18 March 2011

Very low prices on Filofax-compatible Dodo Pad diary inserts on Ebay

On Ebay right now there are some very low prices on Filofax-compatible Dodo Pad diary inserts. It's a great chance to try the product for a very low price if you've never tried Dodo Pad diaries before. As I've posted before, I love Dodo Pad products for their humor and art. They give me a much-needed reminder not to take myself too seriously!

Here is the post on the Dodo Pad blog Miss Peabody Writes with the links to the Ebay deals:



  1. Just ordered my 1st Dodo pad personal refill. While excited to see, and use, the format, I wish it was sold locally in the US. We need humorous, clever planner inserts, too! ;)

  2. skhen I think you will like the Dodo Pad inserts! I have ordered Dodo Pad diaries from Amazon in the US before to avoid international shipping, but Amazon doesn't have the full product range.

  3. @Laurie Thanks for the tip, and I will note that for the fall.

    The Dodo sale on Ebay was such a deal--even with international shipping it was under $13 USD. Can't wait to doodle and plan with it. Take care!


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