25 August 2011

Web Finds 25th August 2011

Thank you for the links you have shared with me this week. We seem to do better ourselves at finding posts than Google does for some reason these days. Odd!


    1. thank u soo much for posting my blogs. it has made my day

    2. a comment to The life of a perpetual student, as it won't let me comment on your journal blog.
      what a great way to use a spare filofax!! and I agree that the beauty of it is, you can take the paged out of it if it turns out you get bored of it. I may just do this.
      After thinking about it, I'm going to use different coloured paper for each month (providing I last that long) and I will carry somr spare paper in my personal (as my journal will be mini or pocket) so I can jot down when out and about.
      Thanx for the idea. Hope yours goes well!!!!!

    3. Thanks for all the links. Sat with a mug of tea reading them (a real treat!). Thanks also to Millie for her guest post as part of the All Star team - brilliant and inspiring.

    4. @The Crazy Life of J. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your fiancee must have been planning this a lot, and how wonderful to make his proposal in your favourite spot. Not just a wonderful wedding day ahead, but the beginning of an exciting new life as husband and wife. Do I feel some cream Deco enabling ahead, as a wedding planner????


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