04 February 2011

Free For All Friday No 116

Yes, it is Friday once again, the weekend is just hours away, don't forget we have a Skype Roundtable again on Sunday, come and join in, come and just listen if you want. Or join in the IM chat.

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing, where ever you are.

Right the floor is yours to discuss anything Filofax related.


  1. I have just received my new Filofaxes. A personal Imperial Purple Finchley and a Pocket Swarovski Special Edition Filofax. They are both divine! The Finchley is soft and luxurious, while the Swarovski is decadent. I was hoping to use it as a wallet, thinking it had a pocket section behind the spine, but it doesn't. I am not sure if I will use it or sell it on. It is stunning to look at. I will put pics on my Flickr stream. The Finchley is lying mostly flat out of the box. Completely flat if the pages are on both sides. Tonight I will move out of my Kendal and into the Finchley. One thing I will really miss from the Kenadal is the extra pocket at the back - it is quite useful!!!

  2. My Pocket Swarovski Special Edition has a poppered pocket at the back in which you could keep coins or paper, with a slip in section behind it. Not sure if your is different. I agree it is very glamorous. I use mine as a diary and for notes on the go.

    The purple Finchley sounds wonderful - I have one in Antique Rose which I use currently as a hoursehold binder - it really is the most soft and beautiful leather. My other A5 is a bronze domino - for some reason I'm not a great fan of the domino, but I love this bronze one.

  3. Just one more thought. I am fascinated by all the uses people put their filofaxes too. I wonder if we could build a list that could later go on the FAQ page? A sort of inspiration of what can be done. I've also fascinated by the wonderful adornments people have done - using crystals, scrapbooking and so on. I wonder if we could have a list of all these links? I completely forgot to bookmark them and can't find most of them now! Hopefully I'm not in the minority here!

  4. Alison, I'd love such a usage list as well! I thought I had come up with quite a list of uses myself, but I'm always seeing completely new uses here or on Flickr, and it really fascinates me!

  5. A great idea Alison to link back to previous 'uses' posts. Have you tried searching using the Google search box?

    Whilst I'm here.... I can also report that my wife has started using here Filofax again as her desk diary. It's the old one I did the restoration post on last year!! She doesn't make a big thing about using it and I obviously don't want to discourage her!


  6. I agree. A 'uses' list would be very helpful, especially for people like me who keep on adding to their filofax collection. Another one arrived yesterday for me! Yay! :-))

  7. I'm curious, if you buy a brand new filofax in the uk at the moment, what inserts does it come with? I'm eyeing up a pesonal finchley (because I learned yesterday that some personal binders actually lay flat! Now my stubborn Cherry Cross seems sooo inferior.)

  8. Hi Annie, what inserts come with the binder depend on which model it is. For example, some come with cotton cream diary pages and some with white horizontal week on 2 pages. Colors of divider tabs, pages included etc. varies.

    Here is the Filofax UK website for the personal size Finchley, if you scroll down you'll see the list of what is included in the binder:


  9. Thanks Laurie, I'm now wondering how I even managed to miss that in the first place. The Finchley having cotton cream pages makes it even more tempting!

  10. Oh yes, it's classy inside and out! I don't own one but every time I see Filofaxes in shops I pick up a Finchley just to fondle it. That leather is so nice!

  11. My Filofax count is about to double. I got a list of clearance items from Letts Canada which distributes in Canada from filofaxusa. I'm getting a mini brown kendal, and a Strata in three sizes - pocket, personal and A5. All for about $36CDN! I'll let you all know what they are like once I get them - usually takes about 3 weeks :(

  12. whoa plaid that is awesome! i would like to have a big collection but i hate the idea of having a bunch of them that aren't being used and i don't think i can have specific uses for individual ones like 'household' or 'health'. i've discovered i do like it all in one place. even in having a pocket for my bag and then a main one, i find that i've been carrying BOTH around trying to see which format feels best for me. anyway, i agree the usage list would be helpful, i realize it's a lot of work. i do also really love the web finds and do google blogs on it regularly. so glad to find folk who love talking about their planners! thank you philofaxy - happy year of the rabbit to you

  13. @silver I am so jealous of your purple finchley! I can't stop talking about how much I want one - my husband says "If you don't buy one soon, I'm going to do it for you!" But I'm waiting for a great deal on eBay or something like what @plaiditude did!

    I've been looking at the Adelphi personal because of the zipper pocket in the back. I'm not sure I like any of the colors (unless I can find one in USA in Damson). Any thoughts on the Adelphi?

    As far as the uses, I plan to use mine as an appointment book, address/birthday/anniversary book, and to-do lists. Fairly generic, but I plan on making decorative dividers for each section.

  14. @krissydawn
    I own the damson adelphi and it is definitely my favourite filofax by far.
    you can look at it here

    and I decorated some dividers here


  15. krissydawn, not to send you into a panic, but the entire Adelphi line has been discontinued by Filofax UK so they are all on their way out. Right now there is no way to tell how long it will take to completely phase them out.

  16. From comments I've picked up from Filofax staffers this last week, they are all busy 'stock taking' at the moment... I suspect counting the numbers of organisers they have in what sizes and colours....

    News on new sizes and colours is still a little thin on the ground apart from a few 'hints', but the new catalogue is due soon...

  17. Again a bit late to the party (spot the days I work and don't get onto this brilliant site...)

    Wow! You lucky person! I just effectively doubled my filofax collection (with a new jade finch, a new baroque mini and a new baroque personal, all from filofax france) but it was (ahem) a teensy bit more expensive!!
    [Incidentally - as a consequence, I have a number of brand new A-Z and diaries available - see Adspot.]

    The Finchley filofaxes are just divine!

    @Alison - excellent idea!! A survey of uses would be brilliant - maybe we could have a whole post on it?

    And what's the problem with carrying on talking about the finchley until your hubby buys you it? I don't see a downside! :-)

    Happy Friday everyone!

  18. The mini baroque I treated myself to as a purse-o-fax is working quite well, except the zipped pocket isn't quite in the right place... I'm hoping to do a 'hack' this weekend and use an eyelet punch to put eyelets into a small zipped purse (free from Clinique a few years ago that is the perfect size! and make that the coin holder bit, then the zipped pocket in the baroque can be used for something else less bulky.
    Has anyone else done anything like this??

  19. Get plenty of sleep tonight folks... be bright and awake tomorrow because tomorrow afternoon/evening you will need to be on top form... testing your knowledge and your cunning to the full.....


  20. I have just moved myself into my new Finchley. In doing so I have added some new pages and tweaked my set up a bit. I was wondering of anyone had the Filofax over full? Lying flat open, my pages are just over where the rings open. I am careful with my pages, in that when I close my Filo I hold the Filo in my left hand along the spine and with my right hand hold all the pages and gently pull them so they are straigh on the rings. I need to do this so that they don't curve around the rings on the Filo and get crushed. Which is what had happened to the last 5 A-Z tabs when I got it yesterday. Does anyone else have a very full Filo and do you need to close it carefully?

  21. @Silver
    I had over-packed my Finchley too - too used to the extra room in a domino! In the end I slimmed it down (mostly because actually turning the pages was getting tricky!). Like you I always make sure that all the pages are taut before closing the cover, otherwise the outer ones get bent.
    What extra have you out in it? What's your set-up like? (Sorry - deeply nosy!)

  22. @plaiditude
    Lucky you! I wish I could have gotten a copy of that clearance list.

    Plaiditude's comment gave me an idea for a topic for the next FFAF: What's the best value Filofax you've purchased?

  23. Purse hack worked a treat!
    I'll probably blog about it tomorrow (with pics) on "Paper Pens Ink" (which is rapidly turning into "filofax, filofax, filofax"!)

  24. Silver, last year when I met Brigitte, the manager of the Filofax shop in London, and she saw my over-stuffed Deco she (rightfully) scolded me. Actually what she said was, "Oh my! That is abuse." She said the ring mechanism will eventually break if I have the pages going all the way around the rings (filling the rings). Ever since then I've been ruthless in keeping my page numbers down so it's not over-stuffed, because I definitely don't want to break the ring mechanism!

  25. It's not fully 'stuffed' but I would be hard pressed to get anything more into it!

    Amanda my set up is as follows - but it is a work in process at the moment.

    Tab One: To Do's and Project lists with details about my projects

    Tab Two: Notes Section. I just write info here then move it later.

    Tab Three: Home. Here I keep infomation about the house, draw mesaurements, window measurements, I have a page per family member (with info re likes dislikes and gift ideas, sizes atc) Pet info page(name, dob, microchip and vaccine info. also vets and groomers) School info including a typed up list of my son's school sightwords, names of teachers each year and excursions he did. Plus cute things said and some small drawings. I have a list of things that need attention when moving, I intend to put in a list of what to take should we need to leave the house (I live in QLD Australia). I have info about all the companys I deal with so if I am away from home I can contact them. I am also going to create a home inventory of games and toys my son has along with major items at home.

    Tab Four: Calendar with Birthday and Anniversary Page

    Tab Five: Me Section. Goals. Journal Prompts. Food Diary. Wishlist. Magic Memories and Gratitude Pages.

    Tab Six: This section os divided in two - first is my budget area where I keep track of income and weekly bills. Behind a homemade top tab I keep my week shopping list and menu.

    Behind this is another home made top tab with my info section here I have pages with :
    books read
    books to get
    Filofax info (with printing page info, pages that I want to get, and a list of Filos I have
    iPhone info
    movies to get
    ideas pages
    library info
    web sites
    parenting stuff

    behind this are new slimline a-z tabs, but I think they are taking up too much room. I am thinking of pulling it all apart and just using the a-z tabs to file everything behind.

    Some of the pages I have can be reduced down a bit and that is what I aim to do in the next few days.

    Hope this answered your question Amanda!

  26. @Silver
    It did indeed! Wow - no wonder it's a teensy bit full! It sounds really great though. Do you have addresses in your slimline A-Z?

    I've put up pictures of the purse hack btw - http://paperpensink.blogspot.com/2011/02/mini-baroque-filo-purse.html
    if anyone's interested...