06 August 2011

Web Finds - 6 August 2011

Yes no sooner have I published one of these then I start to gather posts for the next one... and this week is no exception.
Additonally, some new videos to watch too... I even get a mention in the first one!!:



    1. Thanks Steve! but why oh why did youtube have to chose that horrible screen shot of me??

    2. Hi Kate
      I think you can select the point in the video for the snap shot. Sorry I'm not really an expert on YouTube! Imy might know???

    3. Thanks for a) feaaturing me again! and b) providing another excellent smorgasbord for my entertainment this afternoon!
      Woo hoo.

    4. whoa! too many head shots of me this week! thanks for featuring me in the spotlight as well as in web finds. gonna crawl back under the rock today - or maybe if we can swing it go zip lining (!!!!! - on vacay!!!!) hope we can swing the zipline thing...

    5. SNARLing is phamous for her videos - yay!

      Thanks also to TPS for the great video.

    6. http://www.notebookstories.com/2011/08/02/calendar-wars-electronic-vs-paper/

      On paper calendars vs. electronic, with focus on filofaxes :)

    7. Just one question guys:

      How do you do You Tube - is it easy?

    8. You need a webcam and some software to record the video and audio and then be able to edit the video before uploading it to You Tube.

      On a Mac I use iMovie which lets you use the built in camera and mic on my iMac to record the video. I can then edit the video, mainly the start and finish.. add titles and stuff like that. Then it uploads it to You Tube for me and within 30 minutes or so it's online and ready to watch.

      On Windows I think on XP I know there's Windows Movie Maker which can capture video from a webcam and the audio, it's basic but it can do a half reasonable job like iMovie.

    9. TPS and Snarling your videos are AMAZING and it is wonderful to see you in real (kinda) :-)

      What is zip lining?

      OK I googled it
      It looks scary!!!!!