15 March 2011

Free For All Tuesday No 6

So what questions do you have for us this week?


  1. why do people like the winchesters SO much?


    what in the world did i do before i learned about this blog? no seriously...what did i do?

  2. I think the appeal of the Winchester is their great craftmanschip. They are so well-built that even time cannot break them. This was truly an organiser to last a lifetime!

    No idea what you did before this blog. Couldn't answer that even for myself!

  3. As a very recent switcher from Personal to the Pocket size (new Malden, yay!), I looked around for alternative refills but had a very hard time finding anything? Am I missing something or are Pocket users pretty much stuck with whatever FF puts out?

  4. Add me to the club of "What did I do before this blog" lol Totally hooked, its one of my most recent checked sites now!
    In fact, I don't know what I did before Filofax altogether, I feel lost without it now if I ever leave it at home.

  5. Is it just me? Or do other people feel slightly non-plused when they do a little job that needed doing, but it wasn't on your to-do list.. there's no thrill of ticking it off when you finish it..

    I almost want to add it to my 'This Week' list so I can tick it off and then have the satisfaction of seeing another task completed at the end of the week....

    It's just me I suppose!!!!

  6. Steve I do that! When I do something that wasn't on my list, I write it in today's space and check it off. Partly because of the satisfaction, but mostly because I have such a faulty memory I need to have the record of what I did and when.

  7. I have a question: somewhere along the line, when discussing new offerings for the spring, someone mentioned a binder whose ring size would be between the slimline and the personal. I have tried to search the blog but am not finding it. Any insights? And does anyone know if this binder will be available in the US?

  8. Steve & Laurie - I have done the same thing as well. I always chalked it up to my type-A, slightly OCD personality, maybe it's a list-lover's thing.

  9. @Steve I do that too, done it just today in fact. I have a lousey memory so if I don't add something on to my to do lists, not only does it irritate me, but I might forget if I ever did it.

  10. Another one adding completed Todo's!

    Kanalt the new size is called Compact, it has 15 mm rings. I'm quite interested in the size, though not so much in the design they come in ...
    You can find it on Steve's initial post about the new design. If you click on the screendumps, you'll find Compact in the list on the left.

    Actually, France has been offering the Compact (the Luxe) for quite a while and still does!

  11. Thanks Jotje. I don't know why I couldn't find it before.

  12. I too have been interested in the Compact size anxiously waiting to see the new line. I hope there is more than just the Luxe, it is so uninspiring, boring even. I would like an Amazona compact, pity I can’t just send my slimline filofax to be 'mended' and have the larger size rings fitted.

    I also write in completed tasks on my ‘to do’ lists though have never told anyone before because I thought it was somehow cheating or something. Though as Laurie and Annie said it needs to be written down so you can remember doing it. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

    @JulieG I have struggled with the dilemma of which size filofax to use and have a collection in both sizes. Though at the moment my all time favourite would have to be my slimline Amazona. It is also this indecisiveness that attracts me to the compact size.

  13. JuliaG- I am using the Kate Spade planner refill in my pocket Filo this year. It's more expensive than Filofax refills but I got it half off. It's slightly more narrow paper but it fits fine. The paper is better quality IMO and I can use my fountain pens without bleedthrough. Hope that helps a little.

  14. JuliaG --> i too am currently in the process of transitioning from personal malden to pocket malden. i am actually sitting here with cream 2 dpw, week pp and 2dpw trying to figure out which will work better for me. i really liked my personal setup (todos on one side and wpp on the other) but with the pocket i kinda want a little more room to write some stuff in the days. the cream week on 2 pps seems like the best fit but i can't fit all my todos on the THIS WEEK section. i do realize that i repeat a lot of todos since there are certain things i really want to try to emphasize in my brain as i seem to have selective vision and see only what i want - even if something's right there in front of me i might not 'read' it. but yeah, i'm wondering about davanci refills - they come in pocket but it doesn't seem like the same size. there's gotta be something. i'm gonna continue looking and will report whatever i find

    and yeah, i also write in todos formerly not on the list but then accomplished. of course heh heh

  15. I am guilty of the to-do list after-the-fact action as well! I tried living without endless lists and records. That was ugly. This idea sounds like a future survey question...

    My question today: why is the flexibility and personalization that draws me (us) to Filofax the very thing that flummoxes me (us)?

    I debate with myself over size. And style. And price. Then there are the inserts and the accessories...the wanting of UK Filos that make to to the US months from now if at all...

    Maybe I am just Filo-crazy. However, I do love my go-to personal Malden and its set-up...for now. ;)

  16. This may be addressed already, but is there a cheaper hole punch available than the official FiloFax one? I live in the US and have a personal size Filo. I have seen a few hole punches around the web but without using it personally I cannot tell whether the hole spacing and size are correct. Thanks!

  17. @JuliaG. Since you're living in Germany, here are a few suggestions:
    Check out www.beiz.de (also represented on ebay.de btw):

    *Chronoplan Mini = FF Pocket
    (Chronoplan Midi = FF Personal)
    *bsb Opbacher A7 = FF Pocket
    (bsb Op A6 = FF Personal)
    *Rido Idé A7 = FF Pocket (with a very nice 1DPP layout)
    * Brunnen A7
    * Herlitz A7

    Paper sizes may be off by a few mm, but the rings fit.

  18. For those with pocket size in the U.S., several companies used to carry the 3x5 size punched the same as FF pocket -- now not many do. If you have a Brighton store nearby, you can ask if they have that size refill -- it fits the FF pocket and is quite nice, but only monthly and wo2p, though both in the same pack. Also check calenderrefill.com, I think they call it their mini size but it fits FF pocket. Maybe PlanAhead (someone said they found one that size in a CVS store).

  19. Oh, and then there's always diyplanner.com (that's what I did before I found Philofaxy!).

  20. @JuliaG and SNARling: forgot the most important question: why downsizing to Pocket?

    @Saffy: the luxe is actually an old model, that was apparently only sold in France.
    The new ones will be Osterley and Regency only (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JuUkMknRh6w/TVRfVb2yooI/AAAAAAAAI7E/oIfz2jgZyi8/s1600/Filofax+3+001.jpg)
    The Plum Osterley "could" be nice, but that would depend on the leather it's made of.

    Would have loved a totally unexpensive compact Metropol. Small investment and good for trying out the compact size. Seems a bit over the top to invest at least 129 GBP (Osterley) for a size, that I might not like after all once I've tried it ...

  21. SP take a look at this post on this blog.


    Or for other punch posts! See this link:


  22. i do not know how many of you live in nyc but if you do here is the rundown of who has filofax on sale at the moment...

    +Paper Presentation 23 W 18th st sale on dominos and a few other models.
    +A.I. Friedman 44 W 18th st wide selection of models but nothing on sale
    +Kate's Paperie 72 Spring St wide selection of models on sale including dominos, finchleys, finsburys plus kate spade models at 30% off
    +Sam Flax 900 Third Ave none on sale but so many models including ones that are discontinued. will send pics later
    +Lee's Art Shop 220 W 57th St lots of models and sizes on sale for 30% off or more.
    +Westside Stationers 2815 Broadway refills and planners 25% off
    +The Daily Planner 43 W 33rd St okay selection of planners BUT they are 40-70% off. the refills are also 40-70% off. check out their site http://www.thedailyplanner.com/planners-datebooks-bsaleb-filofax-c-115_103.html

  23. just posting this again

    The Daily Planner has an okay selection of planners BUT they are 40-70% off. the refills are also 40-70% off. check out their site


    also good news. i found a yellow piccadilly personal filofax on ebay. waiting for delivery! i am still looking for a personal green piccadilly but am excited to see this yellow one in real life!

  24. I love the A5 format (print&punch-style) - but really miss a A6 paper format in the Filofax-lineup...
    Am I really the only one?
    - Honestly, have been looking at FC's compact as an alternative...ups...now I am in trouble...

    And do you need the print-to-file-software to go with the pre-punched and perforated computer paper e.g. for the personal or pocket size?

  25. skhen I agree the flexibility of Filofax leads to a lot of self-struggle while figuring out what works best. That is what's so great about it, there's so much choice and customization. But it can lead to a lot of angst about it.

    BUT, it's not as if everybody in the bound-book world has it figured out. (I'm a prime example of bound-planner angst!) There's all the same size and format issues but with less flexibility to make your current system work for you (with different inserts in the same binder etc.) You have to either limp along with it or abandon it altogether.

    I know it's hard to find the perfect Filofax solution, but don't think the grass is greener on the bound-planner side. It ain't! ;)

  26. jotje --> i am downsizing so i can carry it everywhere. i love the personal and everything fits just fine it's just a little too heavy especially since i still have to carry stuff for the 3-year old as well. and then of course, everything fits just fine in the pocket too (except for the checkbook but i don't really need it when i'm out)... so it's the classic size issue. i decided that i will just go back and forth when i get sick of current size as i have the black malden in both personal and pocket and i'm psyched that i'm not really jonesing for another right now

  27. Don't want to lead anyone into temptation, but there is a sale "occasion" going on Filofax's Italian website.

  28. @Jotje: my reason for switching from Personal to Pocket is basically the same as SNARLing's: more portability.
    Sometimes my Personal Finchley is just a bit too large and heavy to cart around -- especially for a weekend trip when just my backup is coming along, stuffed to the max. I also realized that I have more space in the Personal than I actually seem to need. Before discovering the FF world, I was quite content for several years (I think 4 without changing! Record!) in a row using the same planner (A6 Terminer by Heye). While I love my Finchley, I always thought it was a bit big and never felt quite 'at home' with it. I have the feeling that the Pocket Malden will suit me much better -- at least according to my vast experience so far of about 2 days. ;-)

    And thanks for the refill suggestions! I'm not 100% sure if I'll stick with the standard FF 2ppw.

  29. WHSmith has Filofax sale on at the moment for any UK people who might have missed it! I spent a small fortune this morning! X

  30. @Jotje - thanks I didn't realise the Luxe was an old model. You are right, the plum Osterley looks very nice, like a re-vamped version of the Amazona. That could be one to look out. The Regency looks just as dull as the Luxe. And I agree, a more affordable compact would be great so that a possible expensive mistake can be avoided.

  31. Best Filofax Store in London???

    I visiting London in May and are wondering which store has the best selection of Filos and accessories??

  32. S.A. - not a good idea mentioning the sale on the italian site. There is also a sale on the french site, which I had to check out and now I sent my sister a message to place a few orders for me. hmmm

  33. Hi SP,

    I am also in the US. I got my punch from Montgomery Pens- it is the Filo punch, but it was only $32. Plus there was free shipping and it got to me in just a few days! I can definitely vouch for their service.

    Here's the link:


    P.s. I am not affiliated with them- just experienced fast shipping and a Filofax product I knew would last!

  34. SP, sorry I didn't see your hole punch question earlier. I have the Franklin Covey compact size punch and it works great for personal size. Sign up for their e-mail updates and you get 15% off coupon, the normal price is $24.95, with free shipping on orders over $60 right now. It is a lot sturdier punch than my FF punches (I have those too in pocket and A5, off eBay). You can add some compact index dividers to your order and cut off the 1/2" with holes and repunch to match FF personal exactly :-)

  35. DanishGTD I've only been to the Filofax store in Neal Street near Covent Garden, but I would definitely recommend them as the staff in there really know the product range and they carry the full range, which considering the size of the store is quite surprising.

  36. Thanks for all the input!

    Steve-I contacted the company that makes the Rapesco Diary Punch 66p and unfortunately it is not available in the US and US eBay didn't have any either.

    Petra-Thanks for your advice. I ordered the FC hole punch. If you use the code 75063 you get 20% off your purchase and $10 off a new binder. It came out to roughly $27 after shipping.

  37. Steve, thanks. Can´t wait to begin the process of researching which Filo I should get when I visit London.
    Hmm, A5 or Personal???

  38. i love filofaxes but i dont know if the domino is right for me is my first one

  39. I have a beautiful Filofax Director case and would like to get some refills for it. Is this possible or is there a 9 hole punch? I really like this size.

    Thanks Jim

    1. Hi Jim
      I will be doing a review of a suitable punch in a few weeks time. I will email you later anyway.


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