07 June 2011

Flex now on the Filofax UK website

Thanks to our reader Tim, the Flex has gone live on the website today.  Some items aren't available yet but you can now see the full range on there as well.

As I've said before this is quite an interesting/exciting development for Filofax, I hope it proves popular but of course not to the detriment of Filofax organisers!

Will you be buying a Flex? Add a comment and let us know what you think.....


  1. I'm thinking of buying a Flex and using it as an ideas book (maybe one pad lined and one pad plain for doodles!). Tried to watch the video on the Filofax site earlier but I could not get any sound (and my speakers were on!!!). Is that just me or has any-one else had that problem?

  2. I won't buy one. There a cheaper and above all nicer notebooks out there. For planning and flexibility I'll stick to my trusted Filofax(es) ....

  3. definitely not. i really don't get the hype. it's an overpriced albeit nice notebook cover.

  4. I would only be interested if it came with a really nice leather case. As others have said as it stands it is an expensive notebook - albeit a conveniently flexible one. Ha Ha!

  5. I am stoked! I am definitely going to scoop up a Flex and some inserts once they hit the US site (which I am impatiently waiting on). While I only discovered Filofax earlier this year, I love it but have been torn between my Domino and my large Moleskine notebook. The former appeals to my organizing side and the latter jives with my creative side. I think the Flex will provide a cohesive solution for both sides. And I have to say, there is something precious about bound books.

    @Globetrotting Cacti I don't think the video has any sound.

  6. I wont buy one , as other has mentioned -there are far more cheaper and better looking filofaxes , also i like to ,, move things around'' add and remove pages and create my own monthly to do/ doc/ bdays etc inserts - flex doesn't give me 100% ,,flex-ibility that ,,traditional Filofax does''
    ARIANA1985 /PATI

  7. I've ordered the personal size as I want something slimmer for my handbag and don't need to lug my deco everywhere, but my main deco will still be my one true love......

  8. They are expensive notebooks.But they are more portable than the euqivalent size filofaxes.
    Initially I was not keen but after Steve's review I got a pocket and an A5 and I love them :-)
    I wish they came in leather too Alison (R) but better for my wallet so I dont start a flex collection to compete with my filofax one!

  9. caribbean princess, I know what you mean, I collect filos too, bad bad habit, mind you I have not bought any since my deco, but I already want the A5 flex next, gonna wait till I see my slim one first to see what I think. Got the slim in magenta and will get the A5 in slate.
    Nothing beats filo's for their versatility and ability to move stuff around, but this is a cute, smaller alternative for my bag. My deco will still be my everyday best friend

  10. May buy as Christmas gifts later in the year..... as the black one looks great for certain chaps in the family, and would fit into briefcases etc. Have all I need for now and notebooks coming out of my ears to use up for shopping lists. Prefer the flexibility of a Filofax diary, so would only use a flex as a jotter or creative pad for myself.But will take me ages to use up all I have right now in notepadland here at home.

  11. I really hate to say this here, but I think Flex is the way things are going to go. Sales of all ringed binders have plummeted in recent years and fewer folk are prepared to lug big traditional Filofaxes around these days. The issue seems to be particularly acute for men. Not having a Blackberry or an iPhone as your main data base is seen by many as just old fashioned. There's still some "street cred" for Filofax woman - aided by their advertising, of course!

    Even though we yearn for the good old days, when paper organisers ruled for both sexes, just look at the imbalance between men and woman on Philofaxy... gan

  12. I really hope their first year with the Flex goes well and the continue with it and expand as i really like it so far and would miss it if they decided they didnt like it :-(

    Globetrotting Cacti - there is no sound! I was supprised by that, Steve did a great video on it :-)

    And for the people not sure, watch my review next week i think it will change your minds!!! ;-) x

  13. @ Tim There is sure an unbalance between man and women when we see the contributions on this blog. Man like gadgets, I also have a smartphone and when I look around, most people do have one. I see more women with ringbinders than man.
    But what does this mean? People like to write or doodle and the Iphone and other smartphones aren't just flexible enough for it. Like someone ones said: they are for juniors and monkees.
    So anytime I use my (very masculine) Kendall, I get compliments for it.
    I guess it's a long intro to my answer: I won't buy a Flex.

  14. I'm going to pass as well. My A5 has become my mainstay (especially since I misplaced my pocket Eton back in April).. I've come to realize how versatile the Filo tabs are (following Laurie's recommendation of using temporary slips of paper scotch taped on the tabs themselves)...

  15. I agree with the limitations of smart phones/ PDAs. I love to unfold a year planner and gaze at the months ahead - you can't do that with an iPhone! Equally, it's great to stare out of the window on a long train journey and jot down thoughts/ doodle/ plan a life dream or whatever. You need paper for that too! However, today's activities and appointments/ to do lists/ contacts/ information database etc. are done as well (if not better) on a gadget. That tends to leave more long-range and "mind mapping" type activities which Flex should cope with very well.

    I too have an A5 Kendall, but I would describe the comments it gets at male dominated meetings as more "retro curious" than admiring!

    Watch Imy's infectious and super enthusiasm for her new Flex (and of course Steve's more solid, down-to-earth practical demo!) and I defy anyone to resist a Flex

  16. @Tim - Thank you

    My review will be even more interesting, i have a few cats to pull out of bags......

  17. got my Flex Slim this morning, very cute!!
    Just thought I better let you know that the page size is not the same as the personal size pages. They are slightly smaller at 85x150mm, as you mention in a previous review that you thought they would be the same as the A5 and Pocket sizes are. This one is the exception to that rule.The full cover is closer to the actual size of the personal pages, but the actual pages are smaller, might be helpful to someone :)

  18. "Sales of all ringed binders have plummeted in recent years..."

    Can you substantiate that? I have a client with a stationery type store and they've seen an increase in sales of Organiser products, mainly to women. Criticisms they would lump on Filofax is their poor range of papers and accessories, delivery/stocks, also the "quality" of leather which often feels plasticky.

  19. A couple of things I haven't noticed yet in the reviews/discussions about Flex versus traditional Filofax.

    I only use my Filofax as a diary and for notes. (My todos have to be computerised because they are mostly repeating tasks and contacts have to be protected which I can do better on a PC than on paper). With the rings, and being right-handed, I can hardly write legibly just to the left of the rings because they get in the way. Without rings I think the Flex would prevent this problem.

    Secondly, I like to be able to see my diary and notes side by side. In my A5 Filofax this isn't possible without taking one section out of the binder. Again, I think the Flex will help that.

    Not sure if I'll buy one (I probably will ....) but I thought I'd see what people thought of those two "improvements".

  20. you are right Graham, those points you mentioned are possible with the flex. it is perfect if all you need is a dairy and notes. I have in mine, the year planner, notebook, jot pad, pen loop and contacts book, it all fits in well. I am sitting here playing with it now and I do love how I can have notes and the year planner open and viewable together. it if a lot of fun to play around with. I also like that you can buy a second pen loop and put them in the outer pockets and put your pen through both loops to keep it closed. Mind you, I have the one it came with and with the loop on the outside the pen sits nice and it stays closed really well. I only need the year planner as my Deco has my main diary. I am liking it, not a filo replacement, not ever, but the best light and slim travel option I have found for me yet :)

  21. @Scoot - Surely, if sales of ring binders were buoyant they wouldn't be having an extensive 50% (and 25%) sale on right now, including models that have only been around for a few months. Equally WH Smith and other stationers wouldn't be shedding large volumes of dormant stock at big discounts.

    @Graham - traditional binders (as most things in life) were designed by a right-handed person for right-handers! It'll be less frequent that you write on the back of a form. However, for us left-handers who have spent years battling to write up against big metal rings on every page, Flex has at last got a solution!

  22. I'm enjoying my Malden so much that I really don't feel the need to buy any thing like this.

  23. I agree with Anita - I love my Malden so much I don't plan on switching (unless there are new Malden colors offered). However, I am thinking of buying a Flex for work, but I'd like to see one in person first. If they made a daily insert, I might be slightly tempted to use one on a daily basis, but that seems like it would defeat the purpose of the thinner setup.

  24. Filofax, as well as many other companies, have sales for various reasons such as getting rid of excesses of certain stock or making way for a new range that overlap in the marketing strategy; it does not follow that sales have reduced over the years-though I bet with the increasingly worse economic situation there will be less spending on a luxury item like a Filofax….which leads onto another point on the thread.

    If all we were interested in was a practical workman like diary and notebook then there are endless choices, some of which come through my door for free! And if we wanted a more flexible system then there would be nothing stopping us getting an A6, A5 or A4 ring binder at the local stationery store and putting in whatever. But we choose a leather Filofax/planner/organiser because it is special, we customise them and put our lives into them so that they become a part of our lives, enriching our lives through a pleasure of ownership that exceeds its intrinsic beauty or practical value/flexibility over a long period of time.

    They vary between the stylish, sexy, seductive, delicious, exotic, cool, colourful and some even have a bit of oo-la-la! … and that’s before you smell them!

    And at the end of the day Filofaxes are what Flex just aren’t, they’re truly flexible!

  25. The rings problem always makes me smile - I just take the sheet of paper out if the rings get in the way!

    I am not sure about flex. At first I thought it would be great at work, but now I am not so sure if it is really any more use than my day book... I might try and go to a shop and see one for myself.

  26. @Scoot - I have been a Filofax fan/user since 1986 and have never been able to explain to others my love of the product/brand, others just 'don't get it'. However, your explanation says it all, thank you.

    "we choose a leather Filofax/planner/organiser because it is special, we customise them and put our lives into them so that they become a part of our lives, enriching our lives through a pleasure of ownership that exceeds its intrinsic beauty or practical value/flexibility over a long period of time.

    They vary between the stylish, sexy, seductive, delicious, exotic, cool, colourful and some even have a bit of oo-la-la! … and that’s before you smell them!"


    Oh, and I dont think I would buy a Flex. But never say never.

  27. I like ringbinder systems for work so I use ringbinder systems and won't switch to the flex. I have Mulberry, Aspinal and Ordning och Reda ones. But ALWAYS come back to filo.

    I don't imagine sales of filofax are dropping any more than any other brand during the recession. Last year Smythson diaries went on sale in January and according to the salespeople, that had never happened before. AFAIK their diaries usually never go on sale.

  28. Saffy, I also caress the leather, hold them to my check, I think I may have even kissed a few of them. Must make me philofaxic or a phedofaxifaliest or something.

    I did think about calling one fax Cassandra, my imaginary name for the ideal person, and even having it imprinted on the cover…but that is going far too far. For starters she’d have to have a silk cover, but they don’t make them anymore!

  29. Flex by Filofax is offered in a local store downtown. I had decided to snatch a Flex in Pocket format there which goes for 19 Euro.

    But what I really bought was a Sketch Expandable Messenger Bag reduced from 119 Euro to 19 Euro. I really cannot beliefe that anybody pays this list price for a simple plastic bag.

  30. If I recall correctly the A5 Flex came with cotton cream paper and that was my main attraction to it, as I just got an A5 (two of them--yay, me!) and I am not excited by the plain white paper. (I have compensated by using ultra-super-awesome colored gel pens.)

    But I am so in love with the ring binder system because it means I can customize without commitment. (I don't label my tabs because I frequently change up sections and the order of things.)

    @Scoot--lovely description of why Filofax is so special and I totally agree. (I, too, caress and hug my Filofaxes--they are such a pleasure to touch and hold!)

  31. I bought an A5 Flex just this weekend and was really pleased with the quality of the materials. Also, it fits my A5 softcover Moleskine notebooks perfectly, allowing me to swap them out depending on meeting/location.

    So far, I love it.


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