05 August 2011

Free for All Friday No. 142

In the aftermath of the great popper/stud battle of the sexes, I started thinking about how often I pop mine.

My Filofax, that is.

Once I'm settled at work for the day, I leave my work (A5) and Personal Filos open on my desk, where I can refer to them all day. I always open my Personal as I'm starting my morning, to remind myself of the day's appointments and tasks.

How often do you pop yours?

Obsessively, all day long? Or only as needed, which may not be very often at all?

Of course, since it's Friday, you can pick another topic, like sodapop, popcorn, Pop art, Popeye...


  1. Yup, at work I leave mine open all day, at home I open it periodically, if I need to add a note or see if I need to remember something specific for the next day.
    PS I'm loving my Filofax!

  2. mine is generally open all day. my guess is those of us with more room to write leave them open and those with just a sliver generally have them closed....

    question, who prints and who writes in cursive. i am thinking of switching to writing in cursive to improve my penmanship. has anyone else tried to switch?

  3. My Malden is usually open. The only time I close and snap it is when it's going in my bag.

    @justenoughsalt - I write "longhand" as we used to call it. I guess that would be "cursive" now. Back in the stone age when I was in elementary school, we printed until about third grade, then we were required to "write" and not "print".

  4. Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend when it comes!

    As for open/closed:
    Work A5: open all day unless I'm taking it to a meeting (I carry it closed!)
    Personal everything-except-work filofax: open at my side when I'm not at work; closed in my bag when I am at work (unless I am referring to it)
    Writing A5: generally closed (unless I am writing!)
    Book-o-fax A5: closed unless I am filling in a review.
    Charity projects personal: closed unless I am doing work for the charity.

    Bit of a mish-mash!

  5. I've a spectator reader for a long time and just to share the flexibility of using a single hole puncher. I switch between different organizers occasionally and a single hole puncher makes it a breeze.

  6. Also a happy Friday to everyone from me!

    My Personal is always open in my office, since I try to use it as my leading system. We have an electronic diary as well for all colleagues, but I look up time for appointments in my Filofax first - of course ;-)

    At home it is 50-50 open and closed. It there kind of competes with my Mini, which includes all of my financial 'book keeping'. This one is mostly closed, because of the outside purse-like pocket. It prevents it from staying open / laying flat properly.

    Kind regards, Thomas

  7. Open first thing, then closed at the close of day. I like the way my Kensington lies flat on the desk, unlike the Pimlico I used to use - it has nice leather but is not that supple.

    Cursive/printing - it depends on how I feel.

  8. @justenoughsalt I forgot: longhand/cursive writing only with pen or pencil. I just love it!


  9. Hi Everyone - Happy Friday. Have to tell you about FILOFAX NIRVANA IN BERMUDA! We were in the Bermuda airport last Saturday and flight was delayed.. So I wandered around the shops.. Shop called "Pulp and Circumstance" which also has a shop in the town of Hamilton had an absolutely wonderful Filofax collection - rivals Sam Flax from NY meetup last Spring. Anyways, behind the glass counter, they had a Personal Buttercup Ostrich Filo w/ 2008 calendar for $925USD and both a red and black Lizard Pocket filo for $325 each. Since the shop was nice and quiet, the sales girl let me "touch and play" the filos.. She was amused as I knew the model names, size, etc... She told me that the shop in town has a sale sometimes when the filos go 50% discount! Hey did anyone else catch last week's NY Times Styles Section page 1 story on Filofax vs electronic calendars! Photo inside of long time user (same personal filo since 1988)! I kept my copy and it's sitting in my Filo archive box!

  10. This is an issue of mine I am just starting to face. After realising it's not so much what is in your filofax but how you use it, I am trying to refer to it regularly to keep on top of things I have to do and stay organised, one of the ways I can do this is have it open a lot when I am staying still. I will be writing about this in my new blog posts which I hope to have written up on my blog by Sunday night, along with my new personal Malden set-up :)

  11. I need you guys' opinions please! I'm thinking about making my much-neglected pocket crimson Malden into a wallet-filo, as she is not getting any other use. I'm going to base it on The Zeitgeist of Zoe's brilliant wallet-filo set up :) But I'm using my crimson personal Malden as my daily filo at the moment- would it look silly if I used both a pocket and a personal crimson Malden at the same time?? One would stay in my bag at all times- either when I'm on campus I'd carry my personal and my pocket would be in my handbag, or if I'm out shopping it would be vice versa. But still, would it look silly?

  12. @TPS
    I understand your problem. I was at one point using a mini as a wallet and also carrying a personal around with me, but then I combined them into just the personal and haven't really looked back.
    Do you just want to use the Malden pocket because you have it and it's not being used? I would have thought that the Malden would work well as wallet and organiser combined since my baroque (almost identical internal layout to the Malden) works just fine for that. My feeling is one should be enough (but maybe I am speaking out of turn...)
    So I guess, my question also is - do you have so much that you need to carry around in the personal Malden that you couldn't downsize completely to the pocket and leave the personal to use at home?

  13. @Amanda, that is exactly the reason I am thinking about using my pocket Malden as a wallet, because it's not being used! I feel so guilty for spending all that money on it and not using it! I have this idea that when I'm doing my PhD or have a job, I'll have an A5 on my desk as my main filo and use my pocket for around campus, just as a satellite filo, but I really want to find a use for it now! I don't think I'd like to use it at the moment as my main daily filo because it's a bit small for everything, and I've just spent a couple of weeks perfecting my personal! I do use my personal as my wallet as well as my main daily filo as you said about your Baroque :) It's great for that, but getting a little fat around the gills! I think I need to take some of the diary out! Thanks for your help, I think I'll continue using my personal (inc. as a wallet) and think of something else for my pocket to do!

  14. @TPS
    Okay, what kind of things do you do that you like to log or plan, but that you don't need to carry around with you? Do you read? Could it be a book-o-fax? Do you exercise? Could you log exercise goals and achievements (or just schedules) in it? Maybe if you sew patchwork quilts, you could fill it with squared paper and plan potential quilts?
    Any use? I would hate for you to feel guilty about not using it, but I'm not sure converting it to a wallet but still carrying a personal is the way I would go...

  15. Michele I've been eyeing the Buttercup Ostrich for awhile out of curiousity--how does it feel? Does it feel like regular leather or is it super-soft? How exciting you got to handle those very exclusive Filofaxes!

  16. I've just posted my first ever youtube video! It's about the set-up of my personal Malden :)http://thelifeoftheperpetualstudent.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-personal-filofax-set-up.html

    @Amanda, that's good advice, I'll think about that! I love crafts like cross-stitch, maybe I can use my pocket for that!!

  17. Laurie- I have the pocket buttercup ostrich filo. I got it on eBay for quite a decent price. I love love love it. The quills are raised and the leather is the softest I've ever felt. I feel very lucky to have it. It was worth every penny.

  18. Not to tempt me or anything! ;D

    The Ostrich sounds gorgeous!

  19. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has 2011 WO2P cotton cream (person) that they are not using and would consider giving to a good home. In exchange I can give you...a pack of contempory colored paper (personal)


    or a zipper close envelope (personal sized)


    or a selection of German chocolates :)


  20. Laurie and D, It was pure bliss holding and touching these filos.. I couldn't wait to post on "Free for all Friday"!!

  21. I pre-ordered my personal Aston today. :3 They will be in the warehouse around 8/22 if anyone else in the U.S. is waiting on them.

  22. @SSA I have WO2P cotton cream in personal size. They came with my imperial purple Finchley and I won't be using them. In fact, the Finchley is so soft and beautiful that I haven't been able to decide what to use it for yet. I've just started a project to see if I can downsize my work FF from an A4 to an A5 so that I can see my fabulous aqua Fins on my desk everyday - so much prettier than the brown A4 Metropole. If you want them mail me at lalexander@dek.com and I'll be in touch. :-)

  23. @ThePerpetualStudent Loved your clip on YouTube about your stuffed Malden. Here is a link to my Malden-as-wallet setup.


    On a "pop" note, I leave mine open at work all day as well. I do close it at home lest the children have a go at it. Not.

    @justenoughsalt I can't imagine cursive. I've been writing in a print/cursive hybrid for a long time. Good luck with that!

  24. L.J. I now use my Aqua Finsbury for work. It took some time to adjust to A5, but am now very happy with the format. Most printers will cope with A5 and most business printers have more than one paper drawer. I just ensure my printers have A5 loaded in one of them and am able to print off any project papers/spreadsheets to add to my filo. I work over two sites and find the A5 much more portable and great for meetings.

  25. Ok, I had to read the first line like 4 times...haha.
    I pop mine all the time because the sound and feel is satisfying...kind of like bubble wrap :)


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