27 March 2011

London Purchases [Updated]

So I suppose you are wondering... what was in the white Filofax carrier bags... nothing they were just posed like that for show...   so partners.. you don't have to read any more of this blog post.. it's all just padding and about stuff that will not interest you...

So I started off with my shopping list.. not a very long list but some 'essential supplies' that were not worth ordering on the net and paying silly amounts for postage. Also I wasn't in a big rush for them.

  • A Mini Filofax Pencil, for my Mini or Pocket Filofax, I have the matching Mini Pen already and I like it's chunky heavy styling, the cross milling on the barrel make it very easy to grip to. 
  • A Mini Today marker, for my Mini Finchley
  • A Pocket Underground Map, got one already for my Mini, but not for the Pocket!
  • And a value pack (100 sheets) of plain Personal size paper, these are great value for money and I will be using these for printing my own Personal inserts. 
So that was it really... or was it.....

Oh what is this then Steve????

Just another Filofax box... haven't you seen a few of those before?

Look it even has tissue paper... now partners... please look away now.....

Oh look what have we here then... cough cough.. who put that in there??? [It's ok I have a receipt for it....]

So do you like it? Filofax A5 Malden in Grey leather, I saw the other sizes in the shop and just asked.. do you have it in A5.

To which the lady said 'Yes in our cupboard here, it's not on sale anywhere else, nor is it in the UK catalogue...'

Once the lid was off it was love at first sight.. my attempts to resist buying this could be measured in milliseconds. I tried to look calm and pretend to think about it, but as they say 'resistance is futile' 

Standard Week on Two Pages insert for 2011, similar in layout to the one I'm using in my A4 Classic.

'Lays flat right out of the box... ' the leather is just so supple.

The colour is quite a neutral grey. I will have to 'pose' it for some more photos in proper daylight rather than flash. I've tried tuning the pictures a little this morning.

Now you have to help me out here... 'What are you going to use it for then Steve?' I knew that question was coming...

It's a birthday present.... of course. Was that a good enough answer... no... I thought not...

So what was in the other white Filofax carrier bags.... I'm sure we will find out in the fullness of time...

[Update] I got Mr Malden to agree to some more photos this morning. All I have done is crop these ones taken in a very light room indoors, the room has a high ceiling with skylights and big patio windows so lots of light.

As you can see in one of the the grey still looks black. But it's a trick of the light not a fault with the organiser.

The colour of your Filofax I know is so important to a lot of you and I know a few were disappointed when they saw the Vintage Rose Malden, it looked different to the catalogue or web pictures. I think it's down to lighting when the photos are taken a small change can alter the tone of the colour slightly, shiny surfaces are difficult to photograph no matter what the subject is. Matt Vintage Rose Filofax anyone?


  1. if someone gave me that in vintage pink i would be a VERY happy girl! love the blog xx

  2. An A5 Grey Malden? Wow! It's really beautiful!!! I wish you all the luck with it and fatten that handsome filo! (My A5 for work with it's day per page Businesss is as precious to me as my pocket for personal life)! I would never go beyond one file if it wasn't for Philofaxy!

  3. @Katebernasoni They had them there in Vintage Pink, but it's not quite my colour really. I liked the grey more, even more than the Ochre.

  4. Ah Steve!!! Thought this would be THE ONE somehow!!! Enjoy.
    I am smitten with the personal Deco in black, but will have to wait until my dreamboat job comes up before I celebrate with that purchase!!! Thanks for your chat about interviews by the way. I appreciated that.

  5. @katebernasconi- in real life, the vintage pink is a slightly different shade to the online pictures.Deceptive really.
    Better to see in the flesh perhaps before purchasing!!! I had my heart set on it, and ideally wanted to save up for one eventually, but when I saw it up close, did not like it anywhere near as much. You may decide differently though, as we all have different loves and tastes. Loved it in the catalogue, so shows that you have to buy having seen the product really.

  6. @Butanben I would love the opportunity to gaze and hold (is fondle more appropriate?!) the products before buying them. I love the Finsbury in Pocket size, but only like it in Personal and A5.I know, blasphemy. I trust the readers of this blog and their informed opinions to guide me somewhat. I fear the damage I could do within the store in London...

    @Steve Quite a lovely birthday present, Steve! Vintage Pink not your color? Imagine that! ;)

    I look forward to additional posts of items from the supposedly empty shopping bags. I don't believe your fib for one New York minute.

  7. Holee Molee that is gorgeous!! I think I wants me one...no matter that I just bought a personal size Cuban Zip that I adore...

  8. Really nice looking Steve. Of the current lineup, I like the Cuban and the Malden the best. Curious about the pen and pencil. Do they hold up well, and gan you get a fine point for the pen?

    Hope you enjoy using both of your new items.

  9. Wow Steve that gray Malden is gorgeous!! Congratulations to your new addition to your lineup! :)

  10. It definitely makes a difference to see something before buying rather than buying blind or from a picture.

    I think it was last week that I commented the compact Luxe was rather dull, boring and uninspiring. However, after seeing it in the shop the red Luxe is now a contender for my compact purchase. I am going to wait until I see the Osterley before making up my mind but it is out of the two of them now.

  11. Hi Steve!
    I am so jealous! I am lusting after one of the A5 Maldens and the gray is gorgeous!! i wish I'd known as I could have sent you some money to purchase me one with. Will they be having them on their UK website in the future? Congrats on your new addition.

  12. Erin, I didn't know it existed until I asked in the shop. I wasn't even sure what I was going to buy on the day apart from the initial shopping list!!

  13. I've tuned some of the photos this morning, the Malden looked too black in the initial shots I took late last night.

    I will do some in natural light later this morning. Shiney grey leather is quite difficult to photograph.

  14. I was so excited to re-setup my Filofax on Saturday night I forgot to take pictures of what I bought! LOL! Will have to just link it when I do the post!

    Steve, was it really millisecond you waited, I thought it was even quicker than that! LOL! It truly is beautiful!

  15. The grey Malden is beautiful!!! I almost feel like pretending I am getting it for DH but he won't buy that! Haha. Unfortunately like Butanben said the pink is disappointing. Something about it felt pepto bismol like. Someone said it was too creamy. It just did not set my heart on fire!

    Excellent birthday present Steve.

  16. I must be the only person on the planet that doesn't like the colour grey! Really cuts down my enjoyment of the new models and many of them appear to be grey. Oh well - I've got enought to be going on with.

  17. @Alison, there is grey gorgeous and there is grey,as in dull and living up to its name.Steve's new grey Malden is most certainly in the grey gorgeous category here.CP I roared with laughter at the Pepto Bismol comment. You are so right.That's what I felt.Didn't match the photograph at all.

  18. @skhen- gosh real damage could be done in that shop,you are right!!! Good job I was not hankering after a new Filofax and have to look after my pennies a bit!!!Lovely to feel them and to window shop though.A heavenly shop though, and in Covent Garden- perfect venue.

  19. Steve, you are killing me! That Filo is beautiful- it would be a perfect upgrade to my slate domino, don't you think?!

    For me, like many others, it is tough to not have the ability to see/feel/touch/smell our Filos before we purchase. Thanks to all of you who post about true colors and such on the binders- you have no idea how much it helps!

    Looks like the grey and black Maldens are the top contenders for my next purchase. I thought the vintage rose could be pretty, but I guess not from the sounds of it here!

    Congrats on the new addition, Steve!

  20. @Alison
    No, I don't really fancy grey either... It would have to be something really outstanding to make me want grey. That said, I haven't seen the grey Malden - maybe it would be nice.
    @CP - pepto-bismol??? Fabulous description! (You should write names for paint charts!) :-)

  21. @CP love that colour description. I had to Google it:


    Yep that looks about right!!

  22. LOVE your new Malden. I love the grey but am holding out for the vintage rose (or maybe not judging by all your comments!!!). Heading to London the 1st week in May so will check it out in person before buying.

    Congratulations on your new purchase and have fun setting it up.... always a fun part of the process.

  23. I'm laughing my socks off.... my dear wife fell for this post.. she only read the first part of the post and didn't scroll beyond the first part of the post which finishes at the gap before the Malden!!!

    But when she saw the pictures... Alison didn't complain...

  24. Well, Pepto Bismol is pretty vintagey stuff, after all ;-) I remember when a friend had a stomach ache on a beach trip and in the semi-dark, my mom managed to give her the Caladryl instead -- similar colors, ya know. Glad I don't go for pink in any incarnation...

  25. hehehe. when you see the vintage rose in reality you will see what I mean! ;-)
    Shame as I really wanted to like it. But did I get a filofax purchase???? Hmmmmm......

  26. Mrs M has forgiven me for my crafty deception, I don't think I will get away with that again!!

    I love the colour, my late father had a two tone grey Austin Cambridge when I was a kid and it had huge leather seats and the Malden reminds me so much of that era back in the late 1960's I suppose..

    Why it's not included in the catalogue I just don't know. May be they are secretly watching this post and seeing the reaction...


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