20 March 2011

Web Finds 20 March 2011

So a quick dash around the internet....
Additionally Imogen has been busy doing some Filofax Video's



    1. Love Imysworld!! Did you see her comparison of A5 and Personal? She also did 2 videos on the Cuban A5 zip a while back that she was using at the time. Excellent videos!
      Her comparison video was in response to a conversation on You Tube that she and I had..I did a video about my Personal Domino being too small, and wanting to upsize to an A5.
      Thanks for posting this video though, she's awesome!

    2. I enjoyed your video blog Imy!! Love all your stationery stuff!! Take care of that cold xx.

    3. Really enjoyed your video. Yay for Amazona's lying flat. :-)

    4. Ooops, I mean laying flat. :P

    5. thank you all very much :)

      I love to do vidoes about filofaxes and stationery, maybe there is a job i could do that covers both thoes grounds lol :) xxx

    6. Great video! Just recently found this blog and there is so much useful information on it!


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