08 June 2011

What's In Your Filofax?: Carried over year to year

This week in our What's In Your Filofax series the question is, what do you keep in your Filofax year after year?

I keep addresses and contacts as long as they are relevant. If I have more than 3 addresses marked out on a page, I replace the page with an updated one.

I keep all my accessories, maps, birthday lists and reference information year to year.

I keep previous years' goals lists in my Filofax so I can see how my goals change over time.

What do you keep in your Filofax year after year?


  1. Always in my filo are: addresses, health record, sheet of codes and passwords for various work applications and reports, 4 pages of favorite quotes/cartoons/photos I've printed, reading log, wardrobe info, and special days (birthdays/anniversaries/memorable events). Only the calendar changes (sometimes frequently since I prefer week on 2 pages but that doesn't always seem like enough room and I switch to page a day).

  2. I keep addresses, and notes sections in tact, though I do check through for bits that are no longer required and file those.
    But the bits that never move are my 3 clear envelopes full of photos, my zip pocket with antiseptic wipes and plasters, my inspirational quotes pages and my favourite tarot cards, a few pics my daughter drew for me, my post it notes, health record, most wanted lists (dvd's, books, etc) maps and timetables plus my calculator. The only bit that changes is my week on two page diary, my year planner and todo lists.
    Phew! How do I fit it all in!?

  3. Memorable/annual dates, personal information, health information, addresses, inspirational/thought provoking thoughts, codes for all computers/bank accounts/websites/safe/briefcases etc.

  4. As a new Filo user, I have one thing that I've brought over from my DayTimer/Franklin Covey set up and it's a "Birthdays & Anniversaries" sheet. I copied/reduced it from my Desk size DT and hole-punched it for my personal FF. It shows recurring events with all 12 months on one sheet. I like having them all at a glance on one page.

  5. I pretty much keep everything except the diary pages. Those are replaced annually. Even if I switch from one planner to another, everything comes with: contact information, goals/projects (unless I've accomplished most of them--a rarity), notes that haven't been transferred to my journal, inspiration pages, health records

    Except now I've switched from Personal to A5, so that transition has me a little thrown. A few pages from my Personal Filofax have been transferred to the A5. I used the method of folding the bottom corner--wonder where I picked up that tip?;-) I have yet to copy out other information--I want to make sure I have a good chunk of time, a clear tabletop and a nice cup of tea.