20 August 2011

Web Finds 20 August 2011

So another week ends and here are some great blog posts for you to read:
And finally... my dear wife is running a competition on her own blog to win a copy of the book 'Light of the Moon' by Elizabeth Buchan. You can find out more here.

Oh and don't forget to keep up to date with 'All Stars' posts here

And a new video to watch too....

As usual... enjoy


  1. Thanks again for a great bunch of links. I have coffee. I have peace & quiet. And I am settling down to read :)

  2. @Babs, a woman after my own heart. A Waitrose croissant(from their freezer aisle and like the real French boulangerie ones), and a fresh coffee with cream. And now I too am settling down this afternoon to read. Bliss!!! Thanks Steve. xxxx

  3. Ah... just back from a long (12 mile) walk and need to rest my weary legs and have a cuppa.
    Looks like the perfect set of things to read whilst I do so!

    Thanks Steve.
    And thanks again for featuring me!

  4. Thanks for all the links. Intend to catch up tomorrow with a mug of builders tea.

    Steve - thanks so much for the guest post. Much appreciated.