28 June 2011

New Poll - When do you read new posts?

If you didn't know already, we tend to schedule most posts on the site for a future date and time. That way we try to keep an even flow of posts throughout the week without us having to write something every day.

I quite often have a few ideas to write about and these can then be slotted in when there's a gap etc. But I'm interested to know when people read the new posts. I can see from the stats that the number of visitors tends to drop on Saturdays and Sundays. Mainly because you will be busy with other things I guess.

I wonder how many posts get missed when they are posted at weekends....

Anyway, I would appreciate it if you added your vote to the poll in the side bar.



  1. Steve, hi. Twitter is also a source of post reads, I guess.

  2. I read them as they are published as I subscribe to the site via Google Reader!

    But I also pick up via FB and Twitter as well.

    Generally I don't get to read as many during the weekend as I am always doing something else, and during the week I tend to be at my PC more so seem as soon as they come out almost!

    If you subsribe to the site then you shouldn't miss any, no matter when they are posted!

    Get subscribing people!

  3. As soon as i see something pop up on Twitter or Facebook im here like a bull in a china shop, and i even check thoughout the day incase any other post appear without me knowing :-) I like to be up to date with Philofaxy hehe

  4. I have the blog listed in with my other subscriptions on Google Reader (highly recommended), so most days I check to see what's new. I then make quick judgements about whether a post is worth reading beyond the header and first few lines which reader gives me, and click through to the post as a whole if I think it's a good use of time. I'm pretty brutal about what I read and what I delete (from Reader) without bothering.

    I do this check most days, but not at weekends...although I'll obviously catch up on anything that *has* been posted over the weekend when I get to reader on Monday morning. Generally I try to stay offline in the evenings and at weekends, because I have better things to do than to stare at a screen which I've already been staring at all day! Otherwise I'm pretty consistent.

    I'm not very good at keeping track of comments as I haven't found a way to subscribe the comments to reader in such a way as to alert me to *all* the comments rather than just those on specific posts!

    Hope that helps


  5. I also have it listed in my Google Reader, so I get to read new posts as soon as they come out.

    Often I will mark them to read in the weekend or on those rainy afternoons.

  6. Well, I am not so internet savvy as some of you others - I just make a point of visiting this blog each day I can and reading what is there. If I miss a day or days, then I just read the ones I missed when I next visit - I don't actually miss any, although if I have several to read I might scan more the ones I am less interested in. I also have the bad habit of coming back during the day and evening to be updated on the comments - sometimes they are as interesting or more interesting that the post - but many posts are designed to provoke some discussion so this is to be expected!

  7. I get very bored during the day, either because I'm supposed to be doing uni work (hence procrastination) or I'm at home with nothing to do, so I check Philofaxy all the time! OK maybe I'm a bit obsessed! I check it as soon as I turn my computer on in the morning because it's nice to read something interesting in the morning :) I also have a look throughout the day to read comments on posts and see if you have posted any extra posts!

  8. I am a google reader subscriber as well, so I check every time it alerts me. I also get after work on Tuesday and Friday to check out the comments on the free for all posts.

    I might check less once I'm not waiting on the announcement of the Aston in the US. ;)

    Ah who am I kidding?

  9. I also subscribe via Google Reader which syncs to my Mobile RSS feed on my iPhone. I catch up on there when I get a moment but try and stay off line at the week-end as much as possible...

  10. I check it a couple of times a day, except at weekends, where maybe I would only check once over the two days.

  11. I check at least once a day for new posts. I also will see the feed on Facebook and can check if I see something pop up there.

  12. I too use Google reader of all of my subscriptions. I check that several times a day, save the posts I want to read, read them when I can (usually on my lunch break), email myself anything I want to look into further or comment on.
    Ideally, I'd like to read everything as soon as it appears and comment right away. But I cannot, so sometimes it takes me a day or two (or three) to read and/or respond.

  13. I subscribe to Philofaxy via Bloglovin'; I read a lot of blogs, but I check on my favorite blogs first, so even when there are +200 posts in my queue, if there's a new Philofaxy post, I head straight for it! If I want to check back in on a post (e.g., there's lively commenting activity) , I mark it as "unread" after I've read it, so it stays in my feed. While I don't always read blogs on the weekend, I never miss a post because of my subscription.

    BTW, I really appreciate how bloglovin' sort of shuttles you from one blog to the next instead of presenting the content of the blog posts in a uniform reader environment. I recommend it for those that like to read posts in the environment that the bloggers designed for their readers. (I subscribe to a lot of design-y blogs.) Since most Philofaxy readers are picky about calendar layouts, pocket configurations, and other design-ish details, I thought this may be a salient rec.

  14. I subscribe via Google also, but I usually read the posts when they come out. I also get the tweets and FB notifications.

    I read more on the weekends as I'm bored out of my skull; ESP on Sundays!!

  15. I read them as they come out through my email program's RSS reader. I now wonder whether these views are counted though: certainly they would be counted at the time of download to my PC, not time of reading if they are. RSS feed checks happen frequently through the day, every day and certainly whilst I have my first cup of tea and before bed.

    If it looks like an interesting discussion may be taking place in comments, I'll then load up the website (like this one), this is partly dependent on how busy I am that day.

    I like the pattern of postings as they are.

  16. Hi Everyone.
    Thank you for all your comments, and votes, this is valuable feedback, when it comes to scheduling posts and deciding what to release at weekends etc. I wouldn't want you to miss something good... like a give-away or a review.

    Lots of you seem to be using Google Reader. Personally I have been using a site called Protopage.com for many years now. It is set as my home page on all of my machines and you can set it up with RSS feeds, Bookmarks, Flickr Feeds, Mail feeds etc.

    You can have additional tabs for different topics. But I mainly use it for holding all my bookmarks and RSS feeds. That way which ever machine I'm on, I always have my bookmarks in any browser and all of my feeds are there too.

    http://www.protopage.com/ take a look or ask me if you need more info.

  17. @Steve

    I tried protopage, it looks SO much better than iGoogle! When I click on the blog name, it won't take me directly to the blog though
    PLUS, you can't add the comments subscription?

    Any way, thanks for the link!

  18. I tend to check in about every other day. I follow Philofaxy on Blogger, but while I'm at work during the day I just Google "Philofaxy" and it takes me to right to the site so I can do my reading then. (Oops--I just outed myself as a slack at work. No--it's professional development--really!)

  19. Further to my earlier comment here is some more details about Protopage:



  20. I check in every day, although I might miss a day here and there if work/life is too hectic. But I use Google Reader and always go back and read any posts I've missed!

  21. Both Bloglovin' and Protopage look and sound great. I thought about using one or the other. But it's one more website I need to create a log in for and remember to go to. Google reader might not be the best reader choice, but it's attached to an account I already use. Either way, I definitely need to pare down the blogs I subscribe to! But never would I unsubscribe from any Philofaxy related blog. =)

  22. I use Google Reader synced with my Android phone. I read "in batches" and primarily those that seem to be of direct interest e.g. new products, use of templates and general setup of productivity flows/FFs. I skim a lot of the posts but I highly appreciate Web Finds and other links that are posted. It often leads to great inspirational sources.


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