10 February 2011

Philofaxy Quiz - The Answers

Well we had a great response to the quiz, it was wonderful to hear from people both new and old to the blog.

So the Answers...

Question 1: In the beginning what did Philofaxer allow to gather dust.

The clue here was 'In the beginning' which was the title of the very first post on the blog, where you would have found the answer 'The Device'  

Question 2. Where did Nan buy her first Filofax using a gift certificate?

This question stumped a few people, the answer wasn't obvious and even using Google you might not have found it. But the answer is in the top half of the 'About' page. Where the answer is Ann Taylor

Question 3. In 2010 GMax sent in a Guest Post about what type of rare Filofax Organisers? 

A search on GMax would find the answer to this one or using Guest Post, the specific post was about Duplex Binders

Question 4: Who submitted the design for the Vintage Leather Change Holder to Filofax, which they then put in to full production? 

This was mentioned in my recent review of the Filofax Facts book. And the answer was of course Diane Keaton

Question 5: When was the first Philofaxy round-table discussion Skype?

This you could find by searching or using the label Round-table and the answer is in the post about the announcement of the first one.  The answer being 25th April 2010.

Question 6: Which city in Southern England gave its name to one of the most sought after vintage Filofax Organisers?  

A look through the tag cloud for English city names, you should have spotted Winchester

Question 7: Where did Steve meet Laurie in April 2010?

A quick look at the posts in April 2010 you would have found the post about Philofaxy London Meet and the answer was of course Waterloo Station

Question 8: Which of our readers under the spot light had recently bought the latest 'Lady Gaga's' album?

You could have looked through all of the Readers tagged posts, or searched for Lady Gagas and the answer was Sharon

Question 9: What is the hole spacing on an A4 Filofax Organiser?

The answer to this one was in two posts, just to be on the safe side I put links in both of them! The answer was of course 8cm or 80mm

Your final question: Retrace your steps as to how you got to here...... Who loves Filofax

Now I was very cheeky/crafty I suppose with this, you might not have noticed it, but when you got to Question 2, you were in fact on a web page not on the blog, the file name was http://www.philofaxy.com/P.html this would have been displayed in your address field/bar of your browser, Question 3 was http://www.philofaxy.com/h.html Q4 i.html etc... so retracing your steps you would have spelt out the word

P h i l o f a x y

Which was of course the word I was looking for!!! The majority of people spotted the trend, although I think some people might have guessed the correct answer because of the header in the blog 'Philofaxy for the love of Filofax'

However you arrived at the correct answer doesn't really matter.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz, it was fun for me setting the questions, which I did try out on my wife Alison before the quiz went live. We will certainly have another one sometime in the future.

So the winners... sadly I don't have prizes for everyone who got the correct answer, I will be contacting the people I will be sending prizes too in the next few days and their prizes big and small will be in the post to them soon.

I'm very grateful to Filofax UK, Stacey at  Stay at Home Mummy, Chris at Pens'n'Paper for their prize donations. I've also had a dig through my stock drawer too and donated a few small prizes too.

Again thank you for all being such good sports and for taking part.


  1. Steve, this was a fantastic idea!

  2. I'm looking forward to the next quiz! It really was great fun!

  3. This was great fun - though I was one of those who had trouble answering question 2.

  4. Great quiz! I really enjoyed doing it.

  5. Great fun thanks Steve! Hope we have more quizes in the future!

  6. This was so much fun. I really enjoyed it! I hope we get an easter quiz (hint hint!)Thanks so much Steve.

  7. Steve, I have just sent you an email, check it out. i am gonna burst with excitement


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