26 February 2011

New purposes for some of my Filofaxes

Lately I have come up with new uses for Filofaxes that had previously not been in active use.  Here are their new purposes:

I'm using my personal Deco as my Information book (which looks particularly nice with my cream-colored Coach tote).

I have all my local contacts, maps, addresses, emergency info, business cards and whatever else in it. But I'm using a separate planner book, and another separate notebook for my moving info (in an attempt at permanence due to having lost my previous move's Filofax pages).  Even for me, carrying three books around is a little crazy.

So I'm thinking of creating a new Move section in my Deco, and when I'm done with it I'll archive it (carefully and thoroughly!) in my purple personal Finsbury.  I can create a section for each move I do, and even make sections for each location.  I think my future self will thank me if I do this.

I posted recently about creating a Medical Journal Filofax to keep track of when everyone in the family is due for which vaccines, records of medical, dental, and eye exams, and everything else. You can click here to read more about it.  I will put this into the Grape personal Domino from my Gourmet Gift Box:
I already use my first Grape Domino as my Scotland Filofax which I add to with every trip here.  You can click here to see photos of it and some contents on my Flickr set.

Now that I'm moving to Southeast Asia, where I've never been, I'll be doing a lot of traveling in entirely new (to me) areas. I've decided to make my wonderful personal Urban procured for me by our beloved Oni into my grab-and-go comprehensive Travel Filofax.  It contains my Filofax Travel Lifestyle Pack pages (click here to see my review), so it's loaded and ready to go!  **Edited to give credit where it's due: Nan's post about creating a designated travel Filofax gave me this idea.

The good thing about using my Deco for my Information book (even if I do continue to use a separate planner book) is that I can add travel, medical, notes or other pages when I'm out and about and file them into their respective designated Filofax when I'm done actively using them.  Or, I can bring along the entire designated Travel, Medical or Moving Filofax, and since it's Personal size it's not too big to bring the entire binder.

The individual designated Filofaxes will serve as long-term records over the course of many years, and can be added to easily.

I really like this new system!!  I'm hoping the divide-and-conquer approach to keeping information in these portable and flexible Filofax systems will help me organize my frequently-moving, on-the-go life.


  1. I'm starting to feel like a Filofax fuddy-duddy-- I just have my Finchley and my Lizell wallet/ agenda. I used my old Day Timer until the binding around the edge started coming off and I retired it-- it holds archived pages. But I have to admit I am intrigued about having a "wardrobe" of Filofaxes...

  2. Laurie, that pic of your Deco with the Coach tote bag is awesome! And I'm happy to erad that you put your Deco to such good use!


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