17 June 2011

Free For All Friday No. 135

Happy Friday!

This Sunday is Father's Day, what are you getting your Dad this year? Any Filofax-related gifts? 

And as always on Fridays, the floor is yours to discuss anything Filofax-related.

Have a great weekend everybody, and to all you dads out there, enjoy your day!


  1. Well, far from presents coming to me on Father's Day, my eldest daughter has laid eyes on a Winchester calf leather Filofax, with 1/2" rings, that I have been renovating, and would like to relieve me of it!

  2. I would very much like to buy my husband a personal sized Filofax (Kendal) for father’s day but he is adamant that he doesn’t want or need one so I am stuck as usual with what to get him.

    On another note, I just collected the Aston Filofax from the post office that I won in the Philofaxy/Steve’s competition. It is just lovely. Thank you again Steve.

  3. This is a request for printer recommendations. I have an HP colour laserjet 2600dn which was working fine with my vista setup (although reading about not sure vista is supported properly). Up until I had a new router for my 50mg broadband (router supplied by company who supply broadband) I could print fine, over the network and double sided. Since I had the new router I can only print when physically connected to the printer and I can no longer print double sided. Have tried to usual delete and reload drivers etc and nothing works.

    This relates because I want to generate some inserts for my filofax which I want to print double sided! Just wondered if anyone has any ideas or could recommend a bullet proof printer that has duplex built in.

    For the ladies I found this site which sells a planner with lots of interesting ideas - I don't want to use all of them (else it would be better to buy the planner!) but I thought they had some good ideas I'd like to build into my own designed sheets. Hope someone else finds it useful.

  4. Whoops forget to link to site - here it is: http://www.womansplanner.com/

  5. I know this is REALLY random, but my dad has a old filofax (well its not by filofax, but its similar) i will do a blog post on it for Fathers day :-) xxx

  6. Alison,
    Have you moved the network plug from one computer slot to another?

    Can you print normally with any computer in the network or are all effected in same way?

    Have you changed operating systems from Vista to say windows 7?

  7. Does anybody know whether the Knightsbridge model came in any sizes besides pocket?

  8. @scoot: Have you moved the network plug from one computer slot to another?

    Not sure what you mean by this - all out computers are networked and were wireless.

    Can you print normally with any computer in the network or are all effected in same way?

    Just testing to find out, but I'm pretty sure my OH could still print remotely.

    Have you changed operating systems from Vista to say windows 7?

    Nope - everything remained the same except for the new modem.

  9. I think the problem that Alison has is down to a change in the default IP gateway address of the router, which will mean her printer will need resetting or the port address on the printer driver adjusting to the new ip address of the printer.

    I'm trying to hook up with Alison on Skype as I type this... so carry on with normal Filofax chat folks, I will deal with this one 'off comment' !

    Versatile bloke me.... model, Philofaxologist, IT guru

  10. @KJ I would be very surprised if the Knightsbridge only came in pocket size.

    Of course it's impossible to Google, because it just throws up lots of Filofax stockists in the Knightsbridge area of London!

  11. Steve, as you are 'Mr Fix it' at the moment, can you help fix my memory. Could you please tell me from your Filofax book what size rings they offered back in the 80's for the personal size? If I recall there was a larger one than the standard 23mm we have today and a slightly smaller size as well and of course the slimline.


  12. Well, my dad is getting a personal sized Filofax map on Father's Day, plus some magnetic bookmarks...
    he's always losing bookmarks..... and I am getting him some of his favourite dark chocolate. Only we'll be celebrating my birthday and Father's Day late this year, on 26th June, with our usual Sunday Lunch.... to avoid the Father's Day crowds.... his choice of date and venue. Whatever you are doing, to all dads out there Happy Father's Day on Sunday.

  13. @Saffy

    Sizes as follows:

    ¼" for the Slimline
    ½", 7/8" and 1¼" in Personal

    The 7/8" was a fairly common size, my own Winchester is that size

  14. Following my mother's death I am house clearing and have come across my late father's 1947 Filofax. As have only recently started following you here I must go and find it again and have a real look at it not just a cursory glance through.

  15. Steve is my hero. Not only has he fixed my problem so that my printer prints over the network he also fixed it so it now prints duplex again! Thanks a lot Steve - I owe you a drink when I can get to a meet-up!

  16. @Saffy--your dh, too? Mine snubbed a pocket Fins I bought him. Grrrr.

    My dh has a getaway with friends that equals at least three holidays and a birthday to boot.

    My father has everything. Really. I will send a card and that will please him greatly.

  17. @C - what a great find! Does it have any entries or writing by your father? My father died last Autumn (sadly my first fathers day without him) and my Mom has found a speech he wrote and some music he wrote (he was a musician) which she has given to me - somehow something written down seems so precious!

  18. Here is a new question. When is a project not a to-do?

    Whilst biting my nails with various computer problems today I was pondering my planning and organising problems and it suddenly occurred to me that I was probably mistaking projects for to-dos. This could explain a lot. My definition (now) is that a project is an activity with an end goal and several steps, whereas a to-do item usually has one step (e.g take books back to library). This could mean a much shorter to-do list for me, and the need to devise 'project' sheets to manage my projects.

    How do others see this issue?

  19. Does anyone have any tips about using the Filofax Print-to-File software? I got this a few weeks ago and tried printing out a couple pages of personal size monthly calendars, but the duplexing was all messed up. It would print side one okay, but side two I only had a narrow band of the bottom.

    I haven't had a chance to explore it fully (work has been crazy), but was curious if anyone had any significant problems setting it up?

  20. C-
    That is truly a wonderful find! Would love to hear more about it and see pictures. Did you ever know him to use it?
    Sadly, my dear Papa passed away in February and I miss him so much. He didn't use Filofaxes but always enjoyed me enjoying the ones I got. He always called them "Filo Vance(s)", I believe after an old time detective character.
    I did keep his big Day Runner calendar that he had as I agree with enjoying seeing his handwriting and what he was doing on a particular day. I'm sure they have a BIG Filofax store up in Heaven. Happy Father's Day Papa!

  21. as my DH doesnt need or want a Filofax .... i want another one ... i have run out of excuses / and occasions - but i really want a5 Cuban chilli zipped . got one i saddle brown (not zipped) - but DH said enough is enough :(( so i need to find one cheap - any suggestions ?( tried ebay )

  22. I totally agree that finding a loved one's handwritten notes, diaries, lists is the best.

    My dad is very ill, so as a belated Father's Day, my daughter and I will be flying down to LA to see him.

    I would love to get my husband a Filofax for Father's Day, but he would use it for a week, then lose interest. (There is a member here whose husband uses a notebook with a cute cartoon character on the cover? My husband's go-to notebook has big-eyed robots all over his.)

    @C--what a treasure your father's Filofax must be! Can you post pictures?

    @Imy--looking forward to your Father's Day post.

  23. Hi guys, I was in Selfridge today and noticed that they've got a very good selection of Filofaxes on sale there. As an example, Personal Finchley are selling for £42 while the Scanda is going for £50

    I couldn't resist the offer and bought myself an A4 zipped Guildford for £62

  24. @Cindy Would be my dh with the Hello Kitty notebook aka planner.

    Big-eyed robots trump HK, yes? Wht the resistance, I wonder. Wait, I remember--then one has to be responsible for remembering things and for keeping information organized. No, I'm not bitter. :)

  25. Thanks Steve, the 7/8" was what I was going to buy but was given the standard size before I had the chance. I really wish they would make that size again.

    Sandra - yes, my husband too. He is not a fan however he does drive up to London with me on the meet up weekends, and then does his own thing for the day, of course.

    As a kind of consolation I have managed to convert my brother who likes them though he is not obsessed like I am. In fact he soon will have three, all of which I bought for him. One for work, one for home/master copy and one for storage of old info etc. Ha, ha. He just lets me get on with it and humours me.

    C - My mother died several years ago but I found a recipe and an old letter that was in her hand writing which brings back so many memories of her. She had such beautiful hand writing. Sadly she never used a diary. But what a treasure you have stumbled across to find your fathers Filofax.

  26. @Sandra--Ha! I remembered it was you--I just didn't want to "out" you.

    I don't know--I think robot vs. kitty is a toss up. But I think your reasoning for their resisting the call of the Filo is spot on!

  27. I'm a father, And although I treated myself to an A5 hole punch, I still have the dilemma over which size is best - A5 or Personal. Happy Father's Day to all the Filofax dads!!!

  28. happy father's day all!

    so, if johnny depp carried a filofax, what do you rekon he'd carry?

  29. Allison, you have hit on a topic that people have written books about, created systems about (GTD as an example) and created entire websites to address. If you google, you'll find endless info on breaking down projects into actionable steps.

    To summarize, you are correct: a project needs to be broken down into steps, preferable "next-action" tasks. It's very common for people to have a barrier to accomplishing a task because they haven't framed it correctly.

    Here's a good example: Last year for weeks I had on my to-do list to move my photos from my old desktop computer to my external hard drive. I didn't understand why I was procrastinating something that seemed so simple.

    Then I sat down and wrote out all the "next action" items and realized it wasn't straightforward at all. It looked like this:

    1) Set up old desktop computer

    2) Locate voltage converter (because my desktop is US I was living in Europe at the time) and plug in.

    3) Start up

    4) Locate photo files on computer (not so easy because I didn't organize my computer files very well).

    5) Transfer photos to external hard drive.

    So what seemed like it should take about 5 minutes actually took 45! And without clear steps I couldn't visualize what exactly needed to be done. No wonder I kept putting it off! Once I figured out what I needed to do, and set aside the 45 minutes to do it, I actually got it done.

    Sometimes people mistake a goal for a task. Or, like me, write the last action item on their to-do list when in reality they first need to do research, acquire something, or do other steps before they can complete the job.

  30. @Laurie - thanks for the response - I can see now why I have had problems with some tasks! It goes towards the way I set up my filofax because I will keep my to-dos seperate from my projects (which will each have their own sheets) and just transfer the next action to my list.

    I 'acquired' a really old book this week about 'keeping your desk clear'. This book clearly states in several pages that one should keep an organiser and provides advise on how to do so. It is an old book (pre everyone having a computer on their desk really) but it has some really useful tips and ideas! For example it say to have a daily to-do list, a weekly one and a monthly one so you can put tasks on the right list. The daily one could of course be a day to page diary.

    I am currently revising my fiofaxes and what I use them for, so will post more when I am sorted!

  31. @SNARLing - I reckon Johnny Depp would carry my phone number. LOL.

    Oh - wait - my number would be in his phone. LOL X 2.

  32. @ Steve

    Yeah, the city named models always turn up lots of store, and Knightsbridge is more obscure as a model than others. I couldn't think of many models in pocket only (that curvy special edition?), and usually everything is made in at least personal. Pocket Knightsbridge is the only one I can still find reference to online, and that's what I have now. I couldn't remember whether years ago I had seen a picture of a personal one.

    I also assumed that the flaps faced the pockets, like the old Winchesters, but they're just flaps to take the ring dents, and possible keep them from showing on the outside. The pockets have the openings facing out. And somehow, these are the biggest pen loops I've ever seen.

  33. Thought it was about time I popped my head in and said hello! I found Philofaxy a few months ago while I was looking to start using a filofax again (I got an Aqua pocket Finsbury)
    And now that I've had time to grow into it, and I'm getting busier with work, I'm ashamed to say I have ordered myself a slimline Filofax Flex (I could not see the point of these until I found that I needed a proper portable notebook and a tear-off pad for work!) and a Personal Domino in Chocolate, to see how I find that size - Pocket is just a bit to small and awkward for me now.

    So, I might as well come out as a filofax addict right now!


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