28 March 2011

London Meet Up - Further Posts... Updated

So people are getting their breath back after Saturday and they have found time to sit down and write a few words about their experiences of the meet up.
Also from Tommes S a photo of his new Mini Malden.....

Thank you also to Jane for sending me some additional photos of the gathering at Tate Modern. Before anyone asks... the menus there aren't in Filofax Organisers, it just looks like they are, because nearly everyone has an organiser in front of them in nearly all of our photos!!!.



  1. Ooohhhhh that Mulberry. I am dreaming about it. Already told DH we are stopping off at Bicester Village outlet when next we visit his family. It has improved a lot in the 4 years since I lived in the town ;-)

    I wonder if Mulberry does Filofaxes? Yum!

  2. CP... I would have thought you would have seen these already???


    Agendas, Planners and Notebooks...

    Expensive though...

  3. Do we know if the Mulberry planner inserts fit the A5? They do an A5 size but not sure about the hole positions. Could be a better bet than the Day Timer ones I was looking at if they do fit as I'm not keen on too many holes!

  4. Alison, I think they might be different in the same way that QV is different to Filofax, but I think I know someone who might know I will contact them and ask.


  5. Bye the way - last time you went to the Filofax shop after a meetup they gave away some goodies to those who purchased - did they do the same this time?

  6. I was given a couple of complementary packs of refills for the two purchases I made, but nothing too expensive, just some samples if you like.

  7. @Steve - thanks regarding the Mulberry - will look forward to finding out.

  8. Alison, was browsing E. Bay UK over my lunch snadwich break and saw some brand new Mulberry planners for sale. Very reasonable prices... although of course I am a Filofax devotee!!!

  9. @Butenben - how naughty are you? Fancy leading me astray like this! I probably can't afford one, but I can't help looking!

  10. @ Steve oh no they aren't pretty enough for me! I guess I will stick with my Deco :-)

  11. Yes they are jolly expensive considering how boring they look.

    There is also Aspinal of London that make organisers but again info on those is even more sparing.

    I like my Malden...

  12. Alison
    The Mulberry organisers use a very different hole spacing to Filofax across their whole range.

    Because it is so different I'm going to do a post about it so the details are recorded and you can see the difference between Filofax and Mulberry in terms of paper size and hole spacing.

    So if you have a Mulberry binder you would have to repunch all of your Filofax pages, but I haven't seen if they do a punch for their spacing.

    If you want to use Mulberry inserts in a Filofax A5 you will have to repunch them with a Filofax A5 punch, it might look a little messy, I'm not sure yet of the relationship between the two sets of holes I will try and draw it up to show you the difference in my post about the two.

    Clearly if you want to use the Mulberry inserts they want you to go the whole hog and buy one of their binders as well....


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