15 February 2011

Free For All Tuesday No 2

So here is your chance to fire away with some Filofax related questions no matter how major or minor they might be. 

Thanks for the great response to last weeks questions and answers.


  1. OK, I'll go first. Which filofaxes do you think are the most 'masculine'/guy-friendly?

    My dad always carries around a Moleskine and was admiring my Mini Finsbury, which I was also using as a wallet at the time. He said he'd love to get one and just fill it with blank paper, so that he wouldn't need to carry a separate notebook and wallet. However, after looking at some he came to the conclusion that they were all 'too girly', even the black and brown ones.

    Similarly, I'd love to get my boyfriend one and reckon he'd get loads of use out of it, but don't know which ones are most suitable.

    I know we have lots of filofax-using gents on here so hopefully someone can advise!

  2. Alex, I think the Graphic is fairly 'blokey', or anything leather, surely?

  3. @ Alex

    You might consider the Topaz pocket slimline. I have one that I carry daily, and have for a number of years. They are "old stock" but at present I see one on e-bay. Mine is black, and I think masculine enough that most men would appreciate it. Check it out!

  4. What kind of pen/pencil do you use in a mini filofax? I'm not sure what fits. I think I'd prefer a mechanical pencil but I'm not sure one exists that would be short enough. Any ideas? I currently have my fisher space pen in the loop, but I can't write small with that pen.

  5. In terms of the first question, I think that the Kendal line is one of the most masculine. I have the black in A5 and a brown mini which I just got.

  6. I was suggesting the same as Plaititude. Definitely the Kendal. It has a cowboyish delicious leather smell.
    Or wait for the Mini Malden to arrive! I reckon that one will be need too.
    From the older models the Kensington has nice leather and a no-fuss-just-work kinda style.

    In my Mini I carry the Mini Stabilo pt68 pens. The original Filofax pen is also a very nice fit and it writes quite pleasantly. The downsize though is its weight!

  7. Thanks all! Lots of good suggestions to look at! I think my Dad's probably not looked at the whole selection, just a few he's found in department stores etc, so I'll encourage him to check out some different designs.

    All of the mini Filofax pens should fit in the Mini. I used the Mini Classic Ribbed pen in my Mini Finsbury, until I lost it, then I bought the Mini Contemporary pen (which is a bit girlier - it's kind of sparkly) Jotje's right - they are a bit on the heavy side. They are a good fit and suit me fine, but you can probably find something better if you shop around.

  8. hello, may I have another one? Any suggestion how to fix "loose" rings in filo? I mean that the rings don't close properly and there is a small gap between.

  9. Are there any minis that are better at laying flat than others? I'd like one to carry around work (I'm a legal secretary) to jot down due dates.

  10. I've been thinking of switching from Personal size to A5, I am a student and I think the size increase would do me well.
    What are the pro's and con's to this potential size switch?

  11. plaid - zebra makes a mini mechanical pencil that might work:


    and i love the topaz pocket slimline. it is pretty masculine but i tend to love things that are targeted more for men especially when it comes to small leather goods & wallets.

  12. Okay.. well, maybe I'm just a nosy git, but I'd love to know what's on the pages on the photo below...

    the one on the far side of the table looks very interesting....!

    I love looking inside peoples filofaxes and this site is so great it fulfils that aspect most of the time... but this photo has me intrigued! lol.

  13. Sara, for me the main pro is obviously one of extra space....the main con is that I have to lug it around with me at weekends and in the evenings, and I just don't like carrying something that bulky - not having a handbag to fall back on. Its a real dilemma....

  14. Katka.m, I've got that problem with my A5 Strata - I dropped it in PC World car park and now the rings are bent. Nothing i can do seems to work, to get them properly aligned again. Any advice on this would be appreciated....

  15. @Jo take a look at this post for more of the same:


  16. To the people with damaged organisers, you can send them to the following address,

    Filofax Customer Returns
    Filofax UK
    Free-post RCC 1173
    Burgess Hill
    RH15 9ZA

    99% of the time Filofax will repiar it free of charge or replace it if it cannot be fixed.

    the only down side is that you will be without your organiser for a week or two, but from experience they are very quick.

    All you do is write a small note explaining the fault and your return address, then just pop it in the post.

  17. Thanks for that Craig, I will add that info to the FAQ page...

    I was about to put in a link to a another site that showed how to take apart the ring mechanism yourself... but you know once an engineer always an engineer!! Sometimes it's best to leave these sort of things to the experts...


  18. Okay, Steve, you can't whet people's curiosity like that and then not provide the link! I've taken apart the ring mechanism on one of my filos, and then wondered how one would take out the rivets that tied the last metal piece to the binder. Some Franklin Covey ring mechanisms have bolts that remove with an allen wrench, but Filos don't seem to work that way.

  19. Here's the link:


    It's how to get the cover off. I think the only way to remove the rings is to drill out the rivets, but that would effectively wreck the organiser because you would need to get some similar rivets to reattach the rings again...

    Personally I would send it back for repair..

    Followed by the usual disclaimer....

  20. Craig, do you know if this also applies to buyers from abroad? I bought a binder at Filofax UK, but the rings also started not closing properly. While I never ever pull at the rings directly!

  21. Steve.. well.. thanks for that Mate... just took a peek and now you've whet my appetite to know what a craftofax is !! Sharon? Are you on here??? lol..

    Sounds like just hte job!

  22. I am not sure if it applies to customers outwith the UK, I imagine that they would fix it but they may charge you postage for returning it, not too sure

  23. @Jo - which photo are you talking about?

    @Sara - There was a big post about pros/cons of the A5/personal a few weeks ago...


  24. Hi All,

    I've just been idly Googling around for A5 Filofax inserts & found these.
    Looks interesting in it's own way, if also expensive.

  25. @Amanda
    Thats exactly what I was looking for, not sure why I couldn't find it on my own. Thanks!

  26. @Amanda.. here you go..


    This is the image..

    And gosh.. I'm getting to dislike this site - I've just been onto the planner / time management link on here and ended up spending a fortune on the organised mum site..

    Sigh... I'll never be rich with a Philofaxy blog... Have you thought about doing a loyalty card? lol.

  27. Following on from the broken rings post ... the leather is peeling off my trusty Classic (see pic here >> http://www.flickr.com/photos/_babs_/5997235975/). Is it worth contacting Filofax about that? Or does it just need to be retired?

    I would have expected the leather to wear, but not peel off. But I have no idea when or where I bought it, it's been so long! (It would have been in the UK but other than that I can't be sure)

    1. Hi Babs, some thing similar happened to mine & Filofax UK replaced it free of charge with a Malden, when I asked. I'd had my Classic about a year, but it had been lightly used. Hope they can help you!

  28. Babs
    Yes contact Filofax regarding your Classic, I've heard of them being replaced before when this has happened.

    They will know the age from the quality control letters on the leather strap, look on the inside of the strap, embossed in to the leather you should see three letters...

    Contact Filofax first and send it to them.

    I've heard of them exchanging Classics for other models because of this problem. Hope my A4 doesn't suffer the same issue over time.