28 March 2011

Time Management with your Filofax

So enough about shiny new Filofax organisers and people being happy and smiling.. it's time to get back to the serious stuff!!! OK well just for a few minutes ok...

Thanks to Colie for spotting these posts from back in 2007. I thought it was worth pulling them from your comment and putting them in to a normal post so they are easier to find in the future.
I've sent David Mackay an email to ask if he will be writing any more articles, sadly the last post on his blog was in August 2008. I will let you know if I hear back from him. 


  1. Useful snippet here I thought was in your to do list, put action verbs in capitals. Simple but oh so effective idea, which I shall be copying!!

  2. PS @Adam Ratani, a weeny thought to share, noticing your post its..... I gave up on post its because they kept falling out of notebooks, Filofaxes etc. BUT the new super sticky post its a)are in fabulous new designs and b)keep stuck in your notebooks.They are heaps better!!!! Have you tried them??? Worth a go.

  3. GTD = Getting Things Done. It's a time-management system devised (adapted) by David Allen.
    Personally, I find it a bit too much for my (pretty simple) life and prefer the Zen to Done version (http://zenhabits.net/zen-to-done-ztd-the-ultimate-simple-productivity-system/) which works well with a filofax.


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