friends was also just diagnosed (sadly, way too late!). It may seem like BC is easily controllable, but this is still not the case. Awareness is extremely important!!!!!

  4. Excellent job Steve and Philofaxy and philofaxy readers. Jotje I send my thoughts to you, DH and family as it is very sad! More awareness is definitely needed!

  5. Thank you everyone.

    I will let you know when the next months for commission 'event' will be.

    Most probably in the new year. Again most probably BCC as they are supported by Filofax as well.

    I think we all know a family or families who have had loved ones taken away by this terrible medical condition. Some of them at a very young age.


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