26 February 2011

Same style different ring sizes?

In case you missed this in the depths of the comments of FFAF.

I wonder is anyone at FF will take notice of my latest comment on their Facebook Discussion page....
"How about going slightly retro and offer the same size/style of organiser but with different ring sizes like the Winchester was available in 2 or 3 ring sizes back in the 1980s"
A5's in thin, normal and large, Personal in slim, normal and large....

Look at the pictures of the old Winchesters with 1¼ inch rings... (32 mm approx) and lots of pages...

A thin A5 although promised has never been produced yet.


  1. Must be the ones starring in the movie "Filofax-Taking care of business"? Those were soooooo fat!
    I think I'd stay with the 23mm rings, even if bigger rings were offered. I now if I had 32mm rings, I would just stuff even more paperwork into my filo. Whereas now I have to be selective, which is actually a good thing (or so my shoulderbag would think ....).

  2. I'd love bigger rings in my Pocket. At the start of the year it's way too rammed I can barely turn the pages. Guess we'll have to wait see...

  3. This is so funny- just yesterday I was complaining that I need bigger ring sizes on my Domino Personal Filofax. I'm glad that you mentioned that they used to have ring size options in the past, maybe I can find one on ebay or something!


  4. Again, with the A5 slim, they brought out the Adelphi in a slimline and it has very very low sales. I think to make one even thinner then that would make it unfunctional.

  5. Yes I know they did Craig, but then they put quite a fat cover on it with pockets so it was just as thick overall as any other A5... which is why it didn't sell. IMO

  6. I agree, I saw the Adelphi "slimline" A5 and despite the smaller ring size, the big gusseted pocket inside the front cover and the notepad in the back prevented it from actually being slimline.

    Lots of us here at Philofaxy (myself included) have been begging for a truly slimline A5 for years. I think it would solve the "pages too small/ book too big" problem.

  7. Just spotted this. I've recently exchanged emails with Filofax on this subject. Here's my email and their reply...

    "I've been a loyal Filofax user for many years, currently using Time Management pages in an A5 Kendal binder. Like many, I now use a PDA/iPhone for much data, but still like to maintain an overview and business planning/ data on A5 paper. However, the 30mm ringed binder is now far too much to lug around and, as a left-hander, a daily struggle to work around those fat rings!

    You used to do a 19mm A5 Executive model - I've hunted high and low in vain for any old stock. I had hoped when you introduced the 20mm A5 Adelphi, you would do something similar for guys, but, alas no! The "haute couture" Adelphi in red is just not for me!

    So, to stop many of us abandoning Filofax(and please don't suggest me going to a smaller size paper one, or Flex), why don't you produce a slim (max. 20mm rings) A5 model for men?

    Given the lead times for manufacture (even if you did produce a new slim A5), is there, in the meantime, any chance of me being able to PURCHASE a 20mm Adelphi binder ring. With just two rivets holding the ring, I can easily loosen these on my Kendal and replace the 30mm ring unit with a 20mm one (at my own risk, of course!). I could also let you know how I get on and any problems encountered using an A5 with such slim rings"


    "Thank you for your email and feedback regarding an A5 Slim organiser. Unfortunately we do not have ring mechanisms here, as all our products are manufactured overseas.

    I will forward your comments on to our Product development team for future consideration however the range has bee selected for this year.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us and relay your ideas."

  8. Tim
    Thanks for your feedback. I have a slimline Malden A5 with 25 mm rings.. but this was a mistake rather than by design!!

    The reply you have received from Filofax seems to be a fairly typical reply. I have also submitted suggestions to them in the past and received similar replies.

    Most A5's are in fact 25 mm, with only a few being 30 mm. Take a look at

    for a list of the different sizes available.

  9. A Compact or Slimline A5 would be an excellent idea!

    1. Cruz, the Boston and Luxe A5 binders are compact, you can see my review of the Boston compared to an A5 Finsbury here:



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