17 August 2011

News Update - August 2011

Just a quick news update today. The weather is back to being hot and sunny here, as we would normally expect in August, so I've been outside most of today.

Filofax UK have set another challenge for Fashion Photography bloggers on Facebook. You will be able to see the submissions on their Facebook page, it will be interesting to see what sort of pictures they submit... might learn something myself even!

I would also take this moment to thank one of our readers Gerard who has been slaving away recreating Filofax templates for our Files page.  Here is a full list of them:

Personal Pages using Pre-punched A4 Filofax Computer Paper (all in pdf format)

As new files are added they will appear on the files page, with a brief update in the side bar as to what is new. Once again thank you Gerard.

Also new on the files page are some Personal Size Weight Watchers pages sent to us by Natalie, thank you also:

  • Weight Watchers 1 - .doc
  • Weight Watchers 2 - .doc
  • Weight Watchers Notes - .doc 
Hope you are enjoying some sunshine, where ever you are. 


  1. Gerard, thanks.

    Your templates are fantastic!

  2. Thanks Giovani. I hope to make the single-page versions sometime soon.

  3. Wow! Gerard these are fab. Thank you for taking the time to re-create these and sharing with us all.

    I have been away so need to catch up on the past few weeks and was thrilled to see these templates available.

    Some of them I remember from the 80's and I think I still have the travellers checklist (in storage and pocket sized I think?).


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