13 August 2011

A4 Filofax punch?

A4 Filofax users, what hole punch do you use to put pages into your Filofax?

There has been a lot of discussion here on Philofaxy about hole punches for the A5 size pages, but what about A4? On Filofax UK's website I see a portable hole punch, but surely this isn't the only way to get A4 pages into your Filofax?

It would be very useful to punch work documents and other pages to insert into your Filo, but I know regular binders are for 2-hole punched paper. Surely there is a good quality punch out there to put pages into your A4 Filofax?


  1. I'm using a standard metal 4 hole punch that I bought in my local supermarket.

    The hole spacing on an A4 Filofax is the ISO standard 888 or 80cm between hole centers.

    The punch I bought was about €13 I think. Very well made and will punch about 16-20 sheets at once depending on the weight of the paper.

  2. This is great to know, thanks Steve! I wasn't sure if the A4 Filofax's ring configuration was standard or specialized like their other size binders. Good to know it's easy to find a(n affordable) punch to fit!

  3. you can also use a regular/standard 2 hole punch and just just it twice, if that makes sense. I had a 4 hole binder for school and just did that so I didnt have to buy a 4-hold punch.

  4. Yes, I believe that the A4 is standard 4 hole punch configuration. The only thing I would add is that if you are using this regularly it is worth getting a reasonably good quality punch. Also you can get them online Amazon, Euroffice, Staples etc.

  5. Hi Steve,

    sorry for being pea picking! Are you sure about the distance of ISO888? 80cm makes up 33 inches... I mean A4 is big, but not that big ;-) Could it be 80 milimeters?

    Sorry again!

  6. Yes I meant mm not cm... it's been a long week!

  7. I just got an A4 Strata for my birthday & purchased a standard 4 hole punch:

    Seems pretty robust & a good price. I had been considering an A5, but the price of the hole punches put me right off!

  8. Watch ebay for good old heavy duty Leitz 4 hole punches, where each punch is adjustable. They are usually inexpensive. Sadly, modern Leitz equipment (made by Essette) is not always of such solid build or quality.


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