02 August 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 26

How do you do that? Where can I get....? These are all questions you can ask in the comments of this post every week.

So what Filofax related questions do you have for us this week?


  1. Hello all. I have a Urban personal and there is nothing wrong with it, but last weekend I found myself spending €95 on a Malden Personal (Ochre). I have been eyeing up the malden for months and I love it...but...i have an organiser that works and is functional and really why do I need another one? I feel like I spent €95 I should have used somewhere else...

    ...so do I keep the new Malden or return it?

    Please enablers (I mean people who have no biased opinions) help me decide what to do...

    other info:
    - I only need one binder
    - I carry my binder everywhere (in my hand or backpack
    - I also use my Filo as my wallet

  2. I'm so excited! I finally ordered a personal and pocket MALDEN in Vintage Pink, off pensandleather. I'm hoping they'll reach me within 2 weeks cause they'll have to ship from the USA to Asia (where is live).
    I'm sad to have to switch out of my 4 year old Finsbry Zipped though. :(

  3. @SSA,

    I understand exactly how you feel!. I've been longing to buy the Malden for months now.(ever since it was announced) but I only ever use one filo at a time. And I've been with my old Finsbury for so long.
    I finally took the plunge after i got my first pay upon graduating from college. I ordered both the personal and pocket because the shipping cost for just one was just not worth it. Right now I'm feeling like I've betrayed my Finsbury and burned my wallet (for buying 2!).

    I'm hoping that the Maldens don't dissappoint!

  4. Hi SSA, I have just moved over to a Malden Crimson - I am also using it as a wallet/purse and love it. Sometimes heart should win over head with these things. Use the Urban as a travel or storage organiser. I use a Cherry personal for storage. Enjoy!

  5. I, too, have given in and bought a Malden in vintage pink. I hope it arrives today. I was encouraged to do so after reading the many admiring comments on this site. It won't replace my amethyst deco but I think it will be a close second. No one needs more than one binder but it's a real pleasure to have more than one.

    Try the Malden. Hold it. Stroke it. That should help you to decide whether to keep it or not. While e Urban is a solid, every day binder, you can't beat a touch of luxury to lighten the daily load. Good luck with your decision.

  6. SSA - I have both the Urban and the Malden, and there is just no comparison! The feel and softness of the Malden will certainly convert you! I would use the Urban as a storage binder and the Malden as my daily one! I use my Malden for diary and purse and it gets used heavy, and it seems to be standing the test of time so far! It truly is a wonderful binder, so please don't return it!

  7. SALE ON IN RYMANS STATIONERS...popped in my local one in bath and picked up a pocket leather butterfly filofax in grey for £30...reduced from £69!!

    Lots of others much cheaper!

    Happy Blogging!
    Sam x

  8. Hi SSA, Don't feel guilty about buying another F2 ("F"ilo"F"ax) Think of it as a gift from your higher self, you can always have more then one F2, you can change them as your mood or the seasons change. I myself have summer and a winter filofax. Personal "Lyndhurst" & Personal "Kendal" as long as you keep the size the same it won't cost you a fortune switching refills, although having said that I just bought an A5 "Hamilton" lol. I couldn't let it go it was a bargain. I also keep to another rule "I WILL NEVER BUY A FILOFAX AT THE RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE" Always go for the sale or bargain price, trust me their all over the place. Have fun and loose the guilt!

  9. Hi All,
    I'm a newbie to Philofaxy. Found this site on a web search when trying to learn how to use my Filofax more effectively and efficiently. I can say this is the holy grail of information on Filofaxes. I have truly learned so much from many of you and I must say I have put to use many of your great tips and ideas. I used to think I was a nut because I loved Filofaxes so much. I am now free of that after seeing so many like minded people. The creativity abounds here and on many of your blogs. Thanx Gang! Keep up the great work.

  10. Thank you Seajay.

    I think we should have an alternative slogan... you are not nuts if you love Filofax organisers!

  11. Question please - where can you find diary refill 'day on two pages' on the UK Filofax site? I was interested in an A5 version for 2012. I'm sure I saw earlier posts on this site quoting a price of £20.50 - just can't find it.

  12. @SSA
    Don't feel (too) guilty. See how it feels when it arrives. If it feels beautiful and makes you go 'ooh' then it's probably saying 'keep me'

    Welcome! This is the place to come for Filofax stuff!

    Tucked down in the footer of the filofax site is a link called Time Management. There are 2 days to a page diaries for A5 there (though at £28 currently). Look under annual update sets.
    Alternatively, check out the files section on here. There are some good A5 diaries on here and easy to print on your own printer on A4 paper.

  13. @Lynne - there isn't a day on two page layout for A5, the one that is £20.50 is for Personal and is available on the Filofax France website, or from a London Store! It is a great layout if you like to record loads of stuff in a day!

  14. Amanda and Sharon, Many thanks. Am having great fun now trawling through the templates on this site. Be lucky if we get supper cooked tonight!

  15. @SSA - sorry, I can't be the one to dissuade you from Malden. I love my crimson personal. In fact, I also just bought a pocket Malden last week (haven't received it yet, but I'm sure I'll love it as well). Sure, you probably don't "need" another binder, but you can always find a use for the other one.

  16. does anyone know which of the FF web sites sells the cream (or white?) blank tabs? I got some from FFUSA but they take sooooo long to ship to Canada, if I could get them from an international site, I would.

  17. The 2012 Olympic diary, anyone know if it's available to buy on its own, without the binder?

  18. Cra2yGuava - I've sent an email to my contact in Filofax UK specifically asking your question. I will let you know when I hear back from them.


  19. @SSA. You know it makes sense to have a spare binder right? Also an Urban would be perfect for storing your spare filofax papers. They do build up after a while these bargain paper buys too. Believe me. So..... Malden for daily gourgeousness and usage, and urban for storage. Simples. xxx

  20. Ooh the charity money is going up quickly!!

    @Terri, I think Filofax UK do the dividers you are talking about! Although won't postage be ridiculous? It would probably be cheaper to ask someone here in the UK to buy them on your behalf and send them to you!

  21. @Terri, oh sorry, now I look at it they are for A5 and they don't do white/cream plain ones for personal! Strange! Filofax UK, where is your logic??

  22. Most miffed!!! Was in Rymans in Salisbury today, and no reductions on Filofaxes whatsoever. Well done Paperchase.... huge selection of binders, though sadly not the Malden, and well done WH Smith.... huge huge selection of paper Filofax fills.Seems like a good Filofax stop off place Salisbury. Buses stop right in the centre too. Can recommend Cathedral Refrectory for a lunch.... gorgeous massive glass ceiling, from which you can view the spire. Enter by gift shop door.... as you do not have to pay an entrance fee to use the refrectory.

  23. @TPS - actually, the shipping from the UK to Canada wasn't that expensive - and it was quicker than getting it from the US.

  24. Hello all,

    It's time for my first Filofax. YAY! I'm interested in personal Baroque.

    Does any of you know what kind of red is the red one? The French site said it to be 'electric'. It sounds too much like pink. I don't want to order the red binder and then send it back because I hate the colour.

  25. @Sirpa-Kaarina
    Do you mean the 'rose electrique' baroque? It's quite pink and not red at all. I have one and I have pics of it on my blog:


    If you want a red one, it isn't the baroque you want! It is GORGEOUS! (I have the pink and the blue) but it isn't red.

    Hope that helps!

  26. Thank You, Amanda! You helped me very much.

    Pink is not my colour. A crimson Baroque would have been a dream come true.


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