17 February 2011

Filofax Finsbury wallet

If you are interested in broadening your Filofax collection to include accessories, here's a recommendation for you: the Finsbury wallet (purse).  I've been wanting a pink one for a long time, and discovered it's on its way out.  So I knew I had to grab it fast! I found it on the Filofax France website for half off, and delivery to the UK was fast and reasonably priced. Click here for the product page.

Here are some photos:

The wallet comes in a nice Filofax gift box.
 I love this color!
 Hard to see, but "filofax" is imprinted in the leather.
 Wallet open with card slots at the left and popper coin pocket at the right.
 Again hard to see but "filofax real leather" is printed inside.
 The left side folds open to reveal a mesh ID pocket and more pockets for cards. Also behind the popper coin pocket is a pocket.
 There are two separate full-length pockets for bills.
 The fabric inside the coin pocket has "filofax" printed.

Very nice wallet!  I'm really glad I ordered it before they are gone!


  1. Laurie this is beautiful (and would match my personal and mini finsburys). However I need to use a bigger wallet to be functional! I enjoyed drooling over the pictures though....... as vacuous as that may make me look. haha

  2. CB you're in luck! ;D They make a larger version:


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  4. Non Steve!! But all I need to do is check the equivalent on Filofax uk!
    The Adelphi purse is also stunning.