03 March 2011

Guest Post - Filofax Best Friend - @mrs_eddieizzard

I will make no apologies as I can see I’m amongst friends. I am a stationary geek. People are always shocked to hear that I love all things stationary and that a nice notebook or a new pen will make me squeal with delight. I’m lucky to have a friend who shares my obsession and will accompany me to visits to Staples and upon a recent trip to Paris she made her family find a stationary shop in order to bring me home 3 different types of notebooks! It’s via her that I discovered what I consider to be the cherry on the top of my filofax.

It’s a pencil case that clips onto the filofax and with elastic straps it will fit an A5 to A4 filofax. It’s wonderful and really does finalise my filofax into being the best thing in the world excluding (but only just) my children! It’s from Staples and is in their “binder gear” range; it was less than £10 and was hanging on a point of sale display on the ring binder isle. Despite it not being available to buy on line it is well worth a trip to your local store to pick one up.

Disclaimer – I have not been given this item to “review” (i.e. bribed by free products into saying good things about it), I feel really strongly about this in the blogging / twitter world and would not do it. This recommendation is genuine and I have received no kick backs for doing so. @mrs_eddieizzard

Thank you @mrs_eddieizzard for your great guest post, I think that case is a great addition to an A5 Filofax and a very neat solution. 


  1. will they fit on Personal sized filofax organisers?

  2. Wow what a cool thing!!!!

    I can't help but wonder if something like this will be part of Moleskine's new lineup of accessories coming out in April. People are always hacking their Moles to hold a pen, seems like the company would come up with a solution.

    Either way, this attachable case is great for those of us (myself firmly included) who like to use lots of different writing implements!

    Just curious, about how many pens will it hold?

  3. Someone just emailed me a link to a similar idea: an elastic band that goes around your book and holds several pens:


  4. Wow! Cool ideas. I like the pencil case and the elastic band is brilliant! I have been thinking about making something like that myself.

    I found something similar DIY'ed...

    Hang on... (* Browsing-through-heaps-of-paper icon *)

    Check this: http://gnatgnat.com/moleskine-pen-holder/

  5. It holds a number of pens, far more than I should really put in it. At least 7.

    I don't know if it will fit on the personal organiser, as long as it's A5 height then it would.

  6. ive been looking for it like crazy

  7. I've been looking for this. do you think its available?