11 February 2011

Free For All Friday No. 117

I know many of us are getting excited about what surprises Filofax might have in store for their spring collection. What are you hoping will be included in the new lineup?

***UPDATE: See the post below for information on Filofax's new lineup!!!!

And as always on Fridays, feel free to post a comment on anything Filofax-related!


  1. some SPRING COLORS!
    something bright and cheerful!

    seriously, all that grey in the previous post has me worried. maybe i will just grab an aqua finsbury or an orange one to ward off the clouds of grey.

  2. Looks like the Chameleon is going to be available in aqua! Which reminds me, there was a Domino on eBay (USA) that ended a few days ago that was advertised as "Caribbean Turquoise" (looked like the aqua). Was that ever a color, or just something that sounds better than "aqua"?!

  3. Oh, and if they got rid of the spring green Chameleon because the lurid online pictures didn't sell any, they should bring it back with some proper pictures!!! I love the (true) color.

  4. I also thought the reallife Spring Green Chameleon was not at all that bad. Why another Aqua?

    Looks like the Malden will be available in some greyish-green and some raspberry/burgundy-kind of color (the color quality in the catalog scans wasn't too good).

    Really want to see that catalog NOW!

  5. WAIT!!! They actually have a Lavender A5 Domino now?!!!! My prayers have been answered ...

    (runs off to find Laurie to tell her the news ...)

  6. Maybe its just my day to play Grumpy Old Man, so here goes.....hate me if you want to...

    It seems that over the past few weeks (months) the conversation here has become centred much more on style (form) than on content (functionality) within the Filofax range. Yes, I understand that bringing out new ranges will increase this 'thread' of chatter, but at times it seems to overwhelm the *real* issue of functionality. I *know* that having a 'nice' binder can be a real boost - one of the reasons I use a Filofax rather than a lump of grey metal - er, sorry, PDA/smartphone - is that its just plain *nice* to carry around, as well as the fact that a PDA won't hold my photos, debit cards and all the other rubbish I need to cart around, and won't keep it safe and in order. *However* for me the real point of *any* system of time- and task-management is the results I can achieve with it, the various methods I might employ to use it, etc etc. Frankly, recently I've been finding more of this kind of talk through the GTD forums (which are excellent) and through Laurie's Plannerisms blog.

    So please, Filofax users, can we have more talk about content and less about form? I've got a Personal FF for every day and an A5 should I ever need the space...I don't need any more, and I think this is something FF themselves should think carefully about. However, new refills designed to fit a specific system of working (like GTD), if accompanied by an explanation of where they 'fit' in the overall scheme of things, would almost certainly have me running to the store post-haste.

    Am I the only person who thinks this way?.....

  7. Good point Jotje, they've done away with the Aqua Finsbury and replaced it with the Aqua Chameleon.

    I would love to see a budget-priced leather (possibly recycled leather) binder with smooth (not textured) leather, in a variety of colors. Sort of the same concept as the Finsbury, but smooth. I appreciate all the variety of leather binders, but they are expensive. The Finsbury, the cheapest of the leather binders, is 50 GBP for the personal size (80 US dollars), which is a heck of a lot of money. And they go up (a lot) from there. It would be nice to have more choice of leather binders at a lower price.

  8. Just now read the other comments here!

    Jotje, thanks for the heads-up about the lavender A5 Domino!! This just might be my next Filofax purchase!!

    David, I completely agree. Filofax makes loads of money by tempting us to buy expensive new binders every year. But I wish they would put more money and time toward designing new diary formats, and even make some "system"-like formats for those of us who like some structure to our planning.

  9. Yet another comment from me: I haven't scoured the ring sizes of the A5 binders yet, but has our constant request for a truly Slimline A5 been granted this year???

  10. David
    In answer to your 'cry' Sorry my fault... this news arrived late last night and it was too 'hot' to not put out on the blog....

    That said... yes I also would have also liked to see news on new content, different diary formats, because they are the thing that most people have trouble in finding ones that work for them.

    I have no problems with finding a binder I love these days. I could choose any of about half a dozen and in a variety of colours that I would find acceptable. But diary refills is a different matter... we do more overseas orders for those compared to anything else. And they aren't easy to recreate yourself without a lot of messing about.

    So I will ask about new content in the coming year and we will see what comes out 'the back door' !!!


  11. Laurie.... A5 Malden 30mm same as the Finsbury.. A welcome addition.. but I didn't see any 'slimlines'


  12. The Adelphi was produced in a slimmer A5, and we did not sell a single one in this store, even now when they are reduced in price by 30%, we still have not sold any. I also have never had a customer ask for a slimline A5, so to Filofax, it probably is not commercially viable.

  13. I agree with david that more talk about the content and functioning of our filofax would be nice. Not that I don't like the talk about styles, I want it both. I am thinking that maybe the Tuesday could be for style talk and the Friday for content talk? What do other people think about this?

    In other news, my purple finchley came! It is really beautiful, and I made pictures of the unwrapping which I shall put on my blog soon. There is a small (less than 1 cm.) tear in the side of the leather strap, which I do not mind but I will be watching it if it grows larger.

    I am also thinking of changing my to do system, as the one I had was too complex. Maybe a weekly list will be good, and then I can make daily lists from this and make a new weekly list every Sunday. Caribbean princess has described her system in a comment I saw somewhere and I liked the sound of that. Where would you keep the weekly list? I do not like having it between the weekly pages, any other ideas?

  14. @girlinmath: don't accept the tear! You should return the binder, it's too expensive to accept a fault!

    @David: My paper refill wishlist has not been answered yet. I want more choice/different setups for the 2PPD pages in Personal size. I don't think they will bring out anything new, and for the time being I'm happy with the ones I have now (which strangely enough are not available in the UK - how comes?).

  15. Well I have to say that Davids comments hit a home run. I too have 5 (count them) 5 Filos in my "storage box" at home. That's right "in storage" because Filo's inserts and content have a lot to be desired. Oh, the money I have spent....
    I am currently using a "Planner Pad" in a nice leather binder from Palnner Pad because I need "content" that is more than a few lines printed on poor quality paper. I know it's the "Filo" brand tyhat brings us all together and I am grateful for having the ability to call you my friends. But Filo needs a shake up and realize the point of a planner is it's ability to "help" you plan your days, weeks, life, etc.
    And unlike better people on here than me, I can't get my head around the fact that I have to buy planner paper from another company to use in a planner I spent a ton of money for that was purchased from a "so called" planner company?
    Sorry, but I'm with David on this one.

  16. Good point David. I have been wondering for a while if the form over function issue with filofax has been a byproduct of their rebranding and focus on the female customer?

    I have been mulling for a while over the fact that filofaxes are now seen more as a seasonal fashion accessory than a lifetime investment that will serve more than 20 years of hard use without a scratch? And there is definitely more emphasis on the outside than the inside.

    I feel that I have lots of choice on the binders but not so much innovation on the inserts. Could it be that there is no money in tha? Or that there are lots of templates out there?

  17. In terms of functionality, I have to say the Flex looks like it's missing a trick - where's the ability to hold an iPad/TouchPad/"tablet of your choice" in it? Something along those lines, with the ability to insert notebooks etc for notes capture (for those of us who don't like typing in meetings with clients) would bring the system to those of us who have moved away from paper for planning purposes.

    Moleskine have already announced something like that; why not Filofax? I know they've been thinking about what they do in the electronic sector, but they've been thinking about it for a long time ...

  18. I wonder if Moleskine is "faster on the ground" with their designs and so can accommodate technological devices more readily. Last year when I was at the Filofax shop in London, Brigitte told me that Filofax products are about 18 months from design to hitting the shelves, which is why they haven't put in any pockets or similar attachments for devices. By the time the design is available for purchase, the technology has moved on and the devices may be a different size/ shape than the pockets in the Filofax.

  19. I have to say I agree 100% with David!... my own thoughts are why do we think about going out and buying more filofaxes just because of the colors changing?... (Ok, I can see a lot of scowl faces at me right now)... On the happy note, I haven't been on the blog in weeks as I'm overwhelmed with studying for an exam in two weeks.. Pocket filo has been my sidekick as I write down everything I'm doing to prepare.. If I pass, we're going to start shopping for a puppy so I'll have a "Buy/Adopt Puppy Process" in my filo. Oh by the way for my American filofaxers.. I found a great pen/pencil brand at Staples - Zebra! Fits nicely in the pocket and writes really well!

  20. Can't wait to get my hand on the new catalogue.

    Also agree that a total review of the paper accessories is required. LOVE the itinerary pages from the travel pack but would like to buy them separately (as I use the horizontal diary which works better for me than the one included in the pack and I don't need paper with noughts and crosses laid out in in!!!). The price is too much just to use the itinerary pages and to bin the rest of the pack. Would like a pick and mix options (again with the family and city dweller pack!!!).

    Also a funnel to do list (a bit like in the Planner Pad) would be useful (I just use plain paper and customise right now).

    Looking forward to seeing the new range (both folders and papers)...

  21. Janet, I think there *are* a lot of templates out there, and I have a few myself which I could pass on. But I would still welcome more refill design innovation. We all know FF are concentrating on the female buyer....do they *really* think women are *only* interested in form, and not in content? if so, I think FF need to have a long hard look at their underlying assumptions

  22. Regarding the funcionality discussion...Filofax is trying to (as any other company) earn money. But that means quantity over quality. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they are not quality anymore, but they are more focusing on "as many new lines as possible every year", than improving the existing ones.

    @shepgreig...in my opinion, people are not buying Adelfi A5 slim, becouse it`s not a real slim

  23. katka I agree, that big gusseted pocket inside the Adelphi A5 cover prevents it from being "slim" at all.

    I hate to keep quoting my conversation with Brigitte at Filofax last year, but it was so enlightening. She said the reason why they don't make more inserts and forms is because retailers don't have enough shelf space for the entire selection. But it seems like so many people are used to ordering things online, they could have a larger selection available from the website. I'd rather have the option of buying inserts from the website instead of not at all.

  24. I would support the iddea of one day a week for functionality discussions and one for form/style, but at the end of the day it remains up to those of us who care about functionality to wade in and discuss, otherwise there is no point! I suggest we all take the opportunity to raise issues of system use when the free-for-alls are 'on', rather than just leave the field to the binder=style and how-many filofaxes-owned lobby (although I respect the need for good designs as well)

  25. From our chat last weekend... the one thing you can't tell from buying on line is what the leather smells like?

    Apparently this is quite important to some buyers!! True... I hadn't thought of it myself.... but some peoples nostrils are more atuned than my own!!!

    We might be able to get 3D views and fancy multi channel sound over the net... but smell... and touch.. not there quite yet...

    I was trying to establish what people get attracted to first, size, colour, layout, ring size etc. I forgot about smell!

    Naturally I will be revising the Filofax list in the files area once things become more certain.

    I've asked my 'source' the Watergate Deep Throat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Throat of the Filofax World if there are any revisions/additions to the inserts part of the catalogue...


  26. Steve , please don't interpret that as a slight on the site managers here, yourself included. I think it has far more to do with the general 'weighting' of material, a large percentage of which is reader comments. Of *course* a major release of new binders is going to merit a post, but I do think FF are beginning to lose the plot slightly. What a lot of us want is results from our system (that's what we have it for - not as a hobby or as an accessory - although they do make nice accessories as well!). And I think Ff are getting caught up in shifting more and more binders, rather than locking in customer loyalty by steering users towards a *system* based *around* the FF and an expanded set of refill options - not just diaries, but task-management options, of which there are generally pretty much zero in the range apart from the bog standard to-do list. It speaks volumes that Jotje had to ver kindly offer to send me over a diary from Holland this year - I couldn't even buy it via internet because the various sites are not all 'joined up' and many of them don't have internet sales facilities. I find this very frustrating.

    In my years of using my Time Manager system I had all my functionality provided in a joined-up and thought-through way and it's only the price of the refills which stop me from going straight back....and I'm still tempted. FF beware - don't miss the point here.

  27. Read2Day, we actually just got the Moleskine Ipad holder and combined notebook in stock, its really nice.

    I am very surprised to hear people say there is a lack of selection for inside the Filofax itself, we have a stand with over 250 different filofax inserts. I actually think Filofax are very good at seeing what there is a demand for, and avoiding things that are slow selling and gather dust on the shelves. The Chameleon Spring Green was a good example of this, everyone thought it was beautiful but the sales on it were very very poor.

  28. David, you do have a point there. In my ideal world we would have a marriage between FC and FF, giving us beautiful binders (I like the FF-binders far more than FC's), and also excellent Time Management refills. I love the layout and the variety of Franklin Covey inserts. You can see that people have put time and effort into thinking this through.

    Or might the real problem be that you can earn more with leather binders than paper refills ....?

    FF does have the A5 Time Management papers, but those are - for reasons that totally escape me - "hidden" in the website. They won't pop up when you look under the A5-refills. They are nice, but not unique, but at least it's on FF-paper. I would like that for Personal size. Maybe even Pocket-size?

    And yes, there actually ARE women who want a Filofax to "work" for them. If I only had it to look pretty in my bag, I'd never buy it to begin with.

  29. i think there is a lot of talk on the tools aspect of filos because it's a lot of fun to talk about. but yeah, i have this problem with my own work - getting caught up on the 'right' tools instead of the actual art. procrastination, distraction, failure to commit, need for immediate gratification, consumerism, materialism, yeah, it's all there. function is something that will occur depending on the user. i actually started to use the filofax again to help me with my art. i don't really like all the fancy pretty inserts. i need plain white. less distraction. i can't even handle colour really in my filof. i'm trying so hard with the orange finsbury. it's sooooo cute, but, yeah, it's got to be black. less distraction. every once in awhile i think i need new page layout, but my days aren't so filled with appointments and such and i rely on todos a lot which don't necessarily need to get done on a specific day. i need them to be open - not so confined to a specific day. visually, i mean. if it's on a specific day and i don't get around to it, well, then i will most-likely not do it. and in printing (well, when i was still working in it) it goes too quickly to try and track any of it by writing. so i have no need for work in my filo (thank god!) i use the to do list a lot. it's amazing too how that simple todo can be used in so many different ways. i could also make my own inserts and at times i do but it takes some time to make it work really. i'm working on right now (a time map/daily schedule as i currently 'temp' as a stay-at-home-mom heh heh) i'll make something, print it out, place it where i think it will be most effective, try it out for a couple of days, and tweak and tweak and tweak (i'm kind of a perfectionist which isn't always a good thing) thankfully right now i have the time, but...geez i'm going on and on eventually i will blog about it, but yeah, david, i also thought a lot of emphasis is placed on the tool here. i try and search for stuff i feel i need for my own system but in searching, it's fun when i come across pictures of someone's new deco (as i would never get one) and i enjoy reading it and how someone is so excited about it. that thing. the one for me that's gonna help me produce things i want to look at. name it, talk about it, take pictures of it, whatever works, i think. meanwhile, i tweak. i seem to have different needs than the norm but someone might profit by something in my chaotically cluttered but colour coded brain.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I use todo pages on a daily basis quite a lot but if I need to do a todo that has no specific completion date, I tend to use a jot pad slotted in the current week and I keep moving it into the following week until it gets done.
    On a different note, I have just bought a brown zipped pocket Hamilton from eBay which came with a new 2011 diary. Beautiful to look at with the cream stitching and what a leather smell it gives off! I am trying to use it as a wallet too (the right-hand side gusseted pocket) but I am not sure if it is working for me. It may be better once I buy a credit card holder as there is only 2 slots in the left-hand side but I love the idea that I can just through things in it and zip it up.

  32. @David Popely you have a point. when i want ideas for improving functionality i go to the flickr feed and peek into other users binders for inspiration. for me it is easier to see how someone uses it or does not use it on flickr.

    i am LOCKED into my binder and have been since the late 90s. the same one the whole time. i bought a windsor as a backup but it sits on a shelf now.

    function wishlist
    - larger ruled note paper
    - higher quality paper. for goodness sakes a sharpie pen should not bleed through!
    - address pages with spaces for multiple email addresses
    - address index tabs for three letters at a time rather than two. the pockets have these not the personals.
    - an insert that for an elastic pen loop. there is a pic of someone with one on flckr. since none of the leather pen loops accommodate a mont blanc, fountain pen, or a bic multi colored pen they are really missing the function boat. if we invest in a filofax we will invest in a pen to last as long as the filofax will. (yes, i bought a filofax pen and pencil set. it was not a good investment)
    - index tabs that are made of all plastic. not just a plastic tab on the edge. these last longer. i have some from filofax and i have no idea where i found them.
    - one database for all refills and binders. why is there different stock on different sites? so frustrating
    - if i can send my expensive shoes back to let us say cole hahn for refurbishing why cant i send my filofax back to filofax for refurbishing?
    -i recently found a stack of ancient probably from the mid 50s ruled paper that fits into my filofax which i have been using a lot. the edges have rounded corners which i enjoy quite a bit.

    *NOTE i also think that we tend to not use the tools they do give us...the shopping list refill, the day planner pages, the bank account pages, the time table...OR maybe we just need the sites to be revamped with realistic images of the items/pages in use!

  33. I would love to see some more innovation and choice in the range of inserts and diary styles available. I love my Week on One Page / Notes format for my A5 and Personal but there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice in Pocket sizes.

    I'd also like to see some of the City Dweller pack sheets available without having to purchase all the diary elements as well.

  34. I was in my local WH Smith today and a member of staff was going through the Filofax stand, noticed she had a portable bar scanner, so asked if the prices were going up (thinking VAT) and she replied 'out with the old in with the new...soon, but would I like a half price 'Pocket' size Filofax?
    and was duly handed a very nice Domino Baroque in brown. On the way to pay for it I had another look inside and it was a 2010 diary, not to worry, it was 'half price' when I paid for it the woman behind the till handed me a 2011 diary (week on 2 pages) and said 'compliments of the manager' I smiled, thanked her and then tripped over my gaping jaw :)

  35. Great discussion this morning!

    I have to side with David, and the rest as to the availability of forms. I use quite a number of older forms from over the years and print my own on 24# paper. It holds up better and is more fountain pen friendly. The Filofax paper has always been somewhat lacking. As far as the planner, I have gone to do2p Day Timer, it just works better for me and the paper seems to be higher quality.

    As for the binders, I haven't bought a new one from Filofax in a number of years. I don't care for the "soft" leather, and the pastel colours, but that is just me. All of my binders but three go way back, and the leather smell is just as intense now as they were when I got them, and I appreciate that.

  36. I think we have the makings of an excellent topic for discussion this coming Tuesday... purely on inserts.. nothing on binders... agreed? I will formulate a suitable 'agenda' and we will bring together all of our thoughts with view to submitting these to FF UK to see if we can shift their focus a little....


  37. It's certainly great FUN to chat about the latest styles, colours, etc.

    But apropos David Popely's comments vis-a-vis the content, I do tend to agree. Something akin to this always bugged me at college, where my roommates were photojournalism majors. They were always talking about cameras, lenses, and film, with barely any discussion about what actually made a good picture.

    In another context, I believe Lance Armstrong once wrote a book entitled "It's Not About the Bike."

    The dialectic is "Form follows Function" (Bauhaus) vs. "Form follows Emotion" (frogdesign).

    If Filofax can figure out a synthesis, I guarandamntee they're gonna make a lot of money...

  38. i'm going to be slightly predictable here and weigh in on the other side of the covers vs inserts debate (i say predictable because i'm probably filofax's new target demographic - 21 year old female, about to start career, obsessed with her pink finsbury and fills it with stickers, and exactly who you would expect to be overly excited about the new range of colours and designs).

    i agree that some different designs of the inserts would be nice, even if it was just to make them all consistent - i.e., have all available on cotton cream as well as white, have the same across all international websites, and so on - but for me the beauty of filofax AND philofaxy is that you can make your system your own and discuss it. when we discuss our insert needs, a lot of them are REALLY specific - i for one would love a 2ppd insert in cotton cream in the layout of the day planners, and it would make my life much easier, but would enough people buy it to make it viable? we all want different and specific things because we all use our filos for a huge range of purposes in a huge range of lifestyles. realistically, no system is ever going to please everyone without having to vastly cut down its target demographic first to students, for example, or businessmen. part of the joy of seeing what other people do with their filos is, for me, seeing how they work with what's available and make it totally personal by mixing diary pages and to-dos, and printing their own templates - i think that's much more preferable to having a binder full of inserts bought straight off the shelf.

    i won't start gushing about how much i like the look of the new grey finsbury here, anyway...


  39. @colie

    (arms outstretched, hands forming "peace" signs...)

  40. David P.-
    Why don't we start by having you share how you use your Filofax for GTD?

    About form vs. function: I do think the form is important. To like the color, design, and feel of a planner can inspire you in the planning process yet I feel their is too large of an emphasis on this (although topics like does it lie flat are very important to users). I would like to hear more about the psychology of planning which has alot to do with successful use, and implementation of planning/time management using a Filofax with proven techniques.

    The good thing about the Filofax inserts is their minimalism and flexibility. I don't feel I need to rehash the disadvantages here - we all seem to be aware of those.

  41. David P.-
    Why don't we start by having you share how you use your Filofax for GTD?

    About form vs. function: I do think the form is important. To like the color, design, and feel of a planner can inspire you in the planning process yet I feel their is too large of an emphasis on this (although topics like does it lie flat are very important to users). I would like to hear more about the psychology of planning which has alot to do with successful use, and implementation of planning/time management using a Filofax with proven techniques.

    The good thing about the Filofax inserts is their minimalism and flexibility. I don't feel I need to rehash the disadvantages here - we all seem to be aware of those.

  42. Well I've come back from a couple of days away to so many comments which I have really enjoyed reading!

    Whilst I do get enjoyment from reading about the 'harware' from Filofax, I also have some sympathy for David's point of view. I guess we have to ask ourselves just how many filofaxes we want to/can afford to buy! It is in Filofaxes interests to tempt us to buy new binders - that must be were they get the lions share of their profits - I don't suppose inserts make up a huge portion of their profits.

    I have long thought that the inserts are the poor relation and it's very frustrating to not being able to get the insert of choice in the colour of choice. I will certainly make my suggestions if Steve is going to take ideas for us.

    My overriding request is for high quality paper (preferrably in cream) that can take a fountain pen. I'd love the lined/timed 2 PPD diary for the pocket in cotton cream. I'd also love some really useful other inserts in a variety of sizes - shopping lists and time management pages. And all of this in a range of sizes. It really frustrates me that you can get so little in the way of inserts and other stationery items in A5 (for example I'l love a brown A5 ruler!).

    It's a bit like having a fountain pen - there is no point having a fantastically expensive and beautiful fountain pen if it writes badly and scratches and skips.

    In short I want my Filofax to look smart,be coordinated and make me smile when I look at it, but also to be functional and to help me have an organised life.

  43. @Alison
    Couldn't agree more. I want my Ff to look great but also WORK well for me.

    I have almost given up on A5 inserts and now largely print my own (one big reason why me and a personal don't see completely eye to eye - the paper size is so non-standard (and too small)).
    I love fountain pens and with that Ff paper was a bit more useful in that dept at times!

    I would love a day (or more) devoted to insert-discussions! (Am I sad??)

  44. Savannah, I'd be happy to if Steve, Nan and Laurie would like that, although you're not likely to get it until the middle of next week as I'm in London on Monday, on business, with back-to-back meetings

  45. I have to admit that for me the style is just as important as functionality (and supports my ethos which is why you won't catch me in stilettos EVER). I definitely enjoyed looking at the new season of Filofaxes and although I may not purchase any if I see something stunning I would add to my collection. The style and quality of Filofaxes are the reasons why I have bought into the product. I don't want to follow a set time management system. I want the flexibility to use something that works for me.
    On functionality inthink Filofax should consider making certain inserts available internationally. I could not get a day on 2 pages insert and had to order from Daytimer. That turned into a complete fiasco as after a month no inserts had arrived. When I contacted them I was told it was out of stock until end of February so obviously the website is not kept up to date. I cancelled the order as I refuse to pay full price for only 10 months of diary!
    Anyways there are other useful Filofax inserts such as the vertical week on 2 pages. I am sure that these would also be popular in the UK. Filofax should also work on producing higher quality regular inserts together with exciting new ranges of binders!!
    So to end I would like a mix of form (style) and functionality, together with the extras such as quizzes, reader questions, humorous posts etc. That and the wonderful comments is what makes Philofaxy a great blog and there is no reason why we need to choose one over the other. So a mixture of both please as although I learn from other peoples' systems in the end I am the only one who can decide what is right for me.
    PS@girlinmaths I shall do a post on todos as well as an update soon and expand upon the comments I left on the Shu Box :-)

  46. Agree with David that any design is about both form and function.
    Would like to say a massive thanks to Steve for posting this update and breaking the exciting news about all the ranges!!! Great stuff!!!

  47. I just want to say that this Philofaxy website is fantastic, I am totally addicted to reading these posts, and get so excited when we get into discussions like this, I really thought I was alone before finding this site.

    The only down side is that I haven't got a minutes worth of work done today as I have been constantly checking for new posts and reading everyones comments.

    Now not only do I have a Filofax obsession, I now have a Philofaxy addiction too. You bad people are stopping me from actually going out there and selling the Filofaxes, lol.

  48. @girlinmaths I also received a purple finchley today and mine was also damaged. Mine has 2 scuffs and 4 scratches all on the front cover of the binder. I'm so disappointed and I'll be sending mine back for an exchange. I think you should do so too while you can. You can return it now as faulty, but if you give it time and it grows, you may not be able to return later on.

    As far as the inserts go, I'm pretty happy with my filofaxes as they are. My everyday filo is used for my appiontments and things to remember, which I use a week on 2 page for. I also use the to do lists, notes pages and address pages. I have some of the pocket type inserts too, whch I'd like a couple more of. For my dietofax, I designed and printed out my own inserts, but it's an a5 so printing isn't an issue at all.

    I can see why some people with more varied/specific needs would like to see the inserts expanded more then the binders, but personally for me I'm happy the way they are

  49. LOL Craig!!

    I love the idea of having specific discussions about Filofax function.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to assist with that for awhile because I am traveling for most of the next couple of weeks. But once things settle down I would love to help with that!!

  50. Where as I agree about needing some discussion and content about the inner workings of the Filofax system I absolutely LOVE all the talk and discussion about colors, styles, sizes, pockets, zips, tab closures etc. Call me shallow,,,,,
    I guess what I'm saying is that I like a mixture of both. Too much of one would be a bit of overkill

  51. Well, David, I would say that if someone does have more than the two Filofaxes you have, it IS a hobby for them, or an art form, or or a collection at least. The blog name is Philofaxy after all, not the love of getting things done -- and from what I've seen, the "philo" doesn't seem to extend to the Filofax inserts. Look at how many Filofax users make their own inserts and tabs, or use non-FF ones, and look at how few posts on gtd or even plannerisms are really about FF inserts (often they're about how to get other companies' inserts to fit the beloved Filofax!).

    In my case, although I have over 10 Filofaxes now, for "getting things done" at work I use a single desk size DayTimer (US version of A5). Why? Because it is a true slimline (3/4" rings and flat covers), because it takes Franklin Covey and DayTimer inserts, and because I don't want to lay out a bunch of money for such a utilitarian purpose. Does it evoke the kind of feelings that my Filofaxes do? Not at all.

    But for my personal life, goals and projects, ahhhh, there's room for more -- or is that amore ;-) And that's what I come to Philofaxy for -- that feeling of something beyond just managing time, tasks, and information.

  52. Ah yes -- found it. I knew I'd read something similar to David's complaint before somewhere, and here it is, on one of those "other" websites like gtd, gsd, etc. that I also like to browse through for life-management tips:


  53. This is a really interesting topic.

    Personally, I like reading the whole range of posts and comments from the "what does a purple Finchley look like in real life?" to "how do you organise your to-do lists?

    I don't think there is anything wrong in appreciating the beauty and quality of a binder at all. Equally, getting new ideas of how to make the most of it is also very helpful.

    As for the idea of a discussion on inserts, I think thats a great idea.

  54. I absolutely agree with Petra: collecting Filofax is my "hobby"/passion/addiction (whatever you may call it), and I love to discuss colours, styles, materials and the like - as well as inserts, diaries, pens...

    To me, this blog is mostly about (the brand) "Filofax", not about time management or GTD.

  55. "I am very surprised to hear people say there is a lack of selection for inside the Filofax itself, we have a stand with over 250 different filofax inserts."

    Shepcraig - do the 250 insert you talk about cover all Filofax sizes? Do we see everything that is avalable in your store also online? If not, what is missing?

    Can we do something regarding 'homemade' inserts, like asking people what pages they make and how they make them and add them to the ones already on here? What if people could write in and 'request' people to design pages in a way that they might not have thought of?

  56. @silver
    What an excellent idea! That would be a brilliant post.
    I use lots of 'homemades' in my A5 filofax (they could probably be re-sized for personal and printed on personal-sized paper) and it would be great to see what everyone else uses!

    I think the 250 inserts in Edinburgh must be covering all the sizes (having been there... Hi Craig!). And I do think that Filofax could spend a bit more effort on market research to find out what we as users want as inserts, and a little less on the new season-new filofax range. Not abandon the new season-new filofax range, but just divert some of the energy towards inserts.

  57. Hi Everyone.
    Just a quick update.

    I'm working on a new post about GTD with your Filofax, this is just an introduction post, with some ideas and hopefully some indicators for some of you to write on this topic as guest posts.

    What I think I also need to do is to get back on to creating some more personal size templates, just personal size ones of those we have on the list already rather than even more ones. Any preferences?

    Someone asked for one of the Mac ones in PC format, but I've lost the message (possibly on Twitter) But yes I will do those as well.