18 June 2011

Philofaxy London Meet-up - 24 September 2011

I'm planning another Philofaxy Meet Up in London on Saturday 24th September. I will be flying back in UK for just that weekend and I'm looking forward to meeting up with people again.

Numbers are likely to be limited again, so please only apply for a place if you are sure you can attend on the 24th September.

The actual arrangements for the day are in their very early stages but it is likely that we will meet up at a convenient meeting place, have lunch at Tate Modern, discuss our organisers a lot! Then to finish off the day visit to the Neal Street Filofax store more or less as we did back in March.

So if you are interested can you please email philofaxy at gmail dot com and make the subject of the message 'London Meet Up'  I will make sure you are kept informed of the arrangements.


  1. Sounds fun, but I'll be enjoying Fresher's Week at university then ;) Hehe!

  2. nothing is stopping me, im coming, unless the train broke down half way, that might, wouldn't be the first time its happened to me tho, bout the 3rd or 4th!


  3. As I'm flying back with only carry on baggage (1 small case) I've started to plan what I can bring with me. And I'm looking to shave grams in weight off everything. For instance not bringing a full tube of toothpaste just a partially used one. The lightest clothes etc...

    It's so I can bring my camera rather than use my little compact one.

    I've got a list growing in my Malden. No harm in starting early!

  4. Also... don't forget to start making your shopping.. sorry I mean wish lists, because once you get in to the shop, strange forces start acting on your normal sense of spending judgement.

    No, I make a list so I do come back with the essential things I need be it inserts or accessories.. I tend to purchase those first. Then it's eyes down for a full look around the store!

  5. All the places are taken for this event now. We have a couple of reserves already in case someone drops out..

  6. Would have definitely come if I wasn't booked on a course :)


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