08 March 2011

Skype Round-Table Chats

Firstly, thank you to everyone who joined in on Sunday. I was fearing the worse with the new version of Skype for Mac, but in the end it all worked without the headaches I was expecting! I got the usual 'ribbing' for not being able to chat and type at the same time... but I'm getting used to that!!! ;-)

So if you have never taken part in one of our 'Round-Tables' then you should give it a try. Generally there is a voice chat and text chat both happening at the same time. So if you can't come up on voice or you prefer to just type then you can, there's no problem with that.  Both streams happen in parallel, but the topics and participants are independent.  It is also possible to log in to the voice chat and just listen if you don't have a microphone!

Generally we chat about Filofax stuff, but it's very much an open house to discuss anything and mainly to get to know each other better, and also to relax and enjoy chatting with people you have seen comment on the blog. This week we discussed a variety of topics some in great depth, others we breezed over a bit! As usual a popular topic was the new range of organisers coming out this year, colours, styles and the like. We also discussed the forthcoming London Meet Up 'What are you bringing?' etc.

I really enjoy the chats because I get a lot of great feedback and it generally sparks off ideas for posts on the blog. I sometimes get to explain in more detail something I have written on the blog, but wording it differently so it's better understood.

I will put out the usual announcement on the blog about the next chat. But to give you advanced warning the next one will be on April 10th. Normally they are the first Sunday of each month. But I will still be in UK on 3rd April so I won't be able to host the chat, so it will be best delayed a week and I will then be back here in France that week.

We have tried to set the time at 5pm GMT to try and attract the most people, this equates to about mid-day on the East Coast of the US, and 6pm in Europe. Would moving the time forward or backward a couple of hours help more people join in? Please post a comment and we will see if we can come to some common preferred time. Our chats tend to last about 1.5 - 2 hours, although you don't have to stay the whole time.

Thanks for your feedback

1 comment:

  1. Sundays are generally difficult for me to join, but if it were at 7pm (European Time) I would be better able to join. Or really early like 3 pm.

    I'm jealous of all of you joining the meeting on the 26th! I'd loved to break my back by bringing all kinds of filos with me LOL

    Maybe we could have pics of the various (insides of) Filofaxes as well? Then, when we have questions, we could ask them here. That way us pitiful stay-at-homers could get some inspiration as well ...


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