23 February 2011

New Filofax products for the North American market

I was very kindly contacted by an anonymous source about new Filofax products for the North American market.  This person had the opportunity to preview some of the new items and they sound very exciting!!  Here's the info:

"The new line up:

Aston - is a very soft leather as soft as the finchley and it has very unique lines on the front

Metropol comes in lavender with lime green sitiching

And they have added a new size its called compact

also the Holborn comes in slim line very nice line as well"

Sounds like the Aston is replacing the discontinued (except for the purple) Finchley.  I'm excited about the Compact size, I've heard it's between a normal Personal size and Slimline. And the Metropol in lavender with green stitching sounds cool!!

What are you excited about?


  1. The Finchley in purple has been discontinued on FilofaxUSA except for the A5 size and the mini (and the mini has been sold out a while -- don't know if they'll restock). I had to go hunting several alternative vendors before finding my purple personal Finchley. I'm surprised, because it's a gorgeous color and is the first thing pictured on their opening webpage!

    Did they mention any new Finchley colors being introduced instead, perchance?

  2. This is all very intriguing. I'm looking forward to actually seeing the new items. Any idea of when they might arrive?

  3. I sent an e-mail to FF-USA last week asking about whether I could get the new catalog from them (the UK one), and when the new items might be coming to the U.S. They wrote back to say they didn't have the U.S. catalog yet (I wanted the UK one), and ignored my other question. They did say they'd send me the U.S. catalog when they get it, so we'll see.

    I notice on their website, they don't have the compact size in the checkboxes on the left when looking at all planners, nor in the size guide, but it is listed on the drop-down menu if you go to the Organizers heading.

  4. The compact has been listed in the drop down menu's for quite some time. I always wondered why it was there. Well, this explains.

    In the new Catalog the Finchley is only listed in Purple, so apparently, no new colours for now.

    So the "babyblue" Metropol on the catalog cover is lavender after all? Interesting.

    Last year the new catalog was online around 20th March. My guess would be that it'll be around the same time this year for the new catalog to appear.

  5. from what I understand, in the UK market the Finchley will only be available in the Imperial Purple color, all other colors are discontinued. But, I don't know if the purple will be available in all sizes. Does anyone have this information?

    Each country chooses what products will be available in their lineup, so Filofax USA may do something completely different. The suspense!! ;)

  6. The compact has been available in the uk for a little while now, they had one in the Guildford range. It did not prove very popular at all, and it just took the pocket size refills

  7. Hi Laurie, according to the new catalogue I have received, (not available to the public yet, the finchley purple will be available in Mini, pocket, personal and A5, same as it is now.

  8. Craig, you are right! (about Compact being a sort-of Pocket slimline).
    Whereas the new Compact seems to be a size between Personal and Slim, right? I wonder if this will market well ... I had rather had a Personal XL, with 30 mm rings (and then complain about backache of course - but that's another story ...).

  9. the difference between slimline and compact is bigger rings and the compact has a snap closure were as the slimline does not

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  11. Funny that the compact is in the drop-down menus in the U.S. and Germany, but not the UK, where it has supposedly been available and is being introduced first in the new format. Wish they wouldn't call it "compact" -- just more confusion with Franklin Covey's compact size!

  12. I would like to see Filofax binders and paper in FC's compact size. It's a very handy and comfortable page size. It's the one thing about FC that I do like.

  13. Hi, do you have info. about the "Hamilton" serie?

    I am searching hard on the internet, but got little information about this serie. Do you know when the serie was introduced to the market and when it's discontinued?

    Strangely, there are very little photos & info. of this serie that could be found from google, specially for the personal size (non-zipped).


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