24 May 2011

Filofax UK 3 for 2 Offer on Paper and Essentials

Filofax UK have a '3 for the price of 2' Sale Now On for Paper and Essentials. Click here for full details.

This offer is only valid until mid-day on 31st May 2011.


  1. First: thanks for including me in your web finds. I don't know if you're familiar with the wordpress layout, but when you log into your account you can see an overview of your visitors statistic among other things at the start page. And I thought: "Wow, what happened?!?" - then I noticed that so many users were referred from your page ;-)

    But, what I wanted to tell you: Filofax.fr has the same deal going on (and sometimes cheaper shipping if you order from outside the UK).

  2. for some reason FF UK won't let me complete my check out. I wanted to get a City Dweller pack, but no go!

  3. Thanks for this info, Steve. I stock up when Filofax has these offers.I took advantage of Filofax France's similar offer last week and got a yellow Piazza half price as well as the current M2 diary for the binder I won on ebay for £2.50. The goods arrived in three working days which I think is pretty good.

  4. www.katepaperie.com has selected Filofax items 50% off.


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