02 February 2011

Malden....Don't Panic

Has anyone else noticed that the Malden Personal is now only available in crimson on Filofax UK. The Pocket size is now only available in black and crimson.

But don't panic, the French Filofax site still has all three colours available at the moment.

I will be updating the Filofax Guide over the next few days, the major change in UK is the increase in prices due to the VAT increase.


  1. *Panics anyway and runs off to Filofax US...*

  2. yes, i've noticed. i'm thinking though that it only means new colours coming. i'm guessing some sort of purple or magenta, a light olive green and a pearly white. just guessing, wouldn't they be pretty tho? ooh and a turquoise blue. those colours would be nice in that leather. i'm also really really hoping they come out with malden slimlines. i've been throwing it around various places on the web hoping "they" hear me...
    i'm also dying to see the winning design of the contest here in the US...

  3. Interesting that the Crimson is the only one available right now, because according to Craig at The Pen Shop in Edinburgh, Filofax has discontinued the Crimson but not the other colors.

    But as we all know, discontinuation takes time. For example, the ivory Deco was "discontinued" last spring but only just went on clearance about a month ago or so, and is currently still available.

    So, try not to panic! (Coming from a complete panic-buyer!)

  4. hi, I've just found Compact Luxe on french website.It looks like slim, but with classic closure. Has anybody seen it in real?

  5. In Germany, Ochre is currently out of stock as well.


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