28 March 2011

London Meet Up - Snippets

So much happened on Saturday it's impossible to remember everything straight away. But as it has come back to me I have be adding to this post so I hope I have captured some more of the great things of the day.

So in no particular order.....

Adam showed us his A5 Filofax, which he is using the Filofax Time Manager pages in, these are a page per day with additional boxes on them. He's promised to do a more complete post for us to see how he really uses it to the full, but here's a quick snapshot of it up close.

You might recall that this diary got a lot of attention at the November meet up as well... no secrets at these events!!

Sharon and I noticed that Neal Street also stock some of the inserts that we have noticed that are only available on the France site. For instance this one we saw yesterday.  Sharon also pointed out to me some tabbed monthly inserts although I can't find these on line (anyone?) I should have taken a photo of them! Although these ones are similar but not the same as we saw. They had tabs that stuck out at the side like an index, but were coloured not plain.

Neal Street also stock some organisers/colours that you will not see in the UK catalogue or on the UK site... so check with the store if there is something you like elsewhere before you order abroad and have to pay international postage on an item that might be available in the London stores. If they don't have it in stock they might be able to get it for you. The staff there are just so helpful I can't praise them enough. Give them a call on : 0207 836 1977

Someone (may be Lucy?) passed around their Pilot Frixion erasable roller ball pens for us to try out and yes they are amazing, write with them, then rub out the writing with the end cap, it really is very effective. I will be ordering some soon!

There is no brightness or volume control on my yellow sweater! Yes it is as bright as it looks in the photo's... not very baby friendly or tomato ketchup friendly... but it's very soft wool! Thanks to Kyla for this photo.

Thank you to Tommes for making the trek from Bonn in Germany (about 600 km) to be with us on Saturday and for the highlighter pencils which work just great.

As you may have seen on the news, there was a lot of problems after the main march ended yesterday, but I think we all managed to get out of London via our respective stations just in time before the major problems started in and around Trafalgar Square, a close call indeed.

Blog posts about the day.....
Again thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday, it was a very enjoyable day and I'm certainly looking forward to the next one. 

Look out for future meet ups......


  1. Adam
    What kind is your black A5? It looks like a cuban? Gorgeous! Love how every surface of the pages are filled. Great photo!

  2. woah! do those Filofax Time Manager pages come for personal. i would invest.

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  4. Steve, the monthly tabbed items, were plain, not coloured.

    Great post again, thank you!

  5. Cult Pens - http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Pilot-Frixion-Pens.html

    Have a fantastic range of colours in the 0.7 nib and I fairly good range in the 0.5nib which is the one I prefer to use for diary use, as alot thinner!

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  7. I'm so jealous - will just have to make sure I can come to the next one!

    I find it incomprehensible why Filofax can't put their full range on line - I could understand it if they had a lot of outlets, but all the ones local to me that used to stock filofax now have very little. I would have thought putting it online would have been an easy option and think of all the sales they are missing!

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  9. I agree with Sharon in promoting the Frixion pens. They are just great, work a treat and come in such gorgeous colurs. I personally prefer the 0.7 to write with, as I prefer thicker pen nibs and ink flow. Strange how we all have such different preferences!!! Sharon's crafting Filofax was amazing, as was Fiona's quilting Filofax.Such talented and gifted people.

  10. Yes there were some great Filofaxes on display. Butanben's mini was so cute, loved Jess's pink finsbury- that thing is a workhorse. And I could not put down Loulou's pocket Deco either. And well I will need to steal the crafty Filofaxes too, not because I can knit, I can't but so I can leaf through the filos. I can't wait for Adam's post.

    I love the Frixions so much they came with me to Trinidad ;-)

    And Steve the yellow was very fetching. You and Thomas were rather stylish with your jumpers. Now which of you is brave enough to wear fuchsia pink

  11. I think I'm going to make my own version of the Time Manager for my new A5 domino, for my uni work!!

  12. @kateb
    If you use A5, then a) check out the files on here for a version you could use/amend; b) check out DIY planner (links on the files page) for files you can use/amend and c) if you use Outlook, they have a number of options for printing your schedule - weekly/daily/2 days per page etc...
    Hope some of that's useful.

  13. Ah, CP. Glad you loved my mini zipped Finsbury as much as I do.It was a real steal of a bargain for £14 in TK Maxx at Christmas time...best time to go there for Filofaxes!!!

  14. Looks like a fab meet-up. Really enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures. Waiting for more reports on the Malden Vintage Rose (may purchase and swap for my ochre). Off to check out those erasable pens too... lots of inspiration.

  15. @Erin, My black A5 is the Filofax Classic (formerly the Cross). Ah yes, most days seems to be entirely filled with lunches, dinners and events..whoops! Thanks :)

  16. @Colie - I don't think those inserts come in personal - I've asked the same question. I wish they did though, I'd be all over that.


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