26 August 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up - London - 19 Nov 2011

I'm planning another Philofaxy Meet Up in London on Saturday 19th November.  I will be in UK for about 10 days or so and I'm looking forward to meeting up with people again.

Numbers are likely to be limited again, so please only apply for a place if you are sure you can attend on the 19th November 2011.

The actual arrangements for the day are in their very early stages, but it is likely that we will meet up at a convenient meeting place, have lunch at Tate Modern,  discuss our organisers a lot! Then to finish off the day visit to the Neal Street or Conduit Street Filofax store more or less as we did back in March.

So if you are interested can you please email philofaxy at gmail dot com and make the subject of the message 'London Meet Up - November'  I will make sure you are kept informed of the arrangements.

Please note this is as well as the meet up in September not instead of. The September meet up is already over subscribed.   


  1. I dont think i should be greedy and say i will go lol :-) I will go to the next one after tho heeh :-d x

  2. Oh dear! What am I like over filofaxes? I don't know my on call schedule as yet so can't confirm for now.

  3. Bit too tight to get there and back in a day sadly and budget to stay over and come back on the Sunday too tight too!
    Hope you all have fun though.

  4. Ooh! I might be able to come, but I may have to wait a couple of weeks to find out when I am due to be going to London in November on a uni trip, it would be brilliant if it was at the same time!

  5. Oooh - this is very tempting!

  6. I am quite tempted with this as it would be good to meet the people I chat with and of course have a nosey. It would just depend on times as I would be catching a train from Notts. :)

  7. I wish I could be there. Enjoy! Please let me know when you have the next one in New York. Have a Superfantastic Time!


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