03 August 2011

Looking back: This Month On Philofaxy

So what was happening on Philofaxy this month in years gone by...

  • Pocket - it's where it is happening - This was sort of the post that started last summers Filofax Pocket revolution or evolution.

  • Slimline to Pocket Conversion - My own change over to Pocket size. I'm still using a Pocket Size as a wallet/notebook.

    Although the Slimline made a brief reappearance a few months ago I went back to the Pocket. One of the odd reasons for going back is I can reach in to my bag and without having to look at what I'm pulling out, I can tell which is the pocket by touch alone.

  • Readers Under The Spot Light - It was this time last year that we started this series which has proved very popular if you find the time to look back through them all. 
  • Rapesco Diary Punch - Paper Punches suitable for Filofax paper remain a popular question every month. In this post I reviewed a punch that I bought and still use that can cope with Filofax Personal, Pocket and Mini sizes.

  • Sex and the City Planner - Nan did a detailed review of the City Dweller Lifestyle Pack

  • Filofax Sightings: Russian Dolls - Laurie on various Filofax sightings in movies
  • The Motherlobe - What looks like quite a haul of inserts off Ebay! I wonder if they all got used?
I hope you have enjoyed this look back through the archive. If you are wondering why I missed out 2007, there were no posts in August 2007... gasp can you imagine that now!!??

Do you have any favourite posts from the past? Share them with us in the comments.


  1. thanks for the links, especially the one to the "pocket" post with links. How can one read Yvotchka's blog? I get a message saying one must be an invited reader?

    Having acquired a pocket Finsbury and having a pocket Malden (!!!) coming in the mail soon, I'm looking for posts on how people have set up and are using their pocket formats.

  2. I also miss reading Yvotchka's blogs. How can one be invited?

  3. Long, long-time reader, 1st (or maybe 2nd?) post: I love the word "Motherlobe" even if it is a typo - I picture really big, filofax-shaped earrings...


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