22 August 2011

Charity Donations Update

Hello Everyone.
Thank you for continuing to support our Cancer Charity Donation, which is continuing to grow, it went over the £42 mark today.

With view to which charity to donate to in December, I think we should wait until we get to the final total, because if we reach quite a high total we might want to choose to split our donation between a couple of Cancer Charities, but thank you for your suggestions so far.

In addition to Filofax UK, I'm pleased to announce from today that we can also benefit from commission when buying at Ryman UK, who as you know have some good offers on Filofax organisers from time to time.  Commission earned from Ryman will also be added to the charity donation in December.  I'm also enquiring with WH Smiths to add them to the commission stream as well.

Again thank you for your continued support.



  1. Im not planning any online purchases between now and then, can i give you cash? lol (and this was supposed to be serious)

  2. Imy,
    You could... or you can donate direct to a lot of the charities.

    I will look a few up for you and post some links in the next update.

    Thank you

  3. Steve - next time i see a man with a bucket i will put it in instead, i just wanted to join the Philofaxy donation without spending money lol :-)

    you never know i may have to get xmas presents hehe

  4. Sounds good. Once my new arrival gets here I will be purchasing new inserts from Filofax :)

  5. Hi Steve, Great of Ryman. Do they include their 'outlet' shop front on EBay? Just want to know in case it makes a difference where I buy from.



  6. Hi Lynne
    No it's only purchases on their website not on the Ebay shop that are included in the commission deal.

  7. Steve, I've recently bought a pocket Urban Filofax from TK Maxx, at an utter bargain price of £8, but I will put some money in a cancer charity tin to make up the loss to Philofaxy's fundraising. I will soon need some jot pads and bits and bobs, so will be sure to buy those from the Philofaxy site. Well done to Rymans for their support. xx

  8. I think its great you're donating this way. I'd like to make a vote for MacMillan (www.macmillan.org.uk). As someone with cancer I have found there leaflets and advice service very helpful, factual and sensitive. I always knew about there excellent terminal-stage cancer services but it wasn't until my diagnosis that I learned to fully appreciated what a wonderful job they do to helping patients and their families survive cancer.

  9. May I suggest donating to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. I work for the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and the work they do at the institute has helped so much in helping search for a cure and new treatments for cancer.

    Here's the web link