10 February 2011

Filofax 2011 New Range and Changes to the existing ranges

So sit down before you read this post. Practice some deep breathing, you might need it...

Firstly thanks to one of our 'well informed readers' for the following tip-offs....

OK I won't keep you in suspense any longer.....
  • The first big shock is that the Finchley line is gone, with the exception of the Imperial Purple colour. Should we start a 'Save the Finchley' campaign? Although some of the new ranges look similar in quality.
  • All existing accessories are gone, and they are bringing out the accessories to match the Malden range, which also has a new colour.  
  • They are also introducing the Holborn as an organiser, this was released last year as conference folders but proved very successful, it is made with Buffalo Hide instead of leather.    
  • Chameleon has 2 new colours, although its not very clear from the catalogue what they are.
  • Songbird is staying but with the addition of a purple colour. 
  • Metropol has a new colour which I think may be Grey or a very dull blue, again hard to tell exactly.  
  • Malden in Mini and A5 as well as Personal and Pocket.
  • Other lines have been removed completely, such as Mode, Guildford and Sketch. 
  • Classic Slimline has been removed. 
  • New colours in some existing lines, including a grey Finsbury (this years colour!)
  • The new lines they are adding are called, Regency, Enigma, Osterley, Aston, Holborn and Apex.
The following pictures are taken from the pre-production catalogue, some things might change in the final issue of course...

You can also find more pictures and details at this website: Filofax at Spring Fair International

And if you thought that wasn't exciting enough.... take a look at this:

They are introducing a completely new product called "FLEX BY FILOFAX".

This is a notebook cover in Pocket, Slim and A5 size and comes in Black, Magenta and Slate. So you buy the cover and then you select what type of refill you want for the notebook, ruled paper, blank paper, diary, planner, contacts or jot pad.

You also get to choose the configuration, meaning there are 4 slots for you to put the item into, top, bottom or either side making it really suitable for left handed people. Its hard to explain without seeing the leaflet but believe me this is going to be huge. They are getting ordered into stockists on a special stand that will sit beside Filofax and has a screen at the top with a video showing customers how it works.

Each cover comes with a ruled notebook, jot pad and pen holder, oh and by the way, the pen holder also slots in so can be moved around the notebook as well. We believe they will range in price from £17 - £25. It will also have its own website at http://www.flexbyfilofax.com/ but it has not yet launched.

Still breathing???? Phew, lots to take in... and there was me going to buy a red Finchley Personal... now what... As always new models will most probably be released in UK first with international markets coming later.


  1. Those are some pretty decent new designs, but nothing that makes me go wow I think I'm probably safe.

    The flex however, that seems very interesting, I can't wait to see more about it, that tiny leaflet on it's own is such a big tease!

  2. When will they be out, any ideas?? :)

    I really want to see closer pictures, i feel all excited!!!!!

  3. Some of the new lines will be out in March, the rest gradually until about June 'I'm told' by another 'reliable source' if you know what I mean...

  4. Save the finchley! Nothing as drool worthy as the deco but need to see the enigma.
    Interested to see the flex although extremely pricey for a notebook.

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  6. I notice that the Malden A5 comes with 30mm rings, the same as the Finsbury, most other A5's are only 25 mm rings, so the larger size in an all leather organiser is a useful addition to the range.

  7. first WOAH. i can barely contain my excitement!

    -do you see that glorious Apex A4 Folder Black? plus it "can be fitted for both left and right handed use"?!?!?!
    -uhmmm Filofax Finsbury in Grey...wait isn't that exactly what i wanted and asked for in a FFAF? yep, it sure is!
    - that Osterley line is making me swoon. the plum color looks hot and to me is a step up from the Decco which everyone seems to adore
    -that Aston in mushroom looks like cream of mushroom soup straight out of the can. i hope it is better in person
    -that holborn line intrigues me. i wonder what it looks like on the inside.
    -like the new songbird color a lot
    -i don't know what to think about the flex. it reminds me of this http://pinterest.com/pin/3105696/ there is a video in the caption {laurie i first saw these in a blueprint magazine from 2006. they are amazing fyi}
    -can i take the removable pen loop from the flex and put it in another filofax? please

    but hold your horses no bright colors? no bright green? you are still not brining back my piccadilly green? wait...the Apex line looks like it will come in green! a glorious bright green! YAY!


  8. Wow, that Oisterley looks like the baby of an Amazona-Mum and a Topaz-Dad! I am totally surprised that Finchley is phased out. Not surprised though that the Purple will stay. This IS a bestseller! Also, a Malden in Mini? Oh no, what have they done? Now I have to work really hard to stick to my resolution.
    I for one am totally not into grey. Is that the fashion colour of 2011? Nice that they added a purple songbird. I'm not into fabric covers (I know I would ruin them in about a week), but I think the pattern would go very well with purple.

    Even though I don't plan to buy anything, I'm all excited and can't wait to put my hands on a reallife catalog!!!

  9. Visited the site you linked and discovered that the Chameleon will be available in Brown and Aqua, and the Cuban also in Black (looks great with the light stitching btw). Don't like the looks of that Aston peasoup thingy though ...
    The grey Fins doesn't look too bad btw!

  10. Love the look of the Osterley and the Apex - very pretty!

    Surprised at the news abut the Finchley - I bought the Imperial Purple last year as my birthday pressie to myself and I love it!

  11. colie thanks for that link. Steve and someone else also sent me a couple of links awhile back to a similar system where you can fit little booklets (of notes, addresses, diaries etc.) into a cover. The idea is a good one: the versatility of a ring binder with the slimness of a bound book.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else not "get" the Osterley? To me it looks very similar to the discontinued Amazone, but with a smaller mock-croc print. I wonder what the differences are, maybe a different pocket configuration (although I can't think of a better one than the Amazona's secretarial pocket).

    I can't help feeling that Filofax is rotating through designs too quickly, doing away with really beautiful binders just for the sake of coming out with new ones each year.

    But I'm not the one marketing them--maybe their consumer base really does want that much variety and new options each year. I know Filofax is competing with store brand versions of binders (like Paperchase and Barnes and Noble) so they have to keep their competitive edge.

  12. Just noticed that all the Cuban Zip versions are gone as well

  13. Also I'm wondering what it means that there are NO Decos shown!! Caribbean Princess, you might need to invest in one soon!!

  14. I am happy to report (or my credit card is anyway) that there is not much I really like in this new range. Only the purple songbird maybe, but at least that isn't very expensive. Maybe I can now focus more on using instead of on the covers???

  15. I have to say, there are only two things that I would be interested in - the new color Malden (which I have to see in a larger picture to know for sure) and the flex notebook. It shouldn't be too hard to stick to my "no new binders for 2011" goal - at least for now. I wonder how long it will take the US to carry the new items.

  16. So glad I already bought the Guildford, Sketch and Mode.

    Think I'll get a Chameleon and maybe an Apex this year. Those more expensive new styles (like Enigma and Osterley) don't appeal to me.

  17. Laurie, I guess "no Decos" would actually be good news for CP, because then they'll eventually sell them at "phase-out" price ... ;-)

  18. Oh, and I think the new Metropol is on the cover page (right under that ochre Malden). Looks like a pale baby blue.
    The new Malden colour is shown on the first inside page (leather acceassories). I'd say a bit lighter and pinker than the Crimson, but rather subdued. Not a bad choice for the Vintage Malden style!

    Overall, it seems less dull than last years catalog, when the overal colours for almost all models were: black, brown, red and purple.
    Seems there'll be more variety next season.

  19. wow. i'm really digging that chameleon colour - it says aqua but looks like a steel grey and black. and the grey finsbury is pretty chic. also interested in how the malden mini is set up on the inside. the flex seems similar in concept to the life tracker. day timer has something like that too in the ichange journal. anyway, should be interesting. but yeah, the designs do look pretty 'safe' in comparison to last year. the osterly is pretty but yeah the same. it says calf leather. i wonder if that would make a difference in whether it lays flat out of the box or not. it seems that was a problem amazona owners had. i'm glad they still have a croc stamped leather tho. i'm kinda into it. bummed that there aren't any real new slims. although they have compact models i noticed - 15mm personal size. could be a good thing. hopefully they will offer the same here in the us. also, we've got that design contest winner....maybe that one will rock our socks

  20. Binders:
    Not interested. At all. In any of them. They are either really dull-looking or really not my taste. At least my credit-card will be happy.

    I can't believe they are doing away with the Finchley. (Considers heading over to the French or Italian sites to get (anoher) one...).

    The other thing - the filoflex thing - looks interesting. What advantage is there over the ring-binder system though?

    Like others on here - I wish they would put some more effort into the refills and less on new binders every year.

  21. Steve-
    Thankyou for showing the preview of the new Filofax collection. I've been hoping for a compact planner and this year my wishes may come true. Now the cost...

  22. @Laurie. My eye is on the deco still!! But no funds for it right now :-(

  23. This makes me sad. There's still no top end vegetarian binder :( I want to spend riduclous amounts of money on something really well designed, but it's all leather. And they've got rid of the Urban which was the closest they got.

    And the only vegetarian minis are still the domino or the metropol, I was hopping for something pretty I could spend my money on. I've had a metropol for over a year as a 'temporary' binder to see if it I'd use it and I do, a lot. I want to get something nicer to replace it, but there isn't anything.

  24. looking at this in retrospect, 2 months later, it's interesting (and annoying) to see that on the catalogue they seem to have kept the ochre Malden and removed the crimson Malden, whereas in reality it's the other way around! Particularly annoying for me as I want an ochre but they are no longer available in the UK!!

  25. I know this is an old blog post, but: Does this mean that there won't be any other color for the Malden A5 except for brown and this rosey color? Oh no :-( I was hoping for a grey or (even better) red one...

  26. Grey A5 Maldens exist, I have one, but as yet they aren't in general circulation on line, they will be within the next few weeks I suspect.