15 March 2011

Filofax Inserts at Maudie Made

We often receive emails from people wishing to 'advertise' on our blog, 99% of them totally unsuited, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this particular email last night.

I replied and asked Maudie to tell us abit about themselves and their products.

I am currently studying to be a book conservator and have always had a love of stationery and paper. I think I got my first organiser about 11 years ago, which was a mini WHSmith Filofax imitation, which was great and really small - I was immediately hooked! A few years later I upgraded to a Mini Finsbury Tan Filofax, which still remains my favourite and has a good worn look to it!

When I moved onto a Filofax, I quickly became disappointed with the lack of colourful and interesting inserts available for the mini Filofaxes in comparison to other sizes, specifically I was after colour - colourful dividers and colourful squared paper (there's nothing quite like squared paper!), which was annoyingly hard to find if it existed at all - so I thought I would make my own - and Maudie Stationery was born.

My mum has a pocket filofax, so naturally I started making pocket sized inserts for her, and then moved onto the personal size as I started using a Personal Slimline Fliofax. I have also dabbled in the covers, but have not had much luck finding the snap opening systems, so they remain ring binders with fun fabric covers.

I found people seemed quite keen on my stationery so attended a couple of fairs, and now have an online shop with Etsy called maudie.made. I'll also be at The Crafty Fox Fair in Brixton on the 16th April if anyone would like to pop along and say hello!

Future plans hopefully include a few more fairs before the year is out and attempting to make personal sized diaries for 2012, which I haven't done before!

Thank you Maudie, and I've already seized on that last paragraph... could we at last have a source of that ultimate personal size refill? Look out for a future post about this I'm sure between us we can come up with something that will be something we will all want, but we can't at present buy it from a convenient source.

If you want to see more of Maudie's work take a look at the Website, they are also on Facebook and the on-line shop.


  1. That looks so great, Maudie! Can I submit a wish list? Would love a 2pages per day Personal COLORFUL refill ... LOL

  2. I have boughtvseveral items from Maudie. All were custom orders and were delivered quickly. I recommend her highly.

  3. Right Steve, this is an advert worthwhile. I have bookmarked the website and will keep an eye on what's coming up for the Personal size.

    Thanks once again, Thomas

  4. I love what is on the site and will always keep my eyes on new personal size items. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks so much Steve for including my website and inserts, and for all your kind comments - especially Kate, who suggested this site - big thanks!!


  6. !!!! this is the kind of stuff i LOVE. thanks maudie!


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