13 March 2011

Web Finds - 13 March 2011

So in between eating some lovely birthday cake! I was sent some links to some excellent posts on the internet:


  1. WOAH!!! that Berluti...i have no words

  2. Just wanted to say how much i love your blog, ive started using my filofax again and ive jst done a posting on my blog about it


    Do you think you have to work fulltime and be a very busy person to need one ?, im a stay at home mum but still find it nessecery and it keeps me on track.

  3. Lisa I love your Filofax! I am also a stay at home mom and I could not cope without my planner. With multiple family members to keep track of and seemingly endless tasks every day, I have to write everything down to keep it all straight!

  4. Ohhh that Berluti really is a stunner!!! When I win the biggie lottery, think it will be Berlutis on my first gift list for moi and friends!!! Sigh!!! Steve, loved your birthday cake recipe. Shame I am allergic to oranges, or I'd have given it a whirl. Maybe I could make it into a ginger cake instead with that yummy looking drizzly icing!!! Of course a cup of Assam would be in order too!!!

  5. Yes we will finish off (or should that be demolish!) the last of the carrot cake this afternoon.

    The recipe is in this weeks Radio Times magazine. Yes we get it sent out each week!

  6. The Berluti is great isn't it? Absolutely beautiful. Lisa I am going over to your blog to say hello!

  7. I LOVE that Berluti. It would make a great reference binder (which I'm currently working on).

    I love these web finds posts, but I always end up adding several new blogs to my reader. I'm going to have to quit my job to keep up with all the Filo blogs out there!


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