05 March 2011

Russian website: "My Filofax"

Many thanks to colie for sending me this link to a Russian website called "My Filofax":


On their "rubber fashion" page there is a great photo of the new Apex Filofax line coming out soon:


***Photo from www.myfilofax.ru

And there is an entire Filofax section of the website too:


At this point I think I've forgotten more Russian than I learned to begin with, so I can't translate it for you.  BUT, I did notice there is a new shop in Moscow called "Predlog" that has an amazing selection of Filofax binders and accessories, an entire wall of Moleskine products, and who knows what else in there!


WHY didn't this shop exist when I lived there?!?!


  1. I don't know... expats can't view Filofax UK on Facebook, so we end up looking at a Russian site instead... 'I don't believe it'

    Yours sincerely
    Victor Meldrew
    22 Arcadia Avenue

  2. Thanks, Steve! Hooray for Google Translate-I was never brave enough to to learn Russian...

  3. I went to the filofax store in Camden London for the FIRST TIME yesterday and they are already selling some of the new items like this one and the the new grey Finsbury (which I bought in a pocket size and I LOVE) and they said more and more are going to be coming! I was thrilled and wanted to buy more if I wasn't in a rush (probably a good thing for my budget)

  4. Жаль что у нас в России нет многих моделей Filofax, которые я обожаю(((

  5. Njuton: Thanks for your comment, may be this year will see an increase in the number of models available in Russia as there appears to be most of the new ones shown in this post.


  6. Can't see any of the pics you posted with this blog. So I went to the linked pages, but - no luck: none of my computers will open them ....
    Another restriction issue?

  7. @Jotje
    (tongue in cheek)
    Maybe the US doesn't want you seeing Communist Filofaxes?

  8. Jotje:

    I'm seeing the pictures ok. They are linked from the .ru site.

    May be a restriction on your PC or your ISP?


  9. @jotje i am in the US and i can see them with no issues.

  10. I guess my PC was teaming up with my wallet and just reluctant to let me view more filofaxes. Because a few hours after I wrote this, I can see the pics all of a sudden!?

  11. Hi, I'm glad you've found our Russian site :) The shops are not in Moscow though, we are official distributors and we are based in St Petersburg. If you like some of translations, I could be of help. I'll comment in facebook, too. So you'll see my name.