25 August 2011

Filofax Organiser Weigh In

I've been asked what the weight is of different organisers, whilst I have a 'few' in my collection I don't have one of every single model or size.

So we need your help to fill in some of the gaps. I've created a simple Google Doc which lists all of the models and sizes. All we need you to do is to weigh your organiser without the inserts in it. Use some kitchen scales. And again with your normal fill of inserts. The second weight will vary a little I realise, but it will give us some idea of the typical weight.

Go to the Google Doc and add the details to the file.

Many thanks for your help.


  1. Hi Steve, is it ok to just do the empty weight, and maybe do the filled weight later or let someone else do it? It's just that none of mine have the original fill in any more, and it would take me time to put that back together from all my filos and spare inserts box

  2. Yes that's fine, some of mine are far from the original fill so the full weight has a certain amount of tolerance to it!

  3. Steve, I once commented with a list of my filo's and their weight. Can you dig that up? Can't find it and don't wanna weight them all again ... :(

  4. What I really want to know is -- why isn't all the world raving about the new Luxe Compact Personal Organiser by Filofax? I absolutely adore mine. It's stylish and sleek in black faux-lizard.

    In the words of Goldlilocks, it is just right! It holds a considerable amount of pages but is also travel-sized for packing in purse, daily commuting, etc. I was struggling a bit with the Slimline, but now I feel so free!

    Here's my offer to write a guest post: "How I Love My Luxe Compact." Then everyone can start to share the love that I am sure is out there among Philofaxers. We're not all mooning after Maldens, you know!

  5. K we would love to read a guest post about your use of the Compact Personal size.

    Please email the text and photos to our address philofaxy at gmail dot com

  6. I weight mine full and completely empty (as in nothing on the rings, no dividers or rulers). Interesting!

  7. "Mooning after Maldens" - now there's an expression!

    I opted for the compact Chameleon rather than the Luxe, and I'm also very happy with it.

    Post away K!

  8. Hi Steve,

    in your (GREAT!!) list, the ikon A5 is missing. I bought it at the 90th anniversary and when it´s empty its 317 g

    The A5 Bond is at home, but i would weigh it tomorrow to help complete your list.


  9. ou sorry i forgot:

    the ikon has 30mm rings, no zip and when it comes to the material ... i´m not sure.
    inside the ikon is the mark "bonded leather"
    filofax DE says "lederfaser", wich is reclaimed leather.
    I´m sorry i´m not very good in product specifications in english. but maybe it helps
    (the domino feels way more like leather, than the ikon does...)


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