13 August 2011

Making Your Filofax Your Own - Domino Cover Decoration

The Domino is a very popular Filofax, it comes in a huge variety of colours and it is priced at the lower end of the price range and therefore it represents excellent value for money.

Now before I go further with today's feature, I don't own a Domino myself, but I have seen them and I'm sure the idea I am about to outline will work and it will make your Domino very different from the Domino of that other person in your office.

This idea came out of a discussion with Laurie, who was keen when I outlined the Olympic Games 2012 range and I mentioned the Union Jack edition, but it wasn't full colour much to Laurie's disappointment.

My initial idea was to use say a blue Domino and then use red and white tape to make the rest of the flag, or a red Domino and blue and white tape to make the flag. Getting all the angles right and the thickness of the lines right could prove difficult though.

Then I had a brain wave!!! Why not use a vinyl sticker normally sold as car stickers. To my surprise there are loads of these that you can buy from Amazon or other sites that would be the right size. Vistaprint even do quite a large range, including the option to upload your own design.

You don't have to restrict yourself to flags, there are quite a range of sticker designs, sizes and colours available on this site for instance. And looking in their 'Sticker Book' you can even specify the width and colour of some of their stickers. See also this site

Now I realise these are UK sites, but I'm sure there is a just as big a range in your country.  The designs are only limited by your imagination, check out your local car accessories store, although you might get a few odd looks trying different stickers against your Filofax!

If you try this idea out, share a picture or two in the Philofaxy Flickr Group.

If you want to remove this type of sticker at some point in the future, a little gentle heat from a hair dryer will soften the adhesive, then peel it off. If it leaves behind any adhesive residue, use a little white spirit on a paper towel to remove it.

Please note I wouldn't recommend doing this on a leather Filofax I'm not sure what the glue would do to the leather, or if it would stick that well. 

Have Fun.


  1. Steve this is further proof of your limitless genius!!

    If anybody does this with their Domino, please post photos!!

  2. Hi everyone!

    I own a crochet business, and use a brown A5 Domino for that. My decoration is a little different than the ideas in this post, but if you're interested to see mine, it can be found here: http://livingwithliisa.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/whats-in-my-ff/olympus-digital-camera/

  3. Thanks Steve, great idea. Liisa, I like your personalized cover.


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