31 October 2011

What Size Filofaxes Do You Own

Following on from 'How Many' we are again running another poll, but this time it is What size Filofax Organisers do you own. Again we ran this a couple of years ago.

Tick as many sizes as you own before you press the vote button.

Again thank you to everyone taking part in this poll.


  1. Where's the poll?! I don't see it....

    David Popely

  2. David, In the side bar on the left... scroll down a little bit... you might also find lots of other stuff further down the page!

  3. Ah, thanks Steve....enjoy your Bank Holiday!

  4. All this talk about how many and what size... I think we should remind folks about 'The Philofaxy' unit of measurement... it is after all a fairer way of measuring how many you own...