27 February 2011

Far-future in Filofax

Here's another idea I had recently for my Filofax: adding pages for future years beyond what are currently available in print.

Here's an example: This month my family and I are getting shedloads of vaccines before we move to Indonesia.  In addition to recording what vaccines we receive in my Medical Journal Filofax (which I wrote about here), I will also create annual "ticklers" (for those of you who are familiar with tickler files) in my main Filofax for things that need to be boosted in future years.

Here's the specifics: This month my kids got vaccines that are due for boosters 3 years from now. In May my daughter is due for another vaccine that will need boosted after 3 years, and my son will be due for the same vaccine in September.  So I will write a page with "2014" at the top, and down the page I'll write, "February: D & S Rabies vacc booster," "May: D typhoid booster,"  "September: S typhoid booster."  As the year approaches and more events need to be recorded, I'll fill them in.

Similarly, some of the vaccines they've gotten this month need to be boosted in 5 years.  And, other vaccs need to be boosted in 10 years.

I'll write a page per year for the next 10 years and fill in what needs to happen each year in which month. I'll keep these years sequentially in my Diary section of my Filofax. Then when those years' calendar pages are available, I'll buy them and fill in the dates as appropriate.  

Someone had the very good recommendation recently that I get a fold-out 4 year calendar, but I don't need that daily level of detail.  A page per year for the upcoming 10 years will work well for me, and as each year approaches I'll already know what needs to happen in that year.

Does anyone else do far-future planning in your Filofax?


  1. its a very good idea making lists for each year in the future!

    The only list that i keep for future years, is the birthday list. I'm gonna have to implement your idea :)

  2. Great idea, Laurie! I wish my parents had been so organised, because I never got the tetanus boosters that I should have gotten 20 years ago ...

  3. Fantastic idea - I only wish my Filofax had arrived already so that I could make a note to do this (or better still, implement it straight away). I will have to add this post to my favourites ready for the arrival :o)

  4. Great idea. I kind of do it for just one year ahead, but this is an excellent idea (especially as I have loads of boosters for vaccinations to remember about too!).
    Thanks for a great tip!

  5. I have bought a one year and four year inserts to use in my PhD planner. I havent put them in it as yet as I want to do a major re-organisation and treat myself to a new filofax in the process.

  6. CB, oooooh! Which new Filofax will you get? :)

  7. @CP A new one? How will you ever decide?! And won't the other Filos get a wee bit jealous? ;)

    Excellent post, Laurie. We have four young children, and I must schedule so many appointments and such 6 months to one year (or more!) ahead. Hooray for fold out inserts and good old list making a la Filofax. The older I get, the more I must jot things down or it is g-o-n-e. I am sure many fellow readers can relate to that!

  8. @Laurie If the vintage rose malden looks as good in reality as in the pictures I will get that. Or I may just bite the bullet and get a ruby Deco (to inspire me to do my PhD).

    @Skhen aah the Malden is finally calling me in the new rose colour and yes they may get jealous (especially Adelphi as she is very career focussed) I may have to reopen the lonely hearts dating agency just for her!

  9. I can definitely relate! If I don't write it down (quickly!) it is gone. Especially with other people to keep track of, I find it impossible to remember everything (or anything at all, really!!).


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