18 June 2011

A5 Week to View Diary Format

I've been tinkering with Outlook 2003 again to try and find a format that would meet the needs of a lot of Philofaxy followers, who like me like to see a full week, but also need some space for To-Do's and Notes.

If you have been reading the blog for any length of time this is a bit of a reoccurring topic for me! I've tried the Quo Vadis Planner series which are a vertical format, whilst that works for me. However, the QV inserts loose Sundays on the page. So may be not that useful for most people.

I've previously looked at Outlook and there at least a couple of posts on using it to print out blank diary inserts. Although if you wished you could create your new calendar with your birthdays and anniversaries already on the calendar in Outlook. I'm currently only using Outlook 2003, but I suspect later versions offer similar layouts?

So this time I looked again at the Weekly style and by adding the Task Pad and Notepad. Remembering to add some 'blank' tasks as I mentioned in my previous post to get it to put in the blank tasks. This time I played with the font sizes to give you more space in to which to write in to.

So this is what it looks like:

And here are the settings I used to create the page above, which I booklet printed on A4 size paper to give you A5 size pages.

This I think is quite close to a nearly ideal lay out the only downside I suppose is the half size spaces for Saturday and Sunday. I can't see a way of swapping the Notes and Task Pad around, Outlook is fixed in where it locates them as shown above, and if you don't have Notes the space for each day on the right hand page is increased.

I've previously used a similar layout to this for my A5 diary back in 2005 when I started using my A5.  I might print out enough pages for say a couple of months and give it a try again in one of my A5 organisers.

Here are previous posts on this topic:


  1. I spent ages trying to come up with a workable Outlook for
    Emsg for my A5 Filofax. I really need to see the week at a time otherwise, well, out of sight doesn't get done. In the end I printed my weekly aglendar A5 size on an A4 sheet which I folded and punched - I had to cut off a smallstrip to avoid the rings - so that he week view was on my left. I printed daily sheets for the week and turned each one under the week view as I changed the day. worked well.

  2. Hi Steve - Check out this cool calendar format that David Seah has come up with!


    Also, check out this planner format (click on the embedded link):


  3. Well I gave it a try for a week, it works ok, but may be not as good as I like the page per day format that I'm currently using.

    But then I tried a different print out... this time full size on A4.. wow.. that does look good, but obviously it's going to take up more desk space.. but no harm in trying it for a few days!


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