21 June 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 20.

So what devilish questions can you pose for us this week??


  1. I have three questions (I am greedy):

    1. Does anyone use a filofax as a Flylady control journal?

    2. Does anyone use a filofax for garden inspiration / planning / maintenance? How does this work?

    3. I know some of you have a me / inspiration/ goals filofax or section. What sort of things do you include? I tend to get so caught up in the daily grind I often forget the 'bigger picture'.

    As you can tell I'm looking for inspiration in these areas!

  2. Alison - Whats a Flylady Controll Journal? Sounds interesting....


  3. Hi, Alison!

    I have a "Garten" section in the A-Z index where I list things to do. For items to buy I use sticky notes in the calendar section.

    I have some 1800 qm with two garages on it and plenty of trees, esp cherry, apple, pear. The part visible from the street has short cut lawn, but behind the garages begins a natural zone with flower islands and trees.

    In the Filofax I plan the layout of this natural part with pathes and flower beds. My most useful tool is a Stihl FS 350 which can be equipped with several tools and needs tons of fuel.

    The next project might be the installation of solar cells. I will need my Filo for notes about the building licence, selecting the solar cells and implementing them as well as planning the security concept for this installation.

    As a paper planner, the Filo is way better than an electronic device, especially when outside in bright sunlight and writing longer notes.



  4. @ Imy - Flylady is a website designed to help you manage your home better and keep it cleaner! They recommend you create a 'control' journal which is basically a place where you keep everything like routines and everything else you need to run a home. Lots of people have found it has brought them out of chaos! You can find the website here: http://www.flylady.net/

  5. @BernhardS - thanks for your input - it's given me some food for thought. My garden is a bit different to yours, but of course the todos and making notes and planning would be common. I'm also thinking of storing some inspirational pictures that I have seen in magazines and books to keep everything together and remind me what I want to achieve. I don't get much time for gardening at the moment so this would be very useful.

  6. @Alison and @Imy-I have a Filo as Flylady journal. Sharon started a FB group as a forum to share ideas and such regarding the Flylady's concepts. My A5 Chocolate has been filling the bill at the momement. Will add that to my blogging to do list... :)

    I also have a Filo for purpose #2--newly created, I might add. I note plants I have planted, ones I want to use, plants that failed, veg garden notes, etc. This is still in progress.

    As for a "me" section, I include quotes to inspire and motivate. I also made a list of goals in my primary planner with activities on the reverse of each area (family, work, dissertation, etc.) that aid me in accomplishing my goals. I got this idea from Jotje's guest post.

    Off to day camp with the Scouts--will aim to share what I can when time allows. Take care.

  7. I have garden pages within a “private” section, which contains a record of:

    The dates I cut each of 5 pieces of lawn (I once counted the quantity of buckets of cuttings taken from each lawn).

    Tree pruning and hedge cutting, lawn watering and fertilising, PH tests.

    Quantities of fruit from each tree.

    Recipes for fertilisers and lawn top dressings.

    The reason for the above is that each lawn, or part thereof, is different and requires different fertilisers/management. At any point in the year I can see what is happening with a lawn, whether it is clover or moss appearing, look at the history of fertilisers and give the correct treatment.

    I also have an annual jobs to do section, but rarely look at it.

  8. I did a post about my CJ in my blog.


    However, since I "sneak moved in" with my boyfriend, I'm going to move it into my aqua pocket domino. I think he will be more apt to use it with me if he doesn't have to touch a pink or purple binder. ;)

  9. I'm thinking of getting my first Filofax. I ordered a flex today but I am wondering if I should just go for the rings. What do you think? Are there any slim versions of rings or are they all the same time. I would want the A5 size. Can't imagine anything smaller. What do you suggest? I like having what I need in my planner. Currently using Levenger Circa. Abandoned Moleskine because at this point 3/4 of the planner has been used and it seems like a waste carrying it around. So - Flex or Rings? What do you suggest?

  10. Sanday - If you want an A5 Filofax that is slimmer you could always go for the Adelphi Personal Organiser, its on sale at the moment too??


    have a look :-)

    Hope its helped xx

  11. @Sandy The Adelphi is lovely - I have the slimline one in red (currently unused). The only reason it's not used is the size and capacity - the binder itself is very luxe - reminds me of chanel!

  12. Thanks for the tip - the Adelphi is lovely. They are a little pricey so I'll hold off (I"m ordering from Canada)but I think I'll go that route.

  13. For all those in the US:
    The grey Malden is now in stock and ready to ship from pensandleather.com.
    I'm buying mine right now!

  14. It's now Wednesday, but ....


    ... an article about the seductive qualities of stationery, but specifically;

    "John Lewis has just reported that its year-on-year sales of writing paper are up by 79 per cent, with other retailers reporting sharp rises in purchases of the relevant paraphernalia. Debrett's, meanwhile, reports that proper thank-you letters are on the resurgence."

  15. @AlisonReeves:

    1. Not "Flylady Control" per se, but I keep a tab called "Hausfrau Minus the Herr" that serves the same purpose.

    2. I keep photos of nice gardens (parks and private) in a zip-lock envelope for inspiration. Being a nerd, inspiration comes in the form of words or concepts. For instance, my friends and I had a little picnic at the Common. So that translated as Turkish food + Tulips= Ottoman Empire. One section of my garden has tulips, and I painted the wooden boxes in stylized Arabic script and also Iznik-style.

    3. Under "Alis Volat Propriis," I keep my Bucket List, 101 in 1001, Inspirational Words, Gratitude, sudden inspiration, and things that remind me of my loved ones.This is actually my favourite tab. Whereas the other tabs are pragmatic and help keep my life more efficient, Alis Volat Propriis helps me live a life of fulfillment and discovery. It’s important to carve out a place for bliss, passion, and placidity for your soul even when sailing on the sea of ambition and drive. Having a purpose in life is great, of course, but purpose is nothing when it’s not meaningful ;o)

  16. Sorry that this is a bit late - I've only just discovered this site - AMAZING!!

    Anyway - my question - I have an old 'Dukes' smythson organiser - does anyone know if the filofax inserts will fit? I can't afford to resurrect it with smythson ones, and prefer the filofax ones anyway!

    Many thanks!

  17. @lynhold: Welcome to Philofaxy.

    I've taken a quick look at the Symthson site. The page sizes and more importantly the ring spaces look the same as Filofax, Pocket, Personal and A5 sizes.

    The key things to measure on your organiser is the hole centre spacings on the 3 rings and the spacing between rings 3 and 4.

    Filofax personal is 19 mm (3/4") between holes and 50 mm (2") between the two groups of 3 holes.

    Pocket is just 6 holes all spaced by 19 mm.

    A5 is 19mm again, but 70 mm between holes 3 and 4

    Hope that helps

  18. Thank you so much, that is really helpful, I will have a measure up and then get started on buying if they fit... I love the excuse to 'start again' with my organisation!!


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