22 August 2011

Pen Loop Compatible Pens

I wrote recently about finding a suitable pen for my Maldens and I bought the Pilot Slim Frixion, which is a nice slim pen, but it isn't the cheapest of pens.

I think it was Jotje that mentioned on Twitter that the 0.5mm Frixions fit the pen loop. Looking at the 'Back to School' stationary I came across a pack of 4 0.5mm Frixions in black, blue and red for €4 bargain I thought.

They fit the pen loop quite snugly, but at first I wasn't keen on the 0.5 mm size, a little thin for my style of writing. But all is not lost, by unscrewing the pen I was able to swap the refill for a standard 0.7mm size and they fit perfectly.

I have found I prefer these modified 0.5 mm Frixions to my original Frixion slim, because there is a rubberised grip which is easier to hold.

Having found a great solution to pen in Malden pen loop problem! I went back in to the store the next day and bought another pack of 4 0.5mm Frixions and some 0.7mm black refills. That should keep me going for a while.


  1. What a brilliant discovery! I'm going to file that in my back pocket for future use! I just tried it with my FriXion "point" (needle 0.5 mm) and the FriXion "ball" 0.7 mm fit perfectly. So Cool!!!!

  2. That was a really clever idea Steve, i wouldnt of thought to put a bigger nibed pen refil in a smaller barel hehe :-D

    After the last post you did i bought on of the Zebra sharbo diary pens, and oh my it is perfect, it has a pen and a pencil, at the moment i have a 0.7mm pen refil in blue and it came with a set of extra refils the pen came with a 0.7mm black refill, then a refull set with 2 x 1mm black and a lot of pencils and also 2 rubbers, I was very impressed!!!

    And it fits PERFECTLY in the malden, it feels beautiful to write with I am really in love with the zebra pen, if only it came in pink hehe ;-)

    Anyway I will be doing a review soon!

    Thank you for all the people who were saying it is a good pen! :-D It is

  3. Fantastic discovery!! I shall be trying that one out when I next replace my Frixions. I too love the 0.7, but am frustrated that they don't fit the pen loop. So voila! Thanks Steve!

  4. The Malden is a really beautiful organiser, Doesn't carrying around such a cheap looking pen ruin the whole look? You should all come into my shop and by a nice beautiful pen that compliments your organiser, lol. Now how was that for a shameless peice of advertising...

  5. Shepcraig
    A claret Mont Blanc Mozart with fine italic nib, brown/claret mix of ink to match cream/ivory paper, accompanies my A5 Aspinal’s brown croc fax. It is the matching which is fundamental to keeping the style, a quality easily lost with multi-coloured fashionable allsorts that are only balanced with a more practical work fax.

  6. Scoot, that sounds very classy. I am using the Mont Blanc Classic Black with Platinum trim just now. No throw away pens in my organisers!!!

  7. Hey hey hey! The Frixion is not a "trowaway" pen, since it is refillable!
    Actually, where have you pp been hiding? I have exclaimed for months now that ALL Frixion refills are interchangable between the Ball, Point and Slim/Biz version, duh!
    I adore my Frixion pens, they write sooo nice! I do use Fountain pen in my journal though, so all is not lost in matters of style ;-)

  8. Do the frixions fit into the pocket filofaxes? As in length ways? Because my absolute pet HATE is when the pen sticks out of the top of the organiser!

  9. Yes they are the correct length for a pocket, I've just tried one of mine in my Pocket Chameleon and it fits within the height of the organiser.

  10. ahhh good :) thanks steve I shall be making my purchase shortly haha.

    Really tempted by a sharbo pen though. Do you know if they will fit in the pocket?

  11. Sorry don't know that pen.

    The Chameleon is 145 mm top to bottom Frixions are 140mm in length, the barrel needs to be under 10mm in diameter to fit more pen loops.

  12. Ahh ok Ill take the gamble too much stationery never killed anyone.

    Thanks for the info

  13. I have an A5 Finchley in red and have a red Waterman Hemisphere ball point and pencil which fit the loops perfectly, they always draw comments from people. I also recently bought my husband a Parker Sonnet Slimline pen and pencil set for his really old and faithful Deskfax, which also fit perfectly.

    I use the pencil for diary entries as they do tend to change a fair bit, and I have found a really slim kids rubber (approx 50x30x5mm, rainbow coloured) which fits well into one of the front credit card slots, not sure what I'll do when its all worn out though, does anyone else do anything similar?


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