10 August 2011

Making Your Filofax Your Own - Dividers

You might have bought a Malden or a Finsbury or a Domino, and externally they look just the same to someone else’s similar Filofax organiser. However, open your Filofax and that is where the differences start to tell.

You can change the contents of your Filofax to suit your needs and demands in organising your life.

Whilst you can buy dividers or your Filofax might have come with a set of dividers or tabs. A lot of people make their own. They can really make the inside of your Filofax colourful and very different.

So today I'm going to give you links to some of the posts we have highlighted in the past:
These are just a few examples to give you some ideas. But you could also use post cards or old greetings cards or birthday cards trimmed to size and punched to use as dividers. 


  1. I've recently made my own dividers out of pretty postcards. They're wide enough but not tall enough, but I don't mind. I'll put some pictures on flikr soon!

  2. Making some personalised dividers is on my to-do list. Hope to have them completed before the Philofaxy meet-up in September. Will check out the links for added inspiration.

  3. Btw, does anyone in the UK know where I can find some pretty, colourful, flowery paper or card? All I can find is plain!! I'd love to make some new dividers for my A5 :) Thanks!!

  4. Paperchase ...


    Or Staples ...


    Or the local wallpaper store.
    Then there is old Birthday and Xmas cards. Tissue paper sandwiched between two cut out church windows makes a great divider.

    Then there are dried/pressed flowers stuck on card.

    My favourite, very simple, are postage stamps stuck onto light card;which makes an ideal address divider. Packets of stamps can be bought cheaply at WH Smith stationers.

  5. @TPS
    I've bought nice card from eBay before. Do a search on patterned card or floral patterned card (or whatever), be a little prepared to filter down through the zillion entries and you should be able to find some nice stuff at a reasonable price.
    Hope that helps.

  6. Hi TPS,

    You could try a search for some art that appeals to you, and then print it out on card. Matisse produced wonderful collages and decoupages late in life: Icarus, knife thrower, la parruche et la sirene, Polinesia, the sky etc. Many of them have proportions which closely match Filofax Personal paper. They retain their charm at small sizes, even though some of the originals were enormous - e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/aquarelita/18540859/

  7. The best place to buy would be a craft shop. Look out for scrapbook paper there are LOADS of fabulous designs.

  8. I've been unsuccessful finding heavy weight card stock or scrapbooking paper in my podunk little town. I did, however, this morning buy a Brother label maker!! When I do get some dividers sorted out, I'll be ready to label them!!

  9. thanks everyone for your great ideas!!

  10. @TPS - Try Hobbycraft. They have some nice sheets you can purchase singly.

    I've made my own dividers by cutting standard A5 dividers to size and punching them to fit my personal. Standard dividers are dead cheap on tesco, etc, and already have tab pre-cut. Which the perfectionist in me likes a lot!!

  11. I would suggest a scrapbook store. I know they are thin on the ground in the UK and also depends on locality too I guess.
    Recently I prettied up the regular Filofax dividers by cutting some scrapbook paper to size and cutting tabs from co-ordinating colourd cardstock. (I have a small die-cutting machine).

  12. here's a link to my post about my new postcard dividers! http://thelifeoftheperpetualstudent.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-new-diy-dividers.html