09 March 2011

Reader question: Finsbury Mini -- zipped or clasp?

A reader emailed me recently with a very good question about the Finsbury Mini Filofax:

I'm planning on using it both as a wallet and a personal mini-dictionary and phrase book. I am moving to Flanders soon and starting to learn Dutch, and I thought it would be a practical idea to use the mini to put vocabulary words and some stock phrases in.

I'd love to hear pros and cons of both styles.


Please post comments with pros and cons!


  1. I use the Finsbury Mini as a wallet/shopping list as well. I chose the clasp version, because the zipper seems to be so fiddly. When you are standing at the register, you want to be able to get your money or cards in a second.

    Oh, when you move to Flanders, you really should learn Flamish, not Dutch, although Dutch will get you a long way ... ;-)

  2. I read Jotje's comments from previous posts and I've started using my mini Finsbury as my wallet and notebook too, to ferry notes from my main Filofax Personal

    I would say, get the clasp version because it has the full length note compartment and zip compartment for your change. The mini finsbury zip does not have the note pocket, and no coin compartment as well.

  3. I'm the one who posed the question.

    Thanks Jotje and app1eg for the input; I appreciate it.

    Jotje, I may be asking you some Dutch (or Flemish)questions from time to time, if you don't mind -- I will certainly need all the help I can get!

    Also, if anyone out there would like to weigh in on the question of Mini versus Pocket size for the purpose I am wanting to use them, I would love to hear your opinions.

    Decisions, decisions!

  4. I adore my mini Finsbury zipped, in a lovely baby pink colour. The shape is divine.I don't know enough about the clasped one to compare, but use the back of my mini for 2 passport photos of my gorgeous God daughters and books of stamps... handy as my mini is a mini out and about diary and address book..... I often see pretty cards and it's handy to write and post them in one go sometimes.I use a pocket mode as a recipe and supermarket filo. It is certainly bigger and roomier than the mini, and holds coupons etc, but I am in love with my baby mini I must say.... something awfully cute about the mini Finsbury!!!

  5. I use a clasped baroque mini as my purse-and-notes combo. I would agree with Jotje that clasped is quicker and easier to open and you don't want to be flapping about in a shop trying to get to your cards and money etc. Also, if the clasp version has the note pocket and coin compartment and the other one doesn't, it would be more practical! That said, check you can get coins in and out of the zipped bit - I couldn't easily with my baroque once I'd got my cards in the card holders, although I did do a hack to get around it (punching rivets into a spare zipped purse that came free with something else so I could hook it on the rings - see http://paperpensink.blogspot.com/2011/02/mini-baroque-filo-purse.html if you're interested). The Finsbury mini might be better than the baroque for that - I haven't seen one so I don't know. Jotje and app1eg - do you have problems getting things out of the zipped bit?

  6. oh and possibly a daft question - but can you get credit-card holders for the mini? I have my everyday-use cards in the card slots and then the other ones I need to carry around are stuffed in the vertical note-block pocket in the back cover and I would rather have them in a card holder on the rings... I can't spot them on the FF site though

  7. @amanda Take a look at FF Denmark



  8. And yes it is sad that I know that that is the only site with them on!!!

  9. @Steve
    I believe that link was for the pocket size?
    There doesnt seem to be a credit card holder for the mini.

    that said, i did use a little hack for my mini. I'll take some photos and put up a link to flickr later when ive got the time

  10. hey guys!
    I took some photos of how i added a card holder in the rings for my mini:

    and if you wanna know how much coins the mini can hold: