24 August 2011

Pocket - it's where it is happening! - 2011

So back in August last year I stated that 'Pocket - it's where it is happening' and on Saturday Sharon made the observation on Twitter 'Are we creating a trend?' and I had to agree, putting together the Webfinds in the last 2-3 weeks there has been quite a few 'Pocket' posts.

Why? It could be a summer thing.. people swapping over to smaller bags, not wearing coats and jackets, so the Pocket is much more convenient to carry compared to the Personal. Or could it be the 'Malden Factor' ? They have become very popular in the last 6-9 months...

I noticed one person had blogged only a few weeks ago about changing from A5 to Personal, and then a few weeks on there was a conversion post to Pocket...

So here are a round up of the various Pocket posts from the last few weeks. Quite a collection I think you will agree!
So have you tried a pocket yet? 


    1. I'm waiting excitedly for my pocket Malden. Maybe it is the Malden fever, I have fallen head over heels with it! Reading all the pocket posts, I'm getting more and more excited, but Jotje's post convinced me that a pocket can be used when you have a busy life!

    2. I have recently downsized from my personal to my pocket (Malden of course!) & I LOVE IT! It reminds me of being in my 20's when I used my Pocket (life was lighter and more spontaneous). My Personal made me feel like I had too many responsibilities and felt heavy (emotionally). Yes - I know my life is the same whichever planner I use, and the contents are the same (but modified) but emotionally I get a huge grin on my face when I use the Pocket (maybe I am trying to relive my youth!!!).

    3. I would attempt to switch to pocket; I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to rewrite all the important things I need to keep in my planner onto pocket sized paper. The trouble is, I've already bought the 2012 DPP insert for my personal sized filo, and I don't want to buy it again for pocket!

    4. Free P+P on filofax site until midday (UK time) tomorrow (25th).
      Promo code = AUG11

    5. hi, all! I still love my pocket after all these years; however, I use 3 sizes in total. each has its own job - pocket stays in purse (red kensington about 11 years old); personal for just me (espresso siena and my fave filofax model ever produced); a5 for just work/office (another espresso siena).

      the pocket keeps a lot of important cards in it (such as insurance cards), lots of little notes, some lists for shops, directions to friends' houses, stamps (you get the idea).

      the pocket kensington is very perfect, I only wish I had another one in another color as sometimes I tire of red. given my obsession/addiction to the siena, I do have my eye on the pocket version....

      thanks to all for all your wonderful posts! : )

    6. Hello!
      I have been browsing some posts and blogs but can't find an answer to my question. Maybe if I ask it straight forward some of you would be able to help :)
      I am looking for a pocket size filofax that has the bill slot across to use as a wallet. I don't have a filofax store in my city so I can't really experiment on how it feels holding it, opening it, etc. Which ones of the wallet/planner lay flat?
      Any suggestions will be much appreciated! :)
      Thank You

    7. Hi Jy11
      You might find these posts helpful:


      Or just click on the Pocket label:



    8. Thank You Steve
      It helped! I ordered mine - a mini thou - and can't wait to put my hands on it, experiment with it, etcetc :)