20 June 2011

Filofax News Update

Monday seems to be website change and news announcement day at Filofax around the world..

Today the Flex range went live on the Filofax USA site. And seems to have captured the hearts of quite a few people on Twitter including Gala Darling...

Also Filofax Sweden has launched their on-line catalogue, which apart from things we have already seen, it does feature some new models (Dakota, Pennybridge and Journey) and possibly some colours, we haven't seen to date... so at the risk of some serious enabling.... you should go and have a little peek at their catalogue. 

I've made some enquiries as to when the UK catalogue will be in on-line.

Also don't forget this is the last week for votes in the Filofax Style Off competition on Facebook, please vote if you haven't already.



  1. I get my filofax flex stand and stock delivered to the shop tomorrow, so excited

  2. The journey is actually an old model for Sweden, they already had it online last year. Apparently it's only produced for the Swedish market ...

  3. It has often been mentioned that an A5 slim line would be appreciated. I was up in London for the weekend and of course popped into the Neal Street shop. They had an A5 Luxe in black which had 20mm rings and the pen loop was at the top of the note pad. It seemed streamlined and a true slim line A5, finally.

    Also, the Osterely is every bit as lovely as the photo's in the catalogue suggest. The Plum is just divine.

    A big surprise to me was the Enigma which appeared to lay flat 'out of the box' so to speak. The leather is so silky soft and the Brindle colour option had more white than appears in the catalogue. The catalogue photo's just don’t do this binder justice. It was so lovely that I would definitely put it on my 'wish list' for next year.

    The Regency was very classy, professional and masculine looking.

    That is all I can remember due to me drooling over the Osterely and the Enigma. They also had a few items on sale including the Amethyst Deco if anyone is interested, Lou Lou?

  4. Um, do you happen to remember the sale price on the Amethyst Deco? Just curious...

  5. And I meant to add, HOORAY for the A5 slimline!! It's too bad they didn't do it in a more neutral pattern (or preferably no pattern) for wider appeal, but I'm glad they've done it at all.

    I looked and the A5 Luxe isn't on the UK website but is on the US website. It says the rings are 1 inch, which is only 1/4 inch smaller than Finsbury. And wow, the price tag! I won't be getting one for awhile, if at all.

    Slimline A5 Finsbury please, Filofax!

  6. I just had a look through the catalog: Malden accessories!!!!

  7. @Laurie - I am not 100% sure but I think the price for the Personal Amethyst Deco was £136.00 and the Pocket about £123.00, which would be 30% off.

    Enough of a discount for me to consider buying one myself while I still can.

    The France Filofax website has the Luxe too.

  8. Just wanted to mention Jon at Filofax on facebook seems to of started to talk again

  9. The flex diary seems to be different for them? Its the colums rather than the rectangles :-s

    I really prefer their catalogue to ours, its just got more detailed pictures I think, just seems a lot more prettier and nicer!

  10. BTW: The Flex is now online on the German Filofax website, too.

  11. We have the Pocket Deco in Amethyst reduced to £125 just now

  12. ooh... the Pennybridge and the Journey look VERY interesting!

  13. The Osterely is now on the U.K. website. YAY.


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